Terrierrescue dogs available for homing/awaiting adoption
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Our threads are updated daily

Please don't comment/post on a dog's thread to declare your interest in homing them. Others who have submitted our Homing Questionnaire feel sidetracked if they haven't yet heard from us, or are already in discussions. The person commenting might not have the right circumstances or fail to realise that particular dog may not be suitable. Posts 'staking claim' will be deleted. We appreciate your understanding.

Title bar information gives name; breed; date of birth; and whereabouts and whether in foster, kennels or ownhome waiting a new home.

Status Bar at the top of the advert: This is uptodate and revised daily. So refresh your link and watch Available; Home Checking; Reserved or Homed.
Some dogs need muzzling outside just in case they get over excited and exit management: Mika
Each dogs thread represents their log of development through our rescue and displays their temperament and state of well being for all interested people. We are never specific as and the families experience will make things achieveable whilst other may not be able to handle 2 dogs, young children, or breed traits.

Casual dog enquirers will be removed off the dog's thread for the above reasons. We are sorry if we inadvertently offend, we don't mean to.

Looking for your next dog, WHEN you are ready: Complete our Homing Questionnaire as initial contact.

There are very few of us on the ground and we need to prioritise questionnaires showing homers ready to 'get in their car' look like the most suitable home first. We are currently receiving 5 - 7 questionnaires a day.
Some of our dogs waited over a year in kennels before they even came to us Zayla & Duke easy couple
How We Work
Once you have submitted your Homing Questionnaire you should receive an email from us so check your spam mail we may then follow through with a text or a phone call if we have no response. Please respect us we are not cold callers; You have asked us to get in touch. Be honest if you have further thoughts and no longer are interest...please dont waste our time we are all volunteers we are not paid we offer our time within our busy lives.

We only have the dogs we have and we are looking for realism and ability to support a dog with an impoverished background shine through. If you are found to be suitable for a dog, we will arrange checks which may or may not include a home check. Have you garden measurements, garden pictures ready showing us you weak points not your plants! and talk to you about any issues, preparedness etc.

After a successful checks you are invited to meet the suitable dog and introduce them to household members (including other animals).
When all parties are agreed (and, of course, you fall in love with a dog!) you can then move forward with the adoption.
Some of our dogs have grown up in kennels: Frankie
We require a minimum donation of £175 upon adoption for all our dogs. If is is a direct homing from a family setting we usually ask for bank transfer the night before which is refundable if on meeting you don't feel committed to home. It is better than families handling money but also people don't understand because we have not accrued costs why they should give a donation to support those dog who we are paying loong term kennelling for. No dog is less worthy than another and this isn't a price this is a contribution to the work we do and supports our large vet and kennel bills for dogs in boarding kennels. Some people give more, which really touches us. So not it isnt £175 + £10 for our recommended harness the donation is minimum £175 and we hope you have the empathy with our work to support us in all we do. We have to insist bank transfer immediately prior to meeting or cash nowadays, as many cheques have bounced, or cancelled by people giving our dogs 12 hours to settle! We can not help the next dog with all their veterinary needs and kennel requirements without the financial support of our volunteers and homers, and we do not pay admin costs apart from our accountant.