Basil Patterdale DOB 01.2009 Guildford Kenns

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Rob T
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Re: Basil Patterdale DOB 01.2009 Guildford Kenns

Post by Rob T » Sat May 19, 2018 1:28 pm

I love walking this little lad. he is quirky, affectionate and is so expressive in his delight to see you. He is a blessing and would make an excellent,
entertaining companion. RobT

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Re: Basil Patterdale DOB 01.2009 Guildford Kenns

Post by LindaS » Sun Jun 03, 2018 7:09 pm

Saturday was my first time ever walking Basil as Patties are not my norm., but this little lad had me sussed when I went into his kennel muzzle in hand. All he wanted was lots and lots of tummy tickles and licked my hand lots ! Eventually we were ready and this little guy is easy .... well we had a little moment where he thought we should go towards the island, but as we were walking with Charlie and going for a longer walk he had a little pick up (plus treat) and all was well again and we had a nice little Pattie snuffling convoy. We had a nice long walk and every thing we came across was easy for this guy. Lovely easy walk.
Pattie convoy - Basil closest, Charlie ahead

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Re: Basil Patterdale DOB 01.2009 Guildford Kenns

Post by pits » Fri Jul 20, 2018 9:01 pm

I saw Basil quickly earlier, and he was just too happy to get some attention, and soon rolled onto his back for belly rubs and scratches. He's a great dog! Please share and consider him if you're looking to adopt.
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