Re: Rescue Remedies Diary April 2017 - July 2017

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Re: Rescue Remedies Diary April 2017 - July 2017

Post by xxlynne » Sun Apr 02, 2017 8:12 pm

Weekly Summary Week ending 02.04.17
Homings 0:

Into Permanent this week: Briony RR
Temporary Foster:
Short Week: Arthur TR Barley TR Mitch SR Betty RR Fudge SR Hank RR
Overnight: Skye RR TimmyTim RR Troy RR Basil TR Jordon RR Lester TR Roxy SR
Return from Foster:

Zayla & Duke
Intake 3 New 1: Lily SR 27
Returns 2: Sandy SR 28 Bertie SR 29

Comments: One of the worst weeks on record I'm feeling punch drunk and quite depressed. Here are few of the things we have been 'riding' this week

No homings. Good questionnaires but the complexity of the homes were really setting our dogs up to fail and we couldn't go there on many occasions due to lack of garden security; other dogs visiting and in home; distance involved, lack of experience with the breed or dogs in general ++

19 dogs on our waiting list so much pressure but kennel situation frozen. 2 more coming in tomorrow to save their lives but that is 2 extra just before Easter. You stretch your cloth too much it will tear.

2 Homed unspayed bitches in the last 5 weeks: We don't, but we made 2 exceptions with the commitment to spay via local vets with us paying the bill, and now on wait for their season then spay 3 months later. This is the "steady as you go advice" by "all the time in the world" vets who don't get the importance of Rescue work neutering and 'getting' the deed done'. Spaying avoiding pyometra; and any risk of the family pressure to just have one litter planned or otherwise. I have now recommitted NEVER to home a bitch who has yet to be neutered by our vets sadly.

2 families met but neither meeting transpired into a homing despite my having done 2 hours to meet each family over in Broxbourne on separate days.

Lexi (of Lexi & Tessa) had another operation to remove another mammary tumour hopefully she is clear now but this one had emerged within 2 weeks.

Hoonercat's Tia went to Belgium today for a MRI scan to see if the vets can recognise why she has nerve deterioration in her back legs. They will operate on her tomorrow if they can assist her.

Billy ruptured his neck disc becoming paralysed and needing emergency vet care and through to specialist vet hospital specialist operation++. Making a good recovery early days.

One of our Staffies managed to grab one of our large dogs through a fine mesh fence & has damaged their face.

2 dogs homed sometime ago; emailed with one coming back after 10 months after a fight; the other heavily labelled as very aggressive which belies our testimony and demonstration of the dog on homing, backed up with thread entries and videos and demonstrating his good dog skills: AS WE ALWAYS do 'show the dog;' Turns out he was jumped on by 3 dogs in his first week and now recognising him to be frighten to go out for walks be for valid reasons.

Toby one of our terriers we homed 10 years ago had his big op for mouth cancer.

Flynn Scamp still has the puss coming from the side of his nose and is going to have to have an operation to get to the bottom of the infection

One of our nervous Staffies who we leave a harness on, kennel staff decided to adjust his harness whilst hyped in his kennel with the predictable bite as he is an abused dog and the one thing he doesn't like and never liked is intrusive intention. Now he is only walked by walkers prepared to sign a disclaimer and is not having any contact with kennel staff. I have always been asked to change his harness and always have but would never approach the task in his kennel or confined area.

One of our Staffies homed one afternoon; call the next morning saying she is stressed, explained they need to give her more support; followed through with another volunteer to support, told all was well. Later found out they had passed her to another family who handed her in to a vets 'as if stray' the next evening 1 hour from closing, with one of our volunteers having to fly out to retrieve her and have her overnight in the kitchen until we could get her back to kennels. 3 homes in 3 days is bewilderment for her bless her heart!

One of our homed Staffies showed he didn't like his ball played about with, went to sleep and 2 am in the morning bit the boyfriend who was alone with him, which just doesn't make sense ref norms of behaviour especially of this breed. Must have had alcohol; drugs or unnatural approach. Our dog came back next day

Poor Sheldon has come back into kennels as we didn't have a foster place. He is very fearful then gets his leg caught in his own harness so took 2 of our senior volunteers 2 hours to manage to free him.

Oh yes and a local dog found over the river and its owner wasn't contactable so I walked over Teddington Lock to collect, then walked to the owner's house and met him (not answering his phone), only to find I had closed my front door without house keys, so had to climb through the back way of the house.

Personally: Suddenly my phone started to misbehave and I couldn't get notification of incoming calls so decided the time was right to utilise a spare phone I had bought in prep. Spent the morning changing over phones to find no camera or video function on that phone, so had to go through 4 days without camera or video. Now managed to purchase another phone and get the sim card changed over ++ just loading contacts on and now receiving emails. (PS I always buy secondhand better for the environment and living my life in amongst the mud high collateral damage as with all else furniture; cars; +++)

Purchase of kennels: Should happen the week of 24th April (exchange on 13th). We were suddenly told we had to pay VAT on the purchase of the business but the next day as we had already set our business/ company up, it was fine as a business buying a business doesn't have to pay VAT!

The one full time member of staff at the kennels we are buying has just left, so really tight staffing right over Easter.

Changed over both our vans 2 weeks ago as both engines went at the same time. This week I managed to get the hands free reset up but wasn't perfect working, hoping it will be with the new phone. Managed to get spare keys cut.

Our special thanks to our volunteers who do the organising behind the scenes to make the show run smoothly...our dogs and all of us are EVERSO grateful. Lick Lick
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Re: Rescue Remedies Diary April 2017 - July 2017

Post by xxlynne » Wed Apr 05, 2017 12:18 pm

OK the week has started as the last with bad news and more bad news. Dianna and I are finding it very hard at the moment with everything falling back on our heads and are very grateful to Fran who is a brick supporting us dealing with the enquiries and dealing with some of the difficult calls which basically aren't nice, as we have to ask people to be dog centred, not just placate people and allow them to mislabel the dog when they havent had a chance. Thank you to others in the vital roles they continue to play. People do want to lay it all on the dog just to want 'rid' without unpicking where their support is absent; their patience is absent; their responsibility is absent; when the dog in their charge only has them to depend on.

We have a family going on facebook saying we are not giving them the dog they want but they havent owned 2 dogs before, live at a distance, and have 3 weak areas in their garden which they didn't identify as weaknesses themselves but were obvious to us. They are wanting a dog who actually got out of their property and in the rush of adrenaline had a scuffle with another dog and nearly lost their life over it. They are now saying "why aren't you home checking?" When on outset we explained they are too far and remote to homecheck. We are saying please the deficiencies in the security are obvious, and explained we would have to do this via vet reference; garden photos and google earth. They havre not one point have agreed with our analysis of the weaknesses of the garden, their old staffie is fine but they are wanting a 10 month staffie. These are some the intolerable pressures we have to deal with.

Then one of our homers goes out and rescues their new dog from Facebook; finds an issue which they don't feel they can put the time into and finds neither the other Rescue or previous owners will help. They come to us...we offer an hours telephone conversation but are clear they need to give their dog time and adjust their lifestyle, as with any new dog. If they are intent on passing on they will need to neuter and vaccinate and with the labels applied very few people will be interested to home the dog and put the work in, that they themselves don't seem able to do.

Meanwhile more reports on our dogs at the kennels not managing well which is probably to do with too many dogs at the kennels so not getting the attention they need to keep their energy within their control.

Meanwhile I have to, at this period of time, be there for Marcus who is with me 24 /7, he is improving but my whole life has to revolve around for example at the detriment of my other dogs who cant spend time with me as they deserve to do. This is what being there for a dog is, on top of everything because Marcus can not tolerate kennels and there are no fosterers out there offering support for our more demanding dogs.

I am spending my day sorting out the services and arrangements to take over the kennels for a smooth handover from waste contracts to broadband to a full time member of staff down so can see me mucking out the kennel from day 1.

Life is tough currently the load is usually very heavy to bursting, but at the moment without the light of homings and the questionnaires in this week all have young kids or specifically want a 'Welsh Terrier'

So despite the fact I know some of our dogs are truly finding it very difficult in kennels I can only hope that our volunteers can bring it upon themselves to put a few extra walks in to lighten their stress load. If you havent walked for a while please come and help.

Our books are closed "NO CAN DO" hard to close off those phone calls as its dogs lives at the end of the phone. 3 urgent returns now we just cant help but somehow we will have to.

So no doubt my inbox will continue to be filled with this or that problem and we will all do our best but its hard; its demoralising and to some extend not always doable... Our Rescue needs to come of age with more taking on the difficult calls and support the newly homed dog so people step up to the plate they dont want to hear it, they want to walk away with their ego in tact... and heavily label the 'rescue dog' who is a fish out of water just needing people to believe in them and to trust those who seem to want to care.

AND the dilemma I face is Mika has stolen my heart COMPLETELY he is the dog of my dreams and having lost 4 personal dogs recently Im tempted. BUT I have 5 dogs with 3 longterm fosters with special needs. I so want to home him BUT that would be such a selfish thing to do as my dogs dont get the time and attention they deserve, as I am at the computer when Im not in the dog mobile, and being with the dogs in the Rescue. The most emotionally dependant dog is white Lily, again so love her truly dearly, but she deserves better. As a Rescuer you cant be there collecting up dogs its not being able to gift yourself the love of your life, it is a life of sacrifice and your life is stripped bear of luxuries and your time is invaded from day light to late night close down.
So a few updates on the diary of late just expressing it as it is intolerable more than ever. In less than 3 weeks time the pressure of the kennels will be there but had we not bought it the owners would be closing them down and the Rescue could not lose another kennel base and survive.

Pray the week lightens I promise to let you know if and when it does!!!!!!!!

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Re: Rescue Remedies Diary April 2017 - July 2017

Post by xxlynne » Sun Apr 09, 2017 2:21 pm

Weekly Summary Week ending 09.04.17

Doomas Gloomas Really trying trying to be on a lighter note but.. "Oh lynne SHUT UP! We're happy, the sun is shining and we are meeting our friends and our homes are coming soon.. chillout...get a life... we will!
"Hec as like" Hectors happy!
Olive I'm happy
Tansy Happy yeh hey!
Sidney Hilariously happy
Lester is laughing
AND Kyla? content and sovereign
Homings 0:
Reserved 0:

Into Permanent this week:
Temporary Foster: Troy RR Spice RR
Short Week: Arthur TR Kevin TR
Overnight: TimmyTim RR Lester TR
Return from Foster:

Intake 3 New 2: Dodger SR 3 Chalkie RR 3
Returns 1: Clover SR 8

Comments: Could fill the pages with more shocks and bad Dianna says its "walking through treacle time" to me it feels like pulling teeth BUT hey... Spring is here and all our dogs and volunteers are enjoying the best of the 'walkers' life and fosterers no doubt gardening or sun lounging or special trips of interest. Our waiting list is frozen and we are asking all contacts to endeavour to find alternative places if they can, but we will honour if not.

Have had various comments this week with respect 'ahh but you are buying kennels..', as if we can just open the flood gates and take in any dog we wish. The truth is the Rescue and the kennel businesses we use are in partnership but different entities. The kennels being bought have been a failing business and the only way we have got the registration to operate this week is on the understanding of much needed work carried out in the next year. We will have to call upon 'kindness' to achieve our vision for improving the experience of the Rescue dogs but we can not open up all kennels to one Rescue, as we need to tread carefully ref conflict of interest. My accountant has that in hand with Mark on of our other Directors as a guiding light. The business for that reason mustn't be seen to be depend on the one Rescue but it is a mutually benefical Symbiotic relationship. Everything to do we need landscape gardeners, drainage expertise, builders; plumbers; fencers; people who can use a small digger; to prepare water logged land for functional use; green energy expertise; land clearers; DIY; sorters and organisers and cafe duties. The more help the further the money I'm investing will spread and better impact it will have; more timely for our dogs. For the first time we can set up the Rescue Remedies office so we can invite dependable administrators volunteers to take the heavy load of admin off my shoulders and also to set up a fundraising hub which just hassnt there in our Rescue for sometime.

So can people email and let me know it they have an objection to us featuring the projects underway in the Gatwick kennels, as we did with the Potters bar site. I am happy to set up an independent Forum if people feel there needs to be a clear line. I am just reluctant to lose the fun and excitement within the Rescue by artificially taking it outside and dividing the 2 energies, as we now have a host for our fun day. We will be equally keeping on our focus in Guildford and Broxbourne, and Chris in Guildford is a tremendous mentor to me as I step forwards in this new venture. Chessington numbers will be lower at the kennels request, as they need us to keep to 8 before, during and immediately after holiday periods.

Note the fun idea of
Guess Bobby's genetic makeup
Ros runs the Brighton Marathon for us

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Re: Rescue Remedies Diary April 2017 - July 2017

Post by xxlynne » Mon Apr 17, 2017 8:51 pm

Weekly Summary Week ending 16.04.17
Poppy with Popeye
Budds ahoy
Charlie boy
Buster relaxed
Briony outside her palace
Homings 5: Lloyd RR 10 Troy SR 11 Oscar TR 12 Milo SR 13 Mally TR 14
Reserved 0:

Into Permanent this week:
Temporary Foster: Arthur TR
Short Week: Stan & Ollie RR Harrison SR Lola SR TimmyTim RR Jordon RR Hank RR Alfredo TR Basil TR Charlie RR Lester TR Polly TR
Overnight: Polly TR
Return from Foster: Queenie RR (for 2 weeks)

Intake 0 New 0:
Returns 0:

Comments: Well this week has had a better feel with 5 of our darlings finding their families for life. We can never predict which of our dogs fall from the tree into their homes and this is the excitement of our Rescue.

Thanks to all our fosterers who stand by their dogs it means everything to them and US. Thanks to the many who focused their Easter around taking a homeless dog into their homes and making it such enjoyable experience...and those who made it down to the kennels

Thanks to JenG for organising this fun-raising event Milford Farmers market

And Bizlate for leading on Rescue Remedies Easter Extravaganza Appeal!

Down under 100 ...but lots queued up waiting to come in
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Re: Rescue Remedies Diary April 2017 - July 2017

Post by xxlynne » Wed Apr 19, 2017 4:37 pm

Well I just can't believe it April the 19th and we have homed 5 dogs. Just one homing booked in for the weekend.

In contrast behind the scenes its all ballistic and mega depressing with emails and pleas flooding in for the dogs we have already committed to and for new dogs as all places seem clogged up. I need confidence and belief that homings will pick up so I can then call in 10, buying 10 new kennels and save 10 lives BUT it would be a risk.

We have homed 5 dogs and have taken in 5.

As of the 20th: Blue returning; an emergency Staffie Sarah-Jane coming in to Guildford to save her life and an 8 week puppy Nellie came into temp foster until we can find her a foster place.

Our waiting list!
4 sitting in Broxbourne waiting for us to get going

Promised after Easter but I am speechless
2 Tia SR (In place of Drake who got a foster place) +Jonty SR
1 Scooby N London
1 Scooby Fleet
1 Annie 12 yr Staffie
1 Penelope Ipswich
1 Missie DDB Chessington
3 Bruno Chico Godfrey Leics
2 Jake SR Lucy SR South Coast Staffies has closed and we are helping these 2. Goring by Sea
1 Roxie female Linda Hertfordshire
1 Tye Blk JRT Finsbury
2 Dixie Patterdale Sammy Yorkie Preston
1 Nellie RR puppy Hampton
= 16
5 urgents Wales
7 urgents West Wales

Many in own homes 2 very urgent needing to come in

so we try to be upbeat but no its just not true I cant respond to most emails requesting our help

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Re: Rescue Remedies Diary April 2017 - July 2017

Post by xxlynne » Mon Apr 24, 2017 7:17 am

Weekly Summary Week ending 23.04.17

Our lovelies
Homings 3: Izzy TR 21 Boycie RR 22 Finlay TR 18
Reserved 2 : Penny RR & Fiona TR

Into Permanent this week:
Temporary Foster:
Short Week: Barley TR SarahJane RR Polly TR TimmyTim RR Lester TR
Overnight: Jordon RR Skye RR
Return from Foster:

Intake New 0: Finlay TR 18 SarahJane RR 21 Fiona TR 22 Penny RR 22
Returns 0: Clover SR 18 Blue Amb 19

Comments: Delighted with the homings we have and have 2 planned for the on coming week.

This week is the week the damn threatened to break so we have organised extra kennels to save lives and we move forwards knowing we enter a new era. I have been putting off and putting off taking in dogs we are committed to . The pounds we help have been full to bursting so not only have we thanked our dedicated people who have held our dogs for us, but we have saved those dogs and allowed dogs facing the needle to take refuge in those places created. Wonderful dogs coming into us with week have a look at Coming soon.

All set to enter Gatwick on 24th noon. I have ordered loads of plants and been very nervous they would arrive before I did. I was told it was 14-28 days but then acknowledgement of my order; then Friday an email to say they had been dispatched. I didn't want to intrude on the outgoing owners so praying the plants arrive Monday afternoon onwards. Looking forwards to change nettles and brambles into scrubs and flowers to welcome all Excited? Then come and lend a hand we particularly need fencing and want to build a laundry. Whole list of projects with everything to do.

Our thanks to everyone who has served our dogs this week. Remember our drive is centred around our dog's needs. I was explaining yesterday I am not a nurse by essence or training, but a therapist. This means my focus is to 'support to achieve' outcomes independent of ourselves. We focus on the letting go, allowing the right consciousness to dawn. We invest in seeing our efforts translate into the individual's achievement not our achievement but we celebrate THEIR efforts. We encourage independence and skill building so we are not doing it for others and create dependency; but stand beside as people and dogs come of age into maturation of abilities. We don't define the individual in the moment but by their potential, their drive, and create the opportunities to thrive. We pick them up and say come on you were too ambitious that time scale it down just to that half way then rest in your achievement so far. Our joy yes ofcourse is in recovery, but not a means to an end. Our vision is focus always on the future, achieving potential independent of set backs. Emotional independence, so when we will no longer be there, when we see people and dogs carry those skills into their life owned by them. One of my neighbours once said, not knowing my profession, Lynne you have a therapeutic demeanour, I confessed I was a therapist training, managing and supervising other therapists and he said I knew it you have it in your DNA. Therapy isn't "there there poor you" yes return the dog.. its you know many people work through these early steps, adjust their stance and their lives and their dogs adjust too with the outcome their dog becomes central to their families. Its come lets look at the facts here, lets look at your expectations on our dog and lets see if they are valid know their impoverished background, their history of long term kennelling, etc. You can do it, remember what is at stake here! Well achieving my dream of being with our dogs comes to fruition today mostly because of Lorenzo's sacrifice; first his wife and now his home. I particularly thank Secret Squirrel and Luisa for the personal support on this journey. Everything to do, slowly slowly we achieve with lots to learn and fun to be had.

Back to 100 ...but lots queued up waiting to come in this week ekk
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Re: Rescue Remedies Diary April 2017 - July 2017

Post by xxlynne » Mon May 01, 2017 6:20 pm

Weekly Summary Week ending 30.04.17

Some of our Newbies
Rex & Candy
Homings 5: Scruffy George TR 26 Fiona TR 27 Penny RR 27 Kevin TR 29 Pipsqueak TR 30
Reserved 1 : Rafferty SR

Into Permanent this week: Sheldon TR
Temporary Foster: Hank RR Arthur TR
Short Week: TimmyTim RR Barley TR Alfredo RR Roxy SR Simon & Dixie SR Dixie TR Hank RR Polly TR
Overnight: Skye RR Lester RR
Return from Foster:

Intake New `16: Sasha SR 24 Lucy SR 24 Chico SR 25 Jake SR 25 Moss SR 25 Roxie RR 25 Dixie TR 25 Sammy TR 25 Boscoe SR 27 Ethel TR 27 Gnasher TR 27 Maudie May TR 27 Maxine TR 27 Rex TR 27 Candy TR 27 Boss SR 29
Returns 0:

Comments: Well this week our Rescue entered a new era with the grounds of Gatwick offered through to use for our Rescue dogs so lovely woodlands walks and off lead paddock and a rest room for all. Gatwick has been teaming and teeming with volunteers with laughter and joy. A massive intake of wonderful dogs gave us a wonderful intake of awe. And we have witnessed over the past 10 days our terriers finding their homes as if to make way for our new friends.

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Re: Rescue Remedies Diary April 2017 - July 2017

Post by xxlynne » Tue May 16, 2017 11:48 am

Weekly Summary Week ending 14.05.17

This is a 2 week diary as having to prioritise where and how I spend my time and to engage in social days welcoming volunteers to the site and making many changes we have been keen to do over years has meant many other things have been on hold. My sincere thanks to all the volunteers who are enjoying offering our dogs new horizons and especially those who have given their time and skills to improving the lot for our dogs on site.

Thank you! Karen has given up 2 weekends to work on our goal of building flower beds for the dear plants that arrived on site anticipating getting their little roots into New Gatwick's soil. Thanks to Peter and Pat for creating the 'nursery' so these plants thrived and were prepped for the future place. Thank you to Steve Jemma's Dad for plumbing in our new washing machine, water heater and planning the new public loo facility with me and repairing leaking taps. Eddie and Lisa for bringing on a digger for a weekend and creating a sink hole and trench to start the long process of land drainage as we are on solid clay. Geoff has come and done 2 site visits and is in the process of tackling the rodents as sad as it is to have to do this but Geoff is a committed wildlife enthusiast and photographer so it is being done with care to restrict only where we need. Jim for exploring our woodland identifying wild life and then starting to tackle our nettle issue. Charlie has come on many occasions and usually been side tracked to help me with small business issues. Sarah has sorted out the process of online banking for me and so now all staff are moved through to payment on line. Stuart as ever ...if he isn't sorting out our lawn mowers, he is doing handy jobs to support the better running of the kennels. Lorenzo and my brother in law also are working on needy jobs. Rebecca has delivered valuable items and done a dump run as has Debbie. Liz delivering a 'much needed' tumbleaire and washing machine! Helen is sorting out a cat shed so we can invite some free range cats on site once we get the rodent situation into a more contained regime. Many more and hopefully many more will come to move sheds; re-dig paths; create banks from surplus soil; clear ground and help lift rubbish off the land into the tip! Or make drinks for all or ply us with jokes to lighten our load!

Here are a few pictures
Simon travelling to Milton Keynes and down to Gatwick on our Washing machine mission
Stuart working with me on the Surgery project in the summer creating flower beds for our Vet in appreciation of all they do for our dogs
7.5.17 021.JPG
Debbie breaking our precious equipment!
Karen Toots ever hard working whilst Jack entertains
12.05.17 007PeterPatmaudie.JPG
Peter Pat visited by Maudie
Peter Pat and Maudie 'helping'
We will be setting up a Forum thread as many volunteers have asked for this and it is an opportunity to invite people in who want to help as 80% of our dogs are Rescue homeless dogs and improving their environment is what we are about. Bear with me I am well aware of projects in hand and whilst I feel in a 'tumble' am digging myself out of a ditch as I become easily confused if I'm not organised, so from a blurred picture the site is slowly coming into focus.

Homings 11: Polly TR 1 Dixie TR 1 Sasha SR 3 Gnasher TR 5 Keita RR 7 Alfredo RR 7 Nellie RR 7 Sammy SR 10
Honey (Sarah-Jane) RR 13 Ollie SR 13 Stan TR 13 (Benson RR homed by original Rescue)
Reserved 1 : Gwilym RR

One of the sad aspects of this fortnight was coming to terms with losing Barley; this hit us hard but especially Sarah, Ralf & Jules

Into Permanent this week: Spice RR Simon & Dixie SR Lester TR

Intake 10 New 8: Polo SR 8 Toby TR 6 Guinness SR 10 Roxie RR 10 Stephen RR 11 Dude TR 13 Jake SR 13 Scoobie SR 13
Returns 2: George TR 10 Elsa RR 11

Comments: I know this will seem a moan but over the past 2 months homings have been really diffcult. Finding committed and rooted in families who will ride and settle a dog into their family are becoming rare. Requests for 'shopping list ingredient' dogs continues: You witness a family in their fantasy dreams who don't want us to pop their bubble and talk with the realism of homing a dog. Bless the dogs who go from free ads into these families, they dont stand a chance. Thankfully our homing questionnaire gets there first. They will need to fall to earth with a bang once they appreciate what it is to accommodate and meet a dog's needs. Families that will have to step up and responsible for the service and training of their new dog, and accept they who has known impoverished times. They will be reminded of those turbulent times of a younger dog in their lives. They are looking for their previous dog; well adjusted, loyal, darling dog they lost and here they are 10 years older not preparing themselves for a storm of affection, excitement and trust-building which is required. You can't put a wise head on young shoulders. If only they could believe in themselves to help a dog and make the psychological steps to support. Some make it through but many haven't anticipated the quest and give up. On giving up they shield themselves and act the expert heavily defining and labelling the wee frightened mite in the care who hasn't had a chance to unpack their suitcase, and send them back for someone else to deal. Ofcourse they aren't abandoning them; they have assessed "the dog" and found them wanting; maladjusted and they know just the restricted circumstance of home which will suit them. They have disengaged and looking for removal, no longer regarded a family member. We wont risk this with many our dogs so dont pursue the potential homing further: Where we pursue the homing we place our trust for the family to go slowly. This has happened with so many of our dogs recently, either teetering on being returned or passed back. We are sad to see our dogs off loaded back rather than slowly unpacked with awareness and patience. Families that quit miss out on the sheer joy gained as they walk their first steps into becoming treasured, accepted and to learn through positive reinforcement through your voice that they please and are successful. They miss that glance as the fear lessens and they see the dependency and vulnerability exposed. believe us we will find a family who support our dog... hoping that they are less fragile than when they were returned. And those that apply then say they are in no hurry they are shielded from their future dogs howling in their kennel at night or pacing it through the day. Pray for stoic homes.

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Re: Rescue Remedies Diary April 2017 - July 2017

Post by xxlynne » Sun May 21, 2017 9:36 pm

Weekly Summary Week ending 21.05.17

A few special pictures from this week
Little Joey
Homings 6: Gwilym RR 17 Candy Buttons TR 20 Boss SR 20 Jake SR 20 Dude TR 21 Rex TR 21
Reserved 1 : Polo SR

We lost Blue today due to a twisted and ruptured bowel which he swiftly slipped away from us. Our gratitude to our kennel friends in Chessington for acting so fast and with such compassion and love for Blue and our beloved vet Mark to tried hard to save him.

Into Permanent this week:

Intake 4 New 3: Duchess SR 16 Ashley TR 16 Rosie AmBull 16
Returns 1: Dixie TR

Comments: Dog Rescue is emotionally demanding, challenging and exhausting. We are a fabulous team and everyone comments on the amazing caliber of volunteers who are truly devoted year on year out. Such a positive feeling. Thank you thank YOU!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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Re: Rescue Remedies Diary April 2017 - July 2017

Post by xxlynne » Sun Jul 02, 2017 11:37 am

Update: It has been very hard to find the time and space to write a diary. You have to be up beat and in truth as magnificent as the new project is I am overwhelmed with tasks to do just to stand still let alone move it forwards. We are carrying record numbers of dogs at the site which takes a lot of my personal time particularly between 6 and 8am in the morning and 6pm and 9.30 at night. The atmosphere is feeling like a holiday camp with lots a volunteers giving lots of time to our dogs and I can honestly say the dogs are getting a much better deal. That has to be the priority.

There are some very worthy individuals who have given consistently into projects to repair the broken and to lift up so serious defaults. I will mention them in name as i am truly grateful. Stuart has been a brick ever willing and tackles project after project. Lorenzo has worked hard to organised the equipment on site and work and storage areas and prep different projects as well as caring for the 3 remaining dogs in our house and sell the house. We now have a committed buyer so that completes a chain so hopefully it will go through in a month. Eddie & Lisa are just perfect taking the main problems off my shoulders and both giving my a week holiday to sort the drains out on the side of the house and upgrade the sink in the walkers room and update the kitchen in the kennel block. That is on top of repairing lawn mowers and trenching out a 'Moat' so already the land is much drier than ever it was. Helen & Frazer again another really committed pair who have chosen projects and completed them to a fantastic standard facilitating cats onto the site and replacing the roof on top of the walkers room. They are already looking towards their next project. Rebecca and Christine have been so supportive and have always offered to help in anyway they can genuinely 'doing it'. Its been lovely working with them both. Liz has appeared nearly every week with donated food which has helped us greatly and its been good quality so a real treat for the dogs. AND JIM Kim's husband always delights us when his little magic car arrives on site you know Jim is going to beaver away from clearing nettles; branches the size of a large tree, or putting the top on our sink. Donna and Claire came and gave a full day of hard work and prepared the way for a flower bed; moved heavy fridges and ferried items. Karen gave us 3 weekends at the start and her fruits are there for her to witness when she comes again.

The Staff have risen to changes and are coping to maximum capacity as a matter of course. This is Rescue work: The last 2 weeks in particular we have taken longstay dogs from safe&sound as they have had dogs returned from Rescues and been crippled by kennel bills. They are a very worthy pound pulling organisation who stand by their dogs and would go under without us offering them relief on their long term dogs.

Sometimes I really am at breaking point and tearful as the load Im carrying is not really doable. People may listen BUT the individuals above have made it all worthwhile and helped up lift the mood and facilitate the walkers to perform their magic arts. Where we will be in a years time I have no idea but we have everything to do both in the grounds; in the kennels and cattery and ourselves in the house. I am starting with roofing as ever in my mind is preparing for a grim winter.

In truth working 18 hour days 7 days a week is exhausting but needs must. Our dogs are have a secure place now and have a much better day to wake up to and go to sleep from and yes I'm out the car and far seldom on the computer and my health is already improving. Happy days ahead


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