Rescue Remedies Diary December 2016 - March 2017

A behind the scenes look at our work
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Re: Rescue Remedies Diary December 2016 - February 2017

Post by xxlynne » Wed Feb 01, 2017 3:17 pm

Rescue Remedies Diary of the Month for January 2017

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Our Dogs of the Month for February 17 Each one really deserves that special chance

Rescue Remedies
Tansy Learning to settle with dogs outside
Tansy RR's thread

Dylan (2).jpg
Dylan Abusive past learning to trust
Dylan's Thread

Charlie Anxious in the car
Charlie's Thread

Little Benny Little dog syndrome outside
Benny's Thread

Lester muzzled 'just in case' but settled on walks
Lester's Thread

January 16
Intake/ Dogs saved : 38 35 + 3 Returns
Terrierrescue 14: 11 Biscuit TR 5 Kevin TR 6 Kiki TR 6 Annie TR 9 Scamp TR 10 Ava TR 14 Jake TR 15 Lester TR 21 Harvey TR 25 Derek TR 26 Izzy TR 31 Returns 3: Jock TR 12 Sheldon TR 25 Maggie TR 25

Rescueremedies 7: 7 Skye AmB 3 Dolly RR 4 Olive RR 4 Zebedee RR 15 Duke RR 21 Zarla RR 21 Buster RR 25
Returns :

Staffierescue 17 : 17 Leonie SR 3 Diesel SR 5 Huey SR 5 Precious SR 6 Sherry SR 6 Budds SR 10 Beau SR 11 Buddie SR 12 Hector SR 13 Aaron SR 19 Annie (AnnMarie) SR 19 Mungo SR 19 Rowan SR 21 Buster SR 25 Jake SR 28 Effy SR 28 Roxie SR 31

Dogs homed: 34 + 1 Cat
Terrierrescue 8: Betty TR 7 Rick TR 7 Kiki TR 11 Chloe TR 14 Sheldon TR 14 Annie TR 14 Maggie TR 19 Duncan TR 25

Rescueremedies 10: Megan RR 3 Elsa RR 7 Dolly RR 8 Milo RR 15 Alfie RR 20 Rolo RR 20 Zebedee RR 21 Max RR 28 Mandy AmB 8

Staffierescue 17:Toby SR 2 Buster SR 7 Diesel SR 7 Dougie SR 7 Rowan SR 7 Kenzie SR 8 Hector RR 21 Jess SR 22 Pippin SR 22 Misty SR 25 Billy SR 26 Buddie SR 26 Annie AnnMarie SR 28 Mason SR 28 Beanie SR 29 Bear (Beau) SR 29 Dazzle SR 31

CatRescue: 1 Arthur CT 17 * remaining cats went into a friend's Catrescue

Celebrating our HOMED Longstay Dogs in January:

Longer than 6 months

Longer than a year

What an honour it is to have been able to bring 38 dogs into the umbrella of our love and care, many of whom are already settling in their homes. Pippin's home caught all our breathes and had the tears rolling. Rolo's homing was a YEESSS! And Milo to have been homed into a very safe, secure home after flitting through homes was a lovely fuzzy feeling. Jethro had a wonderful week sharing space with Rhona, which was a highlight for many of us.

All the cats we took off of Potter's Bar sight are now either homed or will be soon. Our thanks to Gwen who took them in when everyone else we asked only were interested in "any kittens". Gwen also always welcomes us and our dogs to cat & chicken test...which brings many dogs their homes...Otis immediately comes to mind.

We have a lot of work to do to find stable committed homes for our loved ones. Its emotionally very tough work and if it wasn't for the joy and splendour of our homings I for one would be on antidepressants...well in fact I am, as I do feel to have the pleasure of living with 3 Staffies who somehow exercise their and our cheek muscles, keeps me happy and the love of my terriers give a lot of tenderness of heart.

We have done it again as we always do match intake with homing which is gruelling. Thank you for hard hard work and long long hours but we have no option when our dog's plights present themselves to us. As I have said it is an honour and we continue along ardent and sincere. Thank you

Longstay statistics

Dogs Monthly

102 on our books Dogs Weekly our Rescue's Stats updated everyday

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Re: Rescue Remedies Diary December 2016 - February 2017

Post by xxlynne » Sun Feb 05, 2017 9:44 pm

Weekly Summary Week ending 05.02.17

A few special pictures
Homings 5: Nell Dazzle SR 31 Harry Derek TR 3 Pablo RR 4 Roxy SR 5 Precious SR 5
Trial Adoption: Hunny SR

Homing picture of the week!
Homing Video of the Week Pablo's homing

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Fostering (May leave a few out in haste sorry)
Into Permanent Foster this week: Jake SR Daisy RR Heidi SR
Holiday Foster: Vinnie RR
Short Week: Barley TR Rosemerry SR Trixie RR Hank RR Maisie SR
Overnight: Jordon RR Arthur TR TimmyTim RR Betzy SR
Return from Foster: Jethro RR

Intake 8 New: 7 Izzy TR 31 Roxie SR 31 Barni TR 2 Hunny SR 2 Daisy RR 2 Trixie TR 3 Buddy SR 5
Returns 1: Elsa SR 5

If you haven't yet set up a standing order PLEASE do and thank you to all those who have you are truly supporting our dogs

Our Stats 2016: 105 dogs

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Rescue Remedies Diary December 2016 - March 2017

Post by xxlynne » Tue Feb 07, 2017 10:27 pm

Comments: Least we forget

Come Sunday evenings I sometimes just don't have it in me to write comments as with last Sunday. Thought I'd write few words tonight when I do have it in me. Today had been a gifted day at home as Stuart has done both the vet trips. A day at home is a chance to do Rescue Housekeeping tidying our Rescue cupboards virtual and literal. A day at home is doing post homings admin.; follow through on loose ends; respond to landline calls. Ordering to identified needs. Time with our dogs. Long hours on the computer. Today was dog mobile clean up and sort God that little van gets put through it. Repair of broken equipment. House cleaning. It is lovely not to be driving and sitting. Lovely to have chats on the phone.
Edie (5).jpg
Edie on arrival
A dog rescuer becomes a very doggie person. Cynical in truth, burdened with continuous pressure of hearing about dogs in need; kennelled & foster dogs who have this or that needing attention, understanding and caring.
Queenie on arrival
The dreamscape of enquirers who fail to see the actual dogs in need only gazing through and beyond the dogs pictures staring out at them from our website ..?do you have any Airedales. ?Do you have any French Bull dogs. I'm looking for my dream dog can you help me, put aside your dogs and can you get on my case so I can find the young, pedigree, housetrained, calm dog, can be left during the day and sleeps in the kitchen at night, not allowed on the furniture..perhaps I'll dream of doing agility with "it" ... perhaps! Sorry we only have real dogs with impoverished backgrounds; We only have real dogs who need you and have their own dreams, as they sleep in their winter kennels. They sleep in the warmth of our volunteers cares and memory of their cuddles.The rescue minded people who open our door are there to see who needs their help, who we feel will match their lifestyle, and open to embrace. Their concern from the outset is our dogs in need.
TimmyTim 3 months since found, just before he came to us
Today I read up on the background of our new dog Benson and I emailed his Rescuer who has just passed him to us...Really you take a puppy in, a Labrador x Staffie and you vaccinate...good job! You call him Tyson...his first rescue changed his name to Benson... Thank you. You set your small garden shed up with a wooden pallet and for comfort you lay a square of old carpet: Job done. You and you children visit your dog in the garden and close them out of your lives as you focus on you daily inhouse lives. 'That dog' exists in its shed and you feed him 2 bowls of wet canned food a day as its 'highlight'. Oh and how is he with dogs? Never met. Tell us about him 'He is scared of fireworks!' Birthday? Never noted it.

We have at least 5 dogs we believe haven't lived in houses before Graham; Big Bruce; Scamp; Hooch; Effy and now Benson. We have Steve who was restricted to a large crate with a Rottie pup he grew up with 10-12 hours a day whilst their owners were out the garden just a visit on the lead outside in the morning and on return from work, & last thing at night. Steve was rescued from that crate as a 2 year old dog just after his Rottie friend had been given away. Dylan, Blossom & Rowan lived with druggies. I look through our list of current dogs and I know at least 60% have had damaging neglectful lives: The likes of Arthur who has comes a long way to leave it behind as has TimmyTim, who has taken years and years to step away from it; Hector, Izzy, Barni, Buster & Marley carry their sad backgrounds still. Ruby severe domestic violence involving guns; Sheldon living in heaps of his own excreta for at least 2 years with many days left with no human contact or food. Queenie & Olive dumped after litter upon litter: Sherry, Aaron, Heidi stray as elderly dogs. Lily, Jordon, Frankie arrived into kennels as puppies and carry the fear or Lily extreme neediness, as they try to enter life from that kennel impoverished background...hard from them to let go and believe in themselves... Edie left behind by her owner, she was skeletal on arrival. Trixie was stray for at least 4 days before caught and still carries her fears today...the majority of our other dogs were 'dumped' to face their luck in the 7 day system at the mercy of council pounds where their life was endangered on the 8th day.

So the Rescuers song...
The road is long
With many a winding turn
That leads us to who knows where
Who knows where
But I'm strong
Strong enough to carry him
He ain't heavy, he's my brother
So on we go
His welfare is of my concern
No burden is he to bear
We'll get there
For I know
He would not encumber me
He ain't heavy, he's my brother
If I'm laden at all
I'm laden with sadness
That everyone's heart
Isn't filled with the gladness
Of love for one another
Blossom 2.jpg
Blossom in her original home
Our language is loving kindness.
Tedds in the pound
Our key words are honesty; realism; commitment; security/ safety and stability.

We all know these dog as they are today and as we celebrate them
Queenie in foster
Blossom Blossomed
We are a fabulous band of Rescuers ... a merry band. Our reputation is often echoed back because of our caring, because we adore our dogs and because we work with them and heal them and commit to supporting them.

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Re: Rescue Remedies Diary December 2016 - February 2017

Post by xxlynne » Sun Feb 12, 2017 10:01 pm

Weekly Summary Week ending 12.02.17

A few special pictures of our big girls
Edie American Bulldog
Tala Akita x
Missie Staffador
Smiley ?Yellow Staffador
Tansy Presa canario x
Annie Dogue de Bordeaux x
Olive Rottie x Mastiff
Homings 6: Skip (Trixie) TR 6 Daisy (Hunny) RR 2 Jock TR 11 Sherry SR 12 Rosemerry SR 12 Heidi SR 12
Gone Reserved: Daisy RR

Homing picture of the week!
Rosemerry with Rachel, Freya & Roger
Video of the Week Daisy (Hunny) with Max her new visiting friend

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Into Permanent this week:
Temporary Foster:
Short Week: Vinnie RR Rosemerry SR
Overnight: Milly & Molly RR Jordon RR TimmyTim RR Trixie RR Arthur TR
Return from Foster:

Intake 6 New: 6 Buddie SR 6 Benson RR 7 Trevor SR 10 Digby RR 10 Milly RR 10 Molly RR 10

Comments: Sometimes a week can feel like a series of emotional shocks.. Fortunately all pushed into the background when we end the week celebrating such wonderful dogs finally make it home...this week was started homing Skip (Trixie) in with Val & Norman, a week on reeling from their loss of their terrierrescue chum Sam. Then hearing Daisy (Hunny) had thrived on living with very young children. Then Jock finding his mum & dad with 2 cats and yes he can unpack his little suitase into his retirement home. Then Sherry finding her retirement home in celebratory circumstances. And Rosemerry at last in with a great family having proved herself time and time again. BUT then one of our devoted volunteer families adopting Heidi, again still reeling from losing their beloved Ellie. Our Rescue work is blessed with magic moments like these.

We feel the frost and snow in the air and our kennelled dogs are wrapped up in their warm coats waiting for their families. Pray the coming week brings joy to some of our longstay dogs who have nearly made it thru another winter but so deserved need to find their families to care for them. :crossfingers.gif: :crossfingers.gif: :crossfingers.gif: :crossfingers.gif: :crossfingers.gif:

The most important words... Thank you

Our Stats 2016: 104 dogs

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Rescue Remedies Diary December 2016 - March 2017

Post by xxlynne » Fri Feb 17, 2017 8:39 pm

Thought today I'd do a diary day with snippets of news which have kept me smiling all day. Celebrate Spring.. spring is in the hopefully those cold kennel days are moving past us now

Barni Had his first walk with us yesterday...with Anna one of the kennel staff and today Anna handed Barni on to Charlie and Barni ended up on Charlie's lap.. our boy is coming around
Shade We had stepped forwards for Shade who was on deathrow having been placed in a difficult position. His fosteres had a party and he in the midst bit someone (Alcohol/ dim lights and loud noise perfect recipe of disasters). On the 2nd court hearing he has been allowed to stay a live and is going into a family home and being adopted on Monday. Our offer served him well to buy time and allow a really wonderful outcome. We have offered the place we had reserved for him to Lucky who comes into our care on Thursday
Zayla & Duke have had a difficult 2 weeks being apart but today SarahK has reunited them and they are spending a pleasant weekend together and their eyes St Valentines came a few days later but let the champagne flow k2727.gif Zayla & Duke
Zayla & Duke St Valentines
Pumba (Pedro) had his 2nd leg operated on today 2 and half years after Ian operated on his other knee. Ian remembered him well and it felt so lovely to have Pumba under Ian's care. Thank you Jade for spending time waiting for your special love.
Queenie meanwhile was treated by Jo our vet for a poorly leg and she has been found to have ligamental damage. Queenie is still going on holiday to wales with her fosterers and we will look into her needs on their return Queenie
A day at home and agreed to 6 dogs ekk must be the sunshine
Max Pedigree Lakeland comes as emergency Tuesday; 5 from Wales Blue underweight AmBull (One blue eye) who is apparently a dreamboat; Archie a Derek look alike; Winnie a gentle Collie x and Lloyd another Shar pei friend who needs us
Homings are slow so we are holding back the tide as the sea comes in.

Ollie & Stan went up under coming soon today and they come into Guildford on Wednesday but then are picked up for neutering on Thursday
Stan & Ollie
Ollie & Stan

Elsa Lurcher owners have decided they can't give her up and we have taken her down and made her 'Homed' again
Elsa (3).JPG
Lily was seized by the police a month ago. It was a really weird thing..a man came towards her completely off of his pathway and seemed to be carrying something or doing something..she was on the end of an extender lead and she jumped up. Immediately the man said I want your insurance details your dog just bitten me. Robert her owner said ?How but did give his details. Next thing he knows the police are there and seize her for injury. He refused to sign anything, so preventing them putting to sleep. The photos then revealed were not consistent with the episode. Robert thought it was suspicious and believes it was a rue to get compensation. Beware. Today we heard Lily will be returned to Robert early next week. Not sure whatelse will transpire.
Marie & Lee are applying to be friends of Hertfordshire Pets at home again That came into my intray today and they raise a lot of money for us each year and promote Staffierescue in particularly. Well done :thanks.gif:

Zach Pattie had a lump on his toe...that has all come back benign and celebrations all around
Tedds is so stressed in kennels but here he is today out with Yves having had a beautiful day out walking and meeting people.

Hank too is enjoying his weekend out wey hey with Sophie & Alison

Our Rescue Remedies Website is being upgraded and beginning to take shape our thanks to Alison and Stuart

Oh and yes the time has come to announce Lorenzo and I are buying Gatwick Kennels. We are currently reading the contract and we have loaned money & raised an independent mortgage to be able to purchase independent of our home, as the housing market is extremely flat. We are hoping to take on the kennels in April. We have a great deal of work to do with initially very little money to spend until our house is sold...but we will have secured the kennels to serve the Rescue's future dogs. Its a necessary move as many of the boarding kennels are coming under new regulations which means many will not transition, with pet sitting services having reduced the need: Many will sell out to the residential market as Godstone did. It is impossible to get planning permission these days for kennels due to the noise pollution. We have to separate our personal ownership with the Rescue's needs as I know several people who set up a Rescue centre & charity and lost their home when new members of the board differed with the founding person and the premises were no longer theirs but the charities. So in that way I have to safe guard my future...but the kennels will serve many of our current and future Rescue dogs if the directors believe it truly serves the objects of our Rescue. I also have to get out of the car and be closer to our dogs & vets. So I will keep you posted but today it began to feel a real option and so a new era beckons.

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Rescue Remedies Diary December 2016 - March 2017

Post by xxlynne » Sun Feb 19, 2017 7:45 pm

Weekly Summary Week ending 19.02.17
Arthur Happy
Effy Happy
Sidney Happy
Hugo Happy
Clover (6).jpg
Clover Happy
Bruce & Poppy Happy
Homings 1: Harvey TR 18
Gone Reserved: Nancy SR

Homing picture of the week!
Harvey with Sarah & Rebecca (& Michael)

Into Permanent this week:
Temporary Foster:
Short Week: Jake TR Tedds SR Arthur TR Duke & Zayla RR TimmyTim RR Trixie RR Hank RR Basil TR Maisie SR
Overnight: Jordon RR Skye AmB
Return from Foster: Rosemerry SR Keita RR

Intake New: 0

Comments: Hard week holding back 17 urgent dogs as we are still working through 'half term' restrictions on kennel use and just 2 kennels gained this week by homing Harvey, and Jake into temp foster; This allowed Keita & Rosemerry to return. Next week Monday Guildford: Max PatterJack returns and Jethro is having a week foster out. BUT we have to take Max Lakie comes Tuesday ?Chessington; Ollie & Stan come in Wednesday Guildford; Lucky Thursday ?where!; Mitch Staffie comes in ?where, & Kyla in for weekend Friday...and we really need to take others too HELP!

So many knocking on our door and we can't help if we aren't homing we can't take.

Really appreciate our fosterers who stand beside our dogs in way whatever they and their family can... the list too long to mention but we give our hearts to you

Our Stats 2016: 104 dogs

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Rescue Remedies Diary December 2016 - March 2017

Post by xxlynne » Sun Feb 26, 2017 11:11 pm

Weekly Summary Week ending 26.02.17

Well wishers of the week:
Linda: Our poet! Barley.....he looks fit and trim, his life would be complete with his own special home....2017 bring it on!

Heleny: I can't tell you Chrissy how much I enjoy looking at photos of Buttons and hearing about his adventures in his daily life. The change in that little dog is amazing. He used to be such an unhappy chap, shaking in the kennels and so out of sorts - no fault of the kennel girls who worked tirelessly to make him happier - but because of his nature. Now there he is - happy, smiling, shiny coat, button eyes and nose and I just love it. I know he can't stay with you forever because Lord Buttons does not like cats too much and Treacle is your lovely cat - but until he finds his forever home it is heart warming to know that that special little chap is so well looked after and happy. Thank you.
Anne: Ziggy loves his walks. He is always full of such joy and enthusiasm. The first half of our walk was full steam ahead for Ziggy, he was so pleased to be out and burn off some of his energy. He is responsive but when he knew the paths I felt sure Ziggy was walking me rather than the other way around! :D He then slowed down and took more time to sniff and appreciate his surroundings. Spending time with Ziggy is a full on 'pick me up' and guaranteed to make me share in his happiness and joy at life.
Judy: I had a wind swept walk with Barni this afternoon, we went out with Tedds and walker Chrissy. Barni was a lot less nervous when putting his leads on, a few sausage treats went down well and we were soon off. We went out with Tedds and his walker Chrissy, after Barni's initial bark at Tedds, being little he just needed to establish himself, he walked without any further barking. Whilst out Barni started to limp as he got a thorn stuck in his back paw, he was just so good whilst I got him to stand still and pulled the thorn out. He didn't mind his paws being touched at all and was very patient. Barni so deserves a loving home that he can call his own, he will make such a great companion.
MillieMoo: Biscuit loves watching the secret life of dogs love4.gif

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Homings 12: Daisy RR 21 Nancy SR 21 Tedds SR 24 Foxy Jake TR 24 Rusty RR 25 Maya RR 25 Milly & Molly RR 25 Tala & Toko RR 25 Harvey TR 26 Steve RR 26
Gone Reserved: Mungo SR Mars TR

Homing picture of the week!
My Lady Maya saved by Dan & Alix
Love the colour co-ordination

Into Permanent this week: Mungo SR
Temporary Foster: Jethro RR
Short Week: Arthur TR Jordon RR Barley TR Mitch SR Trixie RR
Overnight: TimmyTim RR Basil TR
Return from Foster: Kyla SR (Short term)

Intake 6 New 5: Harvey TR 20 Ollie & Stan RR 22 Larkin RR 23 Mitch SR 24
Returns 1: Codi SR 25

Comments: Now we are all happy waving so many of our friends off into their brand new dependable lives. We never know whose time will come next ..people think we chose who is homed next this couldn't be further from the truth; its all down to magic and destiny.

Its the combination of circumstance+ mixed in with life opportunities and a few drops of the essence of realistic expectations...a swirl of luck, 2 or 6 blends of chemistry in the meeting and lots of determination by a committed and devoted family. This should be baked for at least 1 month before you begin to distill the outcome. Matured over time, the depth of infusion pleases all and adaption and achievements astound!

For the Rescuers its Compassion blended with Passion...identification and empathy. Astuteness to key factors revealing the positive qualities, beauty and allowances for the neglect and lack of confidence carried within each canine friend in need.

Another myth that is always a talking point for people standing on the edge of Rescue as observers...Well you have to make difficult decisions by 'sacrificing' a long stay dog, you will be justified in then being able to help many. I can truly say this kind of thinking whilst heard and witnessed is never part of my mindset at fact I steer far far away from its shadow. The honest and open belief is the openness to help and when we step forwards for a dog it is with the commitment to serve and meet their needs. Life has let them down, they have as much right to their life on earth as each one of us. They are a dependent species and we as the dominant species have to provide for and care...having in one shape or another brought them into this world. IF we have to play God we will try everything in our power to truly evaluate their need and only where their health systems are failing to deliver an acceptable quality of life or where mentally they had achieved significant damage through birth, defective learning, cruelty or extreme neglect to an irreversible way...and if you know anything about our Rescue our volunteers work as a healing team to nurture and 'cure'. We are there to standby our friends, to metaphorically and physically walk with them on their journey and provide the best we can. They are not a number to us, they are close relatives who we are invested in.
Shadow needs his family
Our Stats 2016: 98 dogs

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Rescue Remedies Diary December 2016 - March 2017

Post by xxlynne » Tue Feb 28, 2017 10:40 pm

Rescue Remedies Diary of the Month for February 2017

Our Dogs of the Month for March 17 Each one really deserves that special chance

Rescue Remedies
Annie RR's thread

Big Bruce
Big Bruce's Thread

Skye's Thread

Scamp's Thread

Basil's Thread

February 16
Intake/ Dogs saved 18 : 15 + 3 Returns
Terrierrescue 2: 2 Skip Trixie TR 3 Harvey TR 20

Rescueremedies 8: 8 Benson RR 7 Milly RR 10 Molly RR 10 Digby RR 10 Ollie RR 22 Stan RR 22 Larkin RR 23 Marcus RR 27

Staffierescue 8: 5 Buddie SR 6 Trevor SR 10 Mitch SR 24 Maizie SR 27 Chey SR 27
Returns 3: Elsa SR 1 Rosemerry SR 19 Codi SR 25

Dogs homed: 22
Terrierrescue 6: Harry Derek TR 3 Skip Trixie TR 6 Jock TR 11 Harvey PTR 18 Foxy Jake TR 24 Harvey TR 26

Rescueremedies 10: Pablo RR 4 Daisy (Hunny) RR 9 Daisy RR 21 Rusty RR 25 Maya RR 25 Milly RR 25 Molly RR 25 Tala RR 25 Toko RR 25 Steve RR 26

Staffierescue 6: Sophie Precious SR 5 Roxy SR 5 Sherry SR 12 Heidi SR 12 Nancy SR 21 Tedds SR 24

Celebrating our HOMED Longstay Dogs in February:

Longer than 6 months
Steve RR entry 8.16

Longer than a year
Nancy SR 16 entry 5.15
Nancy (10).jpg
Nancy nearly 2 years in Rescue

Pablo SR entry 2.15
Pablo (21).jpg

Rusty RR entry 7.14
Rusty 2 and half years in Rescue

Longstay statistics 33 still waiting over a year

Dogs Monthly

101 on our books Dogs Weekly our Rescue's Stats updated everyday

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Re: Rescue Remedies Diary December 2016 - March 2017

Post by xxlynne » Mon Mar 06, 2017 12:12 am

Weekly Summary Week ending 05.03.17

Some of our G-Oldies in kennels at the moment to worry about
Gwilym (Pronounced Willum)
Homings 3: Hugo RR 1 Elsa SR 4 Clover SR 5
Gone Reserved: Mitch SR

Homing picture of the week!
Clover with Clare
Into Permanent this week: Chey SR
On holiday: Ziggy RR
Temporary Foster: Mitch SR Marcus SR
Short Week: Arthur TR Gwilym RR TimmyTim RR
Overnight: Maisie SR Jordon RR Betzy SR
Return from Foster: Fredds TR

Intake 12 New 12: Maizie SR 27 Marcus RR 27 Chey SR 27 Alfredo RR 1 Blue AmBull 3 Lloyd RR 3 Winnie RR 3 Bronx SR 3 Cedric SR 4 Betty RR 4 Stella SR 5 Briony SR 5
Returns 0:

Comments: Our websites have been upgraded so that they are now user friendly for smart phones, etc. Special thanks to Webguru /Secret Squirrel who has done this despite her being ill and awaiting an operation. Stuart, Fran & Johan in particular have helped to keep the show on the road.

Realism: People can always accuse us for having our feet on the ground and entrenched in pragmatic longterm 5 years ahead vision where people are counselled to confront their dreams and actually see their expectations with stark realism. This is social work but the legal system doesnt back the under dog. We explore what they are really prepared to accept and where we and they have been helped to identify 'the weakest links'. We have spend a lot of time with families this week which actually resulted in non homings. Very intense involvements and sadly a little soreness occurs as ultimately they or we pull out. People have very few dogs in their lives. If they have had many single dogs then either they are stepping forwards for the oldies; had bad luck or not seeing dogs through with the family. We on the other hand have been involved with thousands of dogs and their homings. Our instincts are very honed. Dianna and I (The Homing Team) as a result are cynics. This is why so many Rescuers walk away from Rescue, they burn out...they simply can't hack it anymore. We have heard it all; seen it all and seen as easy targets to dump dogs on and blame when they have failed to give a dog time. The very families who say I could home them all, are usually the families who most fail to commit. The families who say I'd never give up on a dog ...have us waiting with bated breath...oh we wish we could believe.

So many emergencies occur the morning or the night before a dog is due to be met: remembering a few.. My son had to go to hospital this morning sorry we are unable to make it: We had a death in the family last night we are going to have to put getting a dog on hold. My boss has called me into work as an emergency. I forgot we had a holiday booked. My husband has come home and told me he has booked a surprise weekend away (sabotage on his part!). I will be in touch once I am available again. My terminally ill father is having to be brought to my home as my mother wont have him in the house. My son bought me a dog in yesterday sorry for not letting you know. My daughter split up with her partner and moved in last night with her dog. My husband has just been offered a promotion, we think we will have to move so aren't able to home a dog now. My dog was seriously ill last night so we are taking him to the vet this morning. Oh and then there are the non contactables 1 day before homing.

As you know very often the homings that take the most time are usually the ones which ultimately let our dogs down. I never forget a homing about 5 years ago it was January and freezing temperatures and we had a lovely collie cross. Enter a "good" family who were insistent they wanted to meet then have nearly a week to prepare! To prepare for a dog you need a single duvet folded in 4; 2 cereal bowls and a 15 minute trip to a pet shop for food and shampoo! Our dogs come with collar & a lead and harness. Well in good faith this was a good home, though our intuition had all alarm bells ringing, we agreed for them to meet. Apparently the meeting went well Thursday and they agreed despite snowy conditions with the dog being left for 5 days in a kennel whilst they prepare for the perfect conditions, they had a meal date on the Monday and didn't want to leave him(!!!) but were leaving him 5 days in a kennel was fine... They collected and he had 2 housetraining accidents in 3 days and he was bought back: (Yes you got it back into a winter kennel). Utterly heartless was my conclusion, dead below the neck. On a sweet note Tala & Toko's owners arrived last Saturday morning. Sion was sporting a bruised eye. He immediately said excuse my eye I was clearing some brambles in the garden early this morning in preparations for the dogs when I hit myself in the eye. I had to go to A&E and fortunately they said I was very lucky and sent me home. I thought I was going to have to call you and cancel. I laughed "to tell you the truth Dianna and I would have told you to get well and probably wouldn't have believed you, it would have just gone in our excuse book!"

I had an half hour conversation this week with a lady who called as she wanted to rehome her staffie x urgently. He isn't good with dogs and has just attacked the next door neighbours dog. Second time; this time we have to pay the vet bill. Gradually the story emerged far from the initial story. At the end of the conversation I had teased out: Dogs living next door the other side of a wood panel fence, who were barky winded up merchants and they had been going at the fence, as had their dog. They had repaired 3 holes in the past. The dog had free access to the garden via a dog flap and when they all were at the fence NO ONE WAS HOME. So a young girl next door, had to intervene as they got at each other through the fence. "I can no longer trust him with my grandchildren". "I've thought long and hard about this". That is where we have to explain the situation as we see it, not simply people please. 'You may have thought long and hard about this, but you haven't thought it through and accepted any responsibility yourself. This is not your dog's fault. You have already repaired the fence 3 times and yet you leave your dog free reign in the garden, wound up by a pack of dogs at his fence. You have had your dog 3 years; you must have feelings for him. You don't 'get rid of your child because he has a fight with a boy next door. He is trusted around your grandchildren. He didn't attack anyone, he just got caught up in an unwinding situation which had he been properly supervised would not have occurred. It was a totally predictable situation that had happened before and you enabled it to happen again. You need to ideally replace your back door to avoid him attempting to break through the dog flap when you are out and he is bored. You need to make sure you and your neighbours talk this through and agree a routine where you are aware when both sets of dogs can enjoy their garden without interference. Please don't blame your dog. He should NOT lose his home and family over this. This is your wake up call. Many many dogs placed in this situation would have reacted the same. 95% of people would never leave their dogs unattended with flap access to their garden. What would you do if you came home to find your garden empty? Or reports your dog is out there howling and barking.

Dog Rescuers are blunt; We don't set off that way but your role has to be clear and you have to speak up for the dog. OR "poor you (victim) I wonder why he suddenly turned like that, he is clearly dangerous...I can't see any Rescue being able to rehome him". We have very little romance in our lives. We often feel like we are living in a war zone. We are direct, to the point and have to get to the nitty gritty. You have to be courageous and know how to sum up the conversation so the person appreciated you arent actually judging them just helping them to see it from the dog's point of view or alert to their needs. The easier path is to placate, appease and allow people to dump all responsibly and blame 'the dog'. Most people really appreciate us helping them to see what dog ownership is about ...RESPONSIBILITY. Only then do you learn about dog's behaviours and needs. Dogs don't think like humans & certainly don't process thoughts like adults.

An Opps week...3 dogs homed VS 1 dog returned from foster: 12 in...SAFE and already much loved.

Our Stats 2016: 106 dogs

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Rescue Remedies Diary December 2016 - March 2017

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Weekly Summary Week ending 12.03.17

Special Pictures Special Dogs
Harrison Ford by Faith
Amaising Maisie by Jeng
Scamp the caring by Tim
Leo our Scottish lion by 'mum'
Milo Brando by Pits
Winnie the winner by SarahK
Homings 6: Mitch SR 6 Digby RR 8 Leonie SR 10 Tessa & Lexi SR 10 Bronx SR 12

Homing picture of the week!
Digby became Tommy's sighted companion
Digby's new life

Sadly we lost Stella this week
Stella 2005- 2017
Stella's thread

Sadly many of our friends have passed recently as news comes to us with such sadness on Rainbow Bridge. All passed cherished

Into Permanent this week: Marcus SR
Temporary Foster: Fudge SR
Short Week: Arthur TR Gwilym RR Hank RR
Overnight: Jordon RR TimmyTim RR Lester TR Buddie SR
Return from Foster: Roxy SR

Intake 4: New 3: Oscar TR 6 PipSqueak TR 8 Fudge SR 9
Returns 1: Hetty SR 11

Comments: Sunday evenings is the time when we take stock and are always delighted to see who of our many friends are sofa surfing this very evening. We wish forever sofa's for all our dogs, even if its a day in a home to remind them they have a future or as pegmilly gave Ziggy, after a nearly a year in Rescue, a holiday by the seaside.
Ziggy ZZZZZZzzzzzzzzz
Ziggy on Holiday

Our Rescue is full of volunteers who are full of cheer, worrying about our friends and spending an extra 40 minutes to take an extra dog out to smell fresh air and rest their ears beyond the kennels: And behind are the treasure troves of the Rescue, the fosterers who stand by their dogs for as long at it takes giving our dogs the feel they have the security and love in which to grow. Then ready to hand over their treasured friend to their family so they can help and become that security blanket for another in need.

We need more fundraisers we are a Rescue very much focused on our dogs than on the bank this is what makes our Rescue very special. So if you can run a fundraiser for us we would really appreciate this so the kennel bills become less of a worry in supporting our many canine friends.

Our Stats 2017: 104 dogs


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