Rescue Remedies Diary December 2016 - March 2017

A behind the scenes look at our work
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Rescue Remedies Diary December 2016 - March 2017

Post by Rescue Remedies » Sun Dec 11, 2016 2:26 pm

Weekly Summary Week ending 11.12.16

Our Christmas Video...driving home for Christmas with the blessings given from Chris Rhea
Driving home for Christmas video
Our Fun - Raiser Thread to help our homeless dogs

Looking out for our special dogs at Christmas
Tessa & Lexi
Amaizing Maisie
Scarlett Catlett
Milo4 (1).jpg
Milo Playoh
Jordon walking on water (River Jordon?)
Buttons Buttoned up!
Homings 5: Lara RR 6 Wanda SR 8 Lily RR 8 Cracker TR 10 Cosmo AmB 11
Gone Reserved: Fifi SR Bonzo RR Malcolm TR Dougie SR

Homing picture of the week!
Ready to explore the Cosmos
Cosmo with Steve and Penny
Into Permanent this week:
Holiday: Malcolm TR
Temporary Foster: Dolly SR 2x Fifi SR Belle SR Maya RR
Short Week: Barley TR
Overnight: Trixie RR Basil SR Jordon RR
Return from Foster: Buddy SR Scarlett RR

Intake 9 New: 7 Tony SR 5 Billy SR 5 Tessa & Lexi SR 7 Simon SR 10 Dixie SR 10 Dazzle SR 10
Returned: 2 Jess & Mason SR

Comment: Thought I'd try and give you a feel of some of the aspects of a dog rescuers life. You are on a wheel which is ever spinning with
no chance to get off. You can only look to try and slow the spinning and that means to deny dogs the option of a life chance...because in your heart you think you are being selfish in trying to get the numbers down. Whenever you say yes you always think I will have to work smarter; harder; to ensure we can accommodate that dog's Rescue journey within the Rescue. A dog Rescuer's life is harsh...not for the feint-hearted. Living in a house with 9 (this week down to 8) dogs with a 3 way divide is stressful. You need to know every dog as each dog we have homed have issues and we were their last hope, apart from our foster dogs. We were not confident to pass them on, for theirsakes. (Except of Tootsie who Lorenzo wouldn't let me rehome!) We have been in situations where homers are going to put one of our dogs to sleep rather than pass them back. So yes we live with the biters or dogs that are too stressed to be walked outside.

Sunday evening is a time when I usually take stock but often I am so dog-tired I don't have it in me to write too many comments. I reflect on our week and appreciate a blur of motorways and always dogs in need and quests that have been & must be achieved. My life style is very much centred behind the wheel and on the computer. I am 'driven' and focused as I have always been in my life .

My main tasks are: Liaison ref dog intake and organisation of intake. Then the preparation for homing with assessment; veterinary care and finding the right kennel set up or foster situation to meet each dogs needs, which are emerging and involves movements between kennels to meet and promote each dogs scope. Always the worry of the dogs who are hidden in the rescue (Low profile) who don't enjoy the limelight. Always the worry that our websites reflect the beauty of our dogs and are up-to-date and inspiring. Downloadable lists are kept up-to-date weekly. Posters for download and putting up in car windows etc are updated monthly. My day is peppered with detailed conversations with Dianna going thru homing questionnaires and suggesting appropriateness of dogs. Logistics is my life: Where the family lives; where our dogs are placed and the planning of feasibility of meetings and time planning. Then building within the intricacies of the homing offer and levels of expectations appropriate to fall on our dog's back. The common phases or 'A big ask for this particular dog, or great that suits!' You always need 2 involved in every homing as you explore all aspects. Probably about out of 10 questionnaires 4 will focus into possible homings and 3 will probably becomes meetings and homings. The homing questionnaires which seem easy fits from the outset take the least time. We often spend half the week on 3 or 4 questionnaire/ families which come to nothing. People pull out last minute with either extraordinary reasons which usually means a member of the family has had a change of heart. Then all the background admin linked in with many volunteers who together we all make it happen

My meditations this week have been about barcodes let me attempt to explain! So someone who doesn't know about Barcodes will describe the goods, not even knowing the wisdom within the attached Barcode. The experienced person will recognise certain coding groups in the Barcode which informs, with factual certainty (e.g. what is the essence & instinctual traits of the breed type). The experts reads the Barcode and has the concept in a second of the individual. They grasp the essence of the individual and words aren't necessary nor terribly useful as often wouldn't give the fluidity of the character. The essence is sensed as a wine taster smells the 'notes'. A dog expert can read their breeds having handled thousands of those breeds. Sensitivities are alerted and behavioural traits feel natural, aligned or carry a certain feeling/ edge: Referenced to experiential basic traits. The expert picks up the body language, health tags and their hands lead them to sense out abnormalities. They instinctively know how to position a dog to be at ease and respectful approach and trust achievement.

Analogy of the Knitter: The knitter picks up the complex jumper and knows the gauge of needles; and additional specialist instruments used to achieve the intricate patterns; They know the makeup of the yarn with the reasoning as to why that yarn was chosen for the end use of the jumper/ purpose. They know what care regime will be needed. They sense the length of time taken to knit the garment i.e. whether it was knitted within a week or perhaps as a slow hobby garment placed down and restarted or even finished off by another knitter.

This is called 'reading' and a person who has been handling many many many dogs has that ingrained and maturing with more and more dogs they handle. Many of our 'seasoned' walkers have this and its developing all the time. We reference into familiar breed types and notice ourselves off-kilter when we meet a breed which isn't familiar to us. It feels like fluidity and it matures more and more. The more different types of dogs handled and you sense sensitives, and build up a repertoire. Some will study from books or tutorials but regardless it has to come through personal contact. Each person will have their own relationship which must be personal their own signature, which harmonises with the energies. Learn differing methods and instincts to manage, each 'connect' their reflexes in directing and reassuring through the lead becomes automatic. They can prime a dog to really explore their skills knowing how far to go and learning when their nerves prevented them really assessing the dog, or over confidence resulted in the dog becoming uncomfortable. A therapist breaks activities into achievable steps so success is felt and a person/ dog can choose when they are comfortable to stretch themselves to gain further competences. The ego needs to be checked continually and put aside..the glory goes to the one who takes the steps; not plans or temporarily holds hands/ paws or guides.

Picture here shows a typical day back from the kennels..this was a photo shoot and I come back with 4 posh homing harnesses covered in mud and 3 chewed leads and a chewed Harness.The assessment process sometime bears some costs!
Days work.jpg
Left for wash : Right Broken for bin
We now know icon_redface.gif icon_redface.gif a harness cant be left on Scruff and Simon & Dixie at the moment need Chain leads!

Thank you everyone, so many have really gone to the ends of the earth for our dogs this week somehow we have met their needs and somehow we have managed to home 4 longstay dogs Big Lily RR Lara RR Cracker TR & Cosmo RR ...and yes TimmyTim reserved! :goodjob.gif:

Our Stats 2016: 104 dogs

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Re: Rescue Remedies Diary December 2016 - February 2017

Post by xxlynne » Wed Dec 21, 2016 9:59 pm

Weekly Summary Week ending 18.12.16

Our Christmas Video...driving home for Christmas with the blessings given from Chris Rhea
Driving home for Christmas video
Our Fun - Raiser Thread to help our homeless dogs

Reddy for Christmas?
Homings 8: 7 Bonzo SR 13 Fifi SR 14 Malcolm TR 14 Jock TR 16 Angel Sasha SR 17 Scarlett RR 18 Angel SR 18
Retained by owner: Rupert RR

Homing picture of the week!

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Fostering Various (completing Diary 4 days late! on 21st)

Intake 6 New: 5 Alfie RR 12 Duncan TR 12 Mars TR 12 Jock TR 14 Sandy SR 16
Returned: 1 Boycie RR 12

Comment: Never good to try and write a diary 4 days late..! Life at the moment is a whirl 18 hour days but the outcomes are terrific. All I can say is
Thank you to everyone who has come forwards to take a homeless dog in for Christmas. You feel it from your heart how could we enjoy our Christmas knowing we could be giving a wonderful dog special times away from the cold wet lonely kennel. Brilliant Thank you you will have the bestest of Christmases and if you can not accommodate than please put in a special walk to give our dogs hope and company and deep love.

Our Stats 2016: 101 dogs

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Re: Rescue Remedies Diary December 2016 - February 2017

Post by xxlynne » Tue Dec 27, 2016 7:28 pm

Weekly Summary Week ending 25.12.16

Our Christmas Video...driving home for Christmas with the blessings given from Chris Rhea
Driving home for Christmas video
Our Fun - Raiser Thread to help our homeless dogs

Homings 2: Otis Amb 19 Leo SR 21

Fostering Various (completing Diary 2 days late! on 27th)

Intake New: Sheldon TR 21 Cody RR 21

Comment: Christmas Eve and awoke to find our router broken down! No internet connection until Thursday! and walking around to Muriel's to ask to access her computer my foot keeled over on a broken pavement and twisted my hip which put me on bedrest for 2 days and making a good recovery. Alas internet not restored : Very incapacitating not the hip the lack of internet. Secret Squirrel has set my phone up to receive my emails which is great. Should have done it along time ago but can not access all my PC files, photo systems etc. Hence a diary with little info on and no pictures.

14 of our dogs out in Christmas foster which we are so chuffed about. Thank you everyone.

Our Stats 2016: 101 dogs

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Re: Rescue Remedies Diary December 2016 - February 2017

Post by xxlynne » Sat Dec 31, 2016 9:24 pm

2016 What was the mood music of this year...the ever present threat to our boarding kennel base as we said goodbye to Godstone. We started up a contract with Wandsworth and Richmond councils and took in 19 dogs in 2016 from them including
Finch (1).JPG
Finch Maddox
Who would not have made it through another Rescue other than ours. It is a fact most of the dogs we help would have been in black bags had we not stepped forwards.

Rescued 305: (including 43 returns)
262 new intake
43 returns some after many years...we stand proud being there for our dogs for their life time

Our Dog Walkers: 282 dog walker applications this year 268 2015. Many have gone on to spread the word; some have acquired golden boots and some have even become fosterers or homed our gems.

Some of the special dogs we helped this year
Bolly (3).jpg
Bolly Carol Dog fighter prosecuted
Marian severe neglect
Missy servere neglect druggie owners
Homings 323
29 since came back, often to be rehomed again. We stand there by our dogs taking then back whatever the circumstance but often ask our families to hold for 2 weeks as we have to honour our commitments and are after all savings dogs from the pounds who at anyone time need that kennel space more than them, most families understand the work we do.
Retained in own home: 8 dogs on our books were then retained or rehomed by their owners.
Deceased 6 dogs 5 due to old age or physical illness and 1 from extreme unresolveable behavioural issues

Breed types Homed:
Staffies 158 many with cats
Pinkie& Frankie
Toby (4).jpg
Terriers 89
Muffin (3).jpg
Rescue Remedies Allbreeds 82 including
Crossbreeds 12
Lizzie 48.jpg
Lizzie Crossbreed
Mastiff x 11
Maria (7).JPG
Small pedigrees (most elderly) 11
SashaPepi1 (2).jpg
Sasha Pepi
AmBulls 11
Shelley (13).jpg
Churchy & SarahW
Rotties 8
Lurchers 6
Tigger (1).jpg
Shar Peis 4
Staffiex 4
Cathy (3).jpg
Boxer x
Stanley (20).jpg
Merlin53 (2).JPG
Collies 3
Bubba (2).jpg
Spaniels 3
News came in and we lost many friends as their time came to cross over the Bridge. 6 of them still within our care 5 through old age and related severe illnesses and 1 with great love we offered Peace due to severe behavioural issues

Our foster families have stood firmly by our dog, some continue to commit a dog throughout the year and readily accept the next dog as one is homed. Our fosterers support their dogs without payment and often simply hinged into our Forum giving timely updates and show how our dogs are flourishing in their care. At the end of January 28 places and in Dec 2016 36 places with with 10 Xmas foster places still in situ. Many of our fosterers have decided to offer their foster dogs security for life and we have always celebrated each 'failed homing' as we welcome a family into the heart of the Rescue. We continue to major in welcoming weekend foster places and ask for consistency to champion a dog whilst they wait eagerly for their forever families.

Length of time in Rescue:
We are not proud that many of our dogs wait far too long for their true families to come along but we do stand by our dogs and never try to lay the blame on them or off load our dogs to other Rescues. 39 longstay dogs who waited longer than a year were homed in 2016. And tonight we have 33 waiting who have been in our care over a year

Homing of the Year
Nessa and Steve Joint Homing of the Year
Zola Joint Homing of the Year
Kennelling Numbers: We have reduced our use of kennels significantly over the year: A trend we will continue into 2017. Last year this week we were holding 83 in kennels and tonight 53. Our numbers have reduced significantly also with 123 our books looking for homes on the 31st of Dec 2015...tonight we have 96

We all feel the pleasure in being able to offer finance and physical time and care to our dogs. Our Team is almighty and we constantly get comments on the magical power of our dog's threads on the Forum that make our homers come and all ow us to match them with their next dog. We had our dogs go to Canada; Belgium; Aberdeen; NW Wales; Cornwall. One of our dog's families moved to Australia and took our dog Skye.

At the helm COLLECTIVELY it is tough and despite this stress level, which is instigated by our compassion and passion for our dogs...we strive and we survive due to your generosity of financial support and kindness. Thank you everyone...we are so proud of each other and especially SO PROUD of each one our dogs as they learn to walk tall

Lets pray for 6 of our Long Stays tonight and raise a glass at midnight for them sat in their kennels
and never least Shadow
Sincerest gratitude to all and thank you for seeing through my lack of time and stress and continuing to focus as we do on supporting our dogs. Together we are MAGIC
2016 Dogs Monthly

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Re: Rescue Remedies Diary December 2016 - February 2017

Post by xxlynne » Sun Jan 01, 2017 11:27 pm

Rescue Remedies Diary of the Month for December 2016

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Our Dogs of the Month for January 17 Each one really deserves a chance

Rescue Remedies
Pablo RR's thread

Clover's Thread

Mandy's Thread

Fredds' Thread

Max's Thread

December 16
Intake/ Dogs saved : 25 23 + 2 Returns
Terrierrescue 7:Scruff TR 3 Duncan TR 12 Mars TR 12 Jock TR 14 Sheldon TR 21 Pumpkin TR 30 Peanut TR 30

Rescueremedies 6: 4 Max RR 1 Alfie RR 12 Cody RR 21 Kira RR 30
Returns : 2 Scarlett RR 12 Boycie RR 12

Staffierescue 14 : 12 Jess SR 1 + 9 Mason SR 1 + 9 Angel (Sasha) SR 3 Billy SR 5 Tony SR 5 Tessa SR 7 Lexi SR 7 Simon SR 10 Dixie SR 10 Dazzle SR 10 Sandy SR 16 Kenzie SR 29
Returns : 2 Jess SR Mason SR

Dogs homed: 32 + 1
Terrierrescue 10: Tommy TR 3 Freddie TR 3 Charlie TR 3 Feynman Troy TR 4 Teddy TR 4 Shona TR 4 Cracker TR 10 Malcolm TR 14 Jock TR 16 Scruff TR 26

Rescueremedies 10: Autumn RR 4 Lara RR 6 Lily RR 8 Cosmo AmB 11 Scarlett RR 18 Otis AmB 19 Churchill AmB 27 Cody RR 30 Kira RR 31 Eliah RR 31
Retained by Owner: Rupert RR

Staffierescue 12: Harold SR 2 Marian SR 2 Poppy SR 3 Jess SR 4 Mason SR 4 Wanda SR 8 Bonzo SR 13 Fifi SR 14 Angel Sasha SR 17 Angel SR 18 Leo SR 21 Belle SR 30

Celebrating our HOMED Longstay Dogs in December:

Longer than 6 months
Marian's Thread
Autumn's Thread
Leo's Thread

Longer than a year
Churchy's Thread
Lara's Thread
Freddie's Thread
Lily's Thread
Cosmo's Thread
Eliah (7).jpg
Eliah's Thread

Longer than a year though just over 6 months with us
Cracker's Thread

Comment: End of a month: End of a Fabulous Year. Dog Rescue is all about the joy of saying goodbye to great friends. Its about holding out your arms and catching new friends as they are thrown out as worthless, then discovering their outstanding beauty and dazzling soul qualities. We are very blessed to be involved and available to offer our time and wealth to help homeless dogs who without us would be dead. Dog Rescue OUR RESCUE often feels to have Phoenix qualities which is true healing and remarkable therapeutic gifts. Our dogs are our teachers and you see how as volunteers we become attuned, sense the needs and offer forgiveness in our heart, equipping themselves to apply balm to needy souls.

Yesterday the Year's Diary completed Today the month's Tomorrow the weeks!

Longstay statistics

Dogs Monthly

96 on our books Dogs Weekly our Rescue's Stats updated everyday

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Re: Rescue Remedies Diary December 2016 - February 2017

Post by xxlynne » Mon Jan 02, 2017 8:41 pm

Weekly Summary Week ending 01.01.17

Our Christmas Video...driving home for Christmas with the blessings given from Chris Rhea
Driving home for Christmas video

HEY what a fantastic outcome Click Here Thanks to everyone who organised and participated and gifted to our lovely dogs. Many of the names are very well known Every penny helps and is spent with due diligence

A few special pictures
Maisie and Sarah

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Benny & The Boyz Blended & Camouflaged
Duncan relaxing over Chrismas
Rosemerry happy in comfort
Queenie in foster in love
Its that time of year when our families are checking in with us and updating their dog's thread on the Forum and on our Facebooks so we are all very happy to remember close friends and toast their health.

Homings 6: Scruff TR 26 Churchill AmB 27 Belle SR 30 Cody RR 30 Eliah RR 31 Kira RR 31
Gone Reserved: Tony SR & Maya RR

Homing picture of the week!
Churchy where he belongs
Into Permanent this week:
Christmas Holiday: Many in Xmas foster Many just returning

Intake 5 New: 4 Kenzie SR 29 Kira RR 30 Peanut & Pumpkin TR 30
Returned: 1 Scarlett RR 29

Rusty wishes everyone a Happy New Year
Our Stats 2016: 96 dogs

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Re: Rescue Remedies Diary December 2016 - February 2017

Post by xxlynne » Sun Jan 08, 2017 11:47 pm

Weekly Summary Week ending 08.01.17

With Mandy's Homing TimmyTim becomes

Our AmBull of the Month for January
TimmyTim's Thread

A few special pictures

Homings 12: Toby SR 2 Megan RR 3 Betty & Rick TR 7 Elsa RR 7 Buster SR 7 Diesel SR 7 Dougie SR 7 Rowan SR 7 Mandy AmB 8 Kenzie SR 8 Dolly RR 8
Trial adoption : Dolly SR
Gone Reserved: (Annie TR ) Milo RR Maggie TR Sheldon TR

Homing picture of the week!
Megan our big baby!
Into Permanent this week: Duncan TR Sidney SR Biscuit TR
Temporary Foster:
Short Week: Maisie SR Sandy SR TimmyTim RR Gwilym RR Tansy RR
Overnight: Jordon RR
Return from Foster: Dougie SR Duncan TR Scarlett RR +

Intake 11 New: 11 Leonie SR 3 Skye AmB 3 Dolly RR 4 Olive RR 4 Diesel SR 5 Biscuit TR 5 Huey SR 5 Kevin TR 6 Precious SR 6 Sherry SR 6 Kiki TR 6

Comments: We only get a glimpse of our dogs formers lives but its as much as we can stomach. Sherry was abandoned 5 days before Christmas which is a total indictment of our food banks; trolleys in A&E corridors; closed borders & hearts to refuges who find themselves fleeing from hell/ LACK OF HUMANITY. No one was enjoying the rich golden beauty of our Sherry over the Christmas break except the kennel staff in the pound who must have tried to console her and pray she got a Rescue place. So when her picture was there and we were preparing for the homings this weekend we asked the transporter of Kiki & Kevin if they could pick up a hitch hiker and bring her into safety. She has a totally rotten canine which must be causing her pain...Sherry you already know we are all there for you and 2017 is going to be your year! Duncan's luck has picked up with a wonderful family despite he has tumours which our vet will be operating on this week. How wonderful for a family to put aside their concern and pain and involve themselves because they love and they care. It is like homings: There are homings which are all about the people and what they want and yes they are great for rescuing ...but then there are those who it is all about the dog their needs, and those families are mentally already accommodating and adjusting to ensure they are going to be there for that dog. They have low expectations; They are glass half full people: We look for respect and understanding of the realities of Rescue ITS NOT RETAIL though when our dogs learn to wag their tails again with love and gratitude it could be termed re-tail!

11 in: 12 out and 1 trial adoption and 3 other good families met some of our dogs and it just wasn't the best fit and we hope those families will be able to select the right dog with us as we both get to know each other better.

So yes January is our mad month and people are a little affronted by our inability to inform and reply in length but our shoulder is to the bar and the going is fast and furious, but the outcomes are mesmerising and just reward for all our volunteers devoted service to our special dogs. Thank you for being an essential part of our Rescue work. This week has been truly thrilling

Our Stats 2016: 99 dogs

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Re: Rescue Remedies Diary December 2016 - February 2017

Post by xxlynne » Sun Jan 15, 2017 8:48 pm

Weekly Summary Week ending 15.01.17

A few special pictures
Buttons2 (1).jpg
Homings 5: Kiki TR 11 Chloe TR 14 Archie Sheldon TR 14 Annie TR 14 Milo RR 15
Trial adoption 2: Rusty RR Mason SR
Gone Reserved:

Homing picture of the week!
Chloe and Nicola
Into Permanent this week: Shadow RR Kevin TR Dolly SR Jock TR
Temporary Foster: Sherry SR
Short Week: Sandy SR Trixie RR Olive RR Annie TR Hank RR Rosemerry SR Basil TR
Overnight: Frankie RR Jordon RR Shadow RR Betzy SR
Return from Foster:

Intake 10 New: 9 Annie TR 9 Scamp TR 10 Budds SR 10 Beau SR 11 Buddie SR 12 Hector SR 13 Ava TR 15 Zebedee RR 15 Jake TR 15
Return: 1 Jock TR 12

Comments: The feeling is who turned the tap on .... trying to find it to slow down the flow...10 dogs in this week 11 dogs in last week

We are desperate to get our kennel use down but 6 already planned to come in next week..As you can imagine to plan and process so many new dogs is very demanding, with homings naturally our top focus. 2017 :smiley-signs002.gif: :yes.gif: .... our work is in full flow

Our Stats 2016: 104 dogs

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Re: Rescue Remedies Diary December 2016 - February 2017

Post by xxlynne » Sun Jan 22, 2017 9:54 pm

Weekly Summary Week ending 22.01.17

A few special pictures
Tedds by Yves
Shadow by Bettypinches
Charlie by Faysies
Sebby by meganraex
Lester by pits (Johan)
Kyla by John
AnnMarie by SarahK
Homings 7: Maggie SR 19 Alfie RR 20 Rolo RR 20 Zebedee RR 21 Harvey (Hector) RR 21 Jess SR 22 Pippin SR 22
Cat Homings 1: Arthur CaT
Gone Reserved:

Homing picture of the week!
Alfie and Jess his new companion
Into Permanent Foster this week: Rowan SR
Temporary Foster: Sherry SR Scarlett RR Ava TR
Short Week: Olive RR Rosemerry SR AnnMarie SR
Overnight: Scamp TR Frankie RR Jordon RR Trixie RR TimmyTim SR
Return from Foster:

Intake 7 New: 6 Aaron SR 19 AnnMarie SR 19 Mungo SR 19 Zarla & Duke RR 21 Lester TR 21
Return: 1 Rowan SR 21

Comments: Feline Groovy... we homed King Arthur this week as a Magic crescendo to our cat project, with all our other cats being boostered, flea treated and wormed...and into Cat Rescue. Jackie the one eyed cat is homed with Sharon one of the cat rescuers herself in with her 10+.

We homed 2 of our long stay Rolo came into us on the 15th Feb 2015 and Pippin was found tied up in freezing weather in January 15 and actually came into our care April 2016. Both really struggled in kennels but came through... one of our most notable Motto's is "for long as it takes" to find your forever family.

Our focus as a Rescue will always be successful homings. It has to be our motivation and our drive and everything else follows. I always say to families as I am doing a homing "you put money in a Rescuer's hands and you are asking them to do it again. You put money in a Breeder's hands and you are asking them to do it again". I learnt this from an architect housemate in Edinburgh who shared with me "Money is energy" where you place it, you are voting for that You have to take that responsibility for where your money /energy goes. I also recognise the type of energy that comes with investment and money is key. Money must carry humility, honesty and goodwill if not it is better not to be tainted by it.

All our thanks as ever to Dianna who diligently vets our new homing offers and ensures they are rock solid to support our dogs in their futures. She gets a lot of flack from people who don't understand how carefully we have to match our dogs. They don't understand how we work out of boarding kennels and on a shoe string where every penny is valued and the logistics involved in achieving a homing. The homes that DON'T comes about, take up as much of her time, as the ones that do. We celebrate the families who do recognise and respect our experience, they are the ones who are matched to their perfect dogs.

We are in the heart of winter with frost on the ground all day...thank you to all our walkers who truly care and come to give our dogs good times and fall in love with them as a consequence. Support us in anyway you can, a one off donation or a regular donation via a standing order really helps, especially our long stay dogs. To hold a dog in kennelling for a year costs £3000.

If you haven't yet set up a standing order PLEASE do and thank you to all those who have you are truly supportering our dogs

Our Stats 2016: 103 dogs

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Re: Rescue Remedies Diary December 2016 - February 2017

Post by xxlynne » Tue Jan 31, 2017 8:42 am

Weekly Summary Week ending 29.01.17

A few special pictures
Hank Handsome
Hooch Pooch
Hugo Hugso
Heidi Hoo
Homings 9: Misty SR 25 Duncan TR 25 Billy SR 26 Buddie SR 26 Max RR 28 Annie AnnMarie SR 28 Mason SR 28 Beanie SR 29 Bear (Beau) SR 29
Gone Reserved:

Homing picture of the week!
Annie AnnMarie lighting journey thru Rescue
Fostering (May leave a few out in haste sorry)
Into Permanent Foster this week: Milo SR Tessa & Lexi SR
Temporary Foster: Jethro RR
Short Week: Arthur TR Barley TR Rosemerry SR Basil TR
Overnight: Jordon RR Trixie RR TimmyTim SR
Return from Foster:

Intake 7 New: 4 Harvey TR 24 Buster RR 25 Effy SR 28 Jake SR 28
Returns: 3 Hector SR 24 Sheldon TR 25 Maggie TR 25

Comments: Opening our hearts to our doggie friends who SO need us is the theme of our Service and also making sure families select their canine friend to match their expectations and are helped to step up to the plate in the responsibility a rock solid commitment means. Very early on my Dog Rescuer career I learnt the lesson to ensure we get it right for our dogs. They have already been let down often many times...the forever home has to match their now needs. Our dogs can't have very little say in what predicament they find themselves in the past and in the future. We need our families to step forwards within the world of realism. To understand what life style shifts are within their capacity and what are related to their comfort zone. The classic wrong footing many families make is 'go and get a puppy' . When we suggest a young dog 9-16 months old they will say they are not up to the demands...but yes they can manage a 3-5 month puppy. Well we have news for them that 9-16 month old dog is only 6 months away as their soft toy pup emerges into a faithful joyful and exuberant companion. People are much better to take in an adult dog and work with 1 or 2 areas and help bring a dog through and open them out to the opportunities a committed loving family offers. If people aren't prepared to make adjustments and work through tolerances as all adjust to harmonise a new family member than sorry we don't have magic 'shoe in dogs'. Every dog deserves a chance to shine.

Our gratitude to all our volunteers and supports who are committed to our friends and offer them self-belief, they have travelled a very long and rugged road to arrive in our care and they visibly begin to relax with our honesty and acceptance as they find their lost puppy selves and catch up in areas thought lost.

If you haven't yet set up a standing order PLEASE do and thank you to all those who have you are truly supportering our dogs

Our Stats 2016: 102 dogs


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