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Re: Rescue Remedies Diary September 2016 - November 2016

Post by xxlynne » Sun Oct 23, 2016 9:40 pm

Weekly Summary Week ending 23.10.16

5 special girls
5 superb Boys
Homings 4: Ruby (Pru) SR 19 Maxx SR 20 Nala SR 22 Teddy SR 23
Retained by family Billy Kelpie
Gone Reserved this week 0:

Homing picture of the week!
Rubypru with Tom taken by Karen
Into Permanent Foster this week:
Into Temporary Foster: Scarlett RR Maisie SR
Into Holiday: Rolo RR
Short Week: Gwilym RR Queenie RR Betzy SR Hank RR Arthur TR Rosemerry SR
Overnight: Lara RR Cracker TR Basil TR Nala SR
Return from Foster: Shadow RR

Intake 9 New 9: Gypsy AmB 18 Buster SR 20 Patch SR 20 Fredds TR 22 LouLou TR 22 Candy TR 22 Charlie RR 22 Beany SR 22 Dave SR 22
Returns 0:

Comment: Remember we not only have the BESTEST dogs we also have the BESTEST volunteers. ITS TRULY AMAZING WHAT WE ACHIEVE AS A TOTALLY VOLUNTEER ORGANISATION. We all respect each others contribution and sincerity of purpose

We all learn from our dogs..we love them and watch them grow in stature and confidence and others watch them too. We don't assess them in the vein to label them...we truly want to understand their needs and then develop ways of providing for each one. We accept they havent had perfect lives and their characters can reflect this but they are whole and to us they are perfect exactly as they are. We have little interest in our dogs walking to heel; begging for food; keenly focusing on treats or clicks as if wooden robotons. Our approach is about gentle gestures; affirming touch, emotional nurture, respect. Deep faith in their being and their right to life. Our touch of love is naturally healing and their surrender to it builds the trust bond with humans in general as they continue on their journey. Our voluntary work is never about us its is always about our dogs. Each volunteers comes to meet friends and to form new friendships and to celebrate particularly on Sunday night the Goodgirls; Goodboys and Goodbyes.

Always the hellos and we are always being drawn to help the next and the next. This week we took 6 from Wales because they were under incredible pressure, Charlie and Beany have sat waiting for a Rescue place for over a year... we can now get on preparing them for their deserved families and all 6 Welsh kennels will have pound dogs arriving on Monday ..6 lives saved and 6 dogs with opportunities opening before them and the love pouring in. Come and join us and help our dogs to walk tall.

Our Stats 2016: 98 dogs

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Re: Rescue Remedies Diary September 2016 - November 2016

Post by xxlynne » Fri Oct 28, 2016 8:29 pm


There is so much pressure at the moment to save dogs lives ... We make no apology for our love of dogs and our bleeding hearts raising the tempo to get a sense of urgency out there that dogs need our help. Millions in Britain lead comfortable lives whilst dogs sit trembling in wet winter kennels kept warm with coats and human care. Our families see their dog, read their thread and cancel their holiday to be there for them. Our families travel to wherever their dog is and cant wait...leaving home 4 am to be there and meet us when the kennels open. Our families stand by their dog as they learn and harmonise with their new life style. Our families open their hearts and find we have suggested a dog they would never have thought of but on meeting appreciate 'They are the very best!'

If applicants don't show respect for our time, our advice on safety and readiness to put themselves out...we conclude their dog just isn't their priority. We treat the application as with a job application in fact its more important as we are entrusting you with our dog's life. How often we have called following receiving a Homing Questionnaire for key members in the family are anti getting a dog; treat us like cold callers or tell us they have got another dog 2 hours after filling in a form!

In Rescue Remedies we use the 7 day rule: If you arent ready to home a dog in the next 7 days don't apply. Its a concept many people don't seem to grasp, but if you are passionate about dogs and understand anything about the stress in Rescue it makes total sense. Some say even when having completed our Homing Questionnaire committing to 7 days, they are in no hurry. They say they would prefer to come and look at the dogs several times before they commit. We home hopefully 7 dogs a week..we can not talk to families about dogs with the view of homing in 3 weeks time. Each dog has a thread and you can read about them but if you are not ready maybe someone else is. In our book we hope all our dogs, each & everyone are homed by the end of the week. We work at pace to move heaven and earth to get our dogs in cosy inclusive homes.

So our model is geared to finding our dogs their the awareness we usually have 7 dogs on deathrow we are concerned about, hoping to save as a result of our successful homings. We aim to home 7 dogs a week...which allows us to save 7.

We do not own our premises with an open door with 7 paid staff on duty ready to provide reception & show round time. This so isn't us; no one receives a salary and we are mostly people that hold down jobs, family responsibilities and offer to our rescue regularly, in a sense of community caring. Our dogs teach us a great deal and we respect each one's role.

We hire kennels from boarding businesses who kindly allow our volunteers to come in and walk our dogs and myself to bring dogs in often in disgusting states not yet vaccinated..and they allow us to neuter our dogs and provide them with the care to help them recover.

We have volunteers who have carved themselves a role that suits their skills and life style and contribute to support us. We have volunteers who set up standing orders because they believe in our service. We are all volunteers and we are all passionate about our dogs.

BECAUSE our Rescue centre is our websites, we understand people often don't fully think through the aspects of taking on a new dog. Our homing questionnaire talks you through all the considerations. Many people place their dreams over a dogs photo. Our homing qu is the first stage of enquiry. If a person has gone through all the questions we ask, we know they are mentally prepared for dog ownership and we can then advise them. Our dogs do not sit on a shop shelf to be pulled off and purchased. We analysis people's expectations of their next dog, their comfort zone, their tolerances and attitude towards dog ownership. We then will match dogs that may suit. We have to get it right for both dog and family.

We make no apologies for guiding the process. Our volunteers understand the complexities involved in matching a family to a dogs needs and leave this to the volunteers with that expertise.

As a Charity we do not play the blame game. We need to hear that a family is sincere, ardent in their search and ready to take ownership of the responsibility involved in standing by a dog, who's last family so didn't. If you are not ready to apply your mind then you are not ready to apply for one of our dogs. Watch on and see others homing their precious family members, until you are ready.

For the next week I am focusing on a dog a day to cry out for help to find our dogs their rightful families. Each dog needs their home more than the next...I often cry observing the plight of our dogs, how hopeless it feels in our ardour to find their families. Many think they can write a sentimental comment and a family drops out of the sky doesnt happen like that. Worthy Rescue minded families are like hens teeth. We don't lose hope, and we don't have favourites, we love each K9 friend and wish them everything they never had and so deserve. :icon_barking_dog-116.gif:

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Re: Rescue Remedies Diary September 2016 - November 2016

Post by xxlynne » Fri Oct 28, 2016 11:39 pm

Magnificent 7... featuring one dog a day TODAY we focus on Trixielious

The sound music comes to mind

How do you solve a problem like Maria?
How do you catch a cloud and pin it down?
How do you find the word that means Maria?
A flibbertijibbet! A will-o'-the wisp! A clown!

Many a thing you know you'd like to tell her
Many a thing she ought to understand
But how do you make her stay and listen to all you say
How do you keep a wave upon the sand?

Oh, how do you solve a problem like Maria?
How do you hold a moonbeam in your hand?
Wanna laugh
So a frightened little Trixie evaded capture in Brighton area for 2 days...and eventually her finder secured her and handed her into the council. She was nearly homed by the pound to join another dog but alas they decided to stick with one dog. Trixie waited around 4 months for a rescue place...she used to exercise with another dog in paddock sessions. Trixie is a beautiful Staffie x ?Collie. Very attractive and she meets everyone in her kennel very well: Visitors are always welcome. Trixie finds kennel life a struggle and is quite active in her kennel. We homed her briefly to novice dog owners and they noticed something that just wasn't evident in kennels: In public and with visitors to the home she could get nervous. In meeting strangers she needed a confidence-giving measured regime to relax her on introductions. She will come forwards and air snap and on 2 occasions nip if really concerned.
Trixie needs reassurance in public, kept moving and her handler to be aware if she looks concerned. Trixie can be on edge with some dogs also. Trixie went to other kennels for 5 months as her confidence was becoming affected by prolonged kennelling and she share in with the pound pack and shared a kennel with Lara another long stay dog. We bought her back over to Guildford so we could keep her exposed to public walks so she could learn to settle and feel safe. Trixie occasion weekends out which are tremendous support in sustaining her out for weekends. We need to keep Trixie moving forwards and needs a confident caring family without children, to support her and recognise she as some inner nerves still present and only with the faith of her family can she shed her protective layer and open her heart and trust the stranger.

Trixie write up for new walkers:
Trixie is a super intelligent girl and adores any kind of training. She builds good relationships with other dogs but has become very reactive again to unknown dogs out and about – ensure LOTS of space around dogs. This should not be an issue because her “sit and look at me” is faultless. Walks perfectly to heel but given a longer lead she wants to run about a bit. She rolls around hilariously and is very playful. Worried by some strangers so no unsupported interaction with the public please.
Trixie has spent over half her life in kennels she is now about 4 years old and is a wonderful girl who just needs her family of her own. A sweet soul who has had some frightening encounters in her early youth but is now coming thru and learning to build trust and acceptance.

Trixie's thread

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Re: Rescue Remedies Diary September 2016 - November 2016

Post by xxlynne » Sat Oct 29, 2016 5:41 pm

Magnificent 7 our next precious pup...Marvelous Marley
Marley has a sad story known to have had at least 2 homes before arriving at the council pound. Marley is a stunner and retains his baby face with his soft mournful eyes now is 3 years old. But what a tragic life...we are hopeful we will eventually turn this around into a magic life
Marley carries frustrated energy built up over 2 years of kennelling and perhaps from a stark early life. One thing that is so common with our dogs they have had neglectful at least backgrounds if not abusive. Marley is depressed in kennels so actually he isn't over stressed just closed down. He walks well loves his walks and especially loves water. The problem he has is, if his energy is raised he can get in a zone and grab clothes and holds on ragging. Marley needs a quiet life where he can comes to terms with perimeter of living a normal life and learn how to expand his energy; exploit it; dissipate lessen its intensity. Marley needs to embrace scope again as looking through his thread he seems to have 'frozen down' in Rescue and lost hope and scope. Marley has very low self confidence despite all we offer ... we wish, we so wish Marley's lot and luck will change
Special boy needs a understand family or special person who understands to avoid him getting into intense excitement zone which may have been taught through tug-of-war type games which tunes intensity. Meanwhile we will continue to review what we offer Marley and introduce change and scope to help him whilst he waits... helping him to dissipate his energy and gain more from every day.
Marley's Threads

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Re: Rescue Remedies Diary September 2016 - November 2016

Post by xxlynne » Sun Oct 30, 2016 10:03 am

Our magnificent 7 yes we are focusing on our long termers who seem stuck, with never a suitable family to haul them out of the soup of Kennelling

Terrific Tim ...Timothy ... Tiny Tears... TT... TimmyTim to friends
I smile for YOU
Here I go again tragic past... TimmyTim arrived in the pound found tied up Christmas day 2011 covered in bite marks and extremely thin and terrified. He was very destructive as though his anxiety was viszerale for him. % months later we were approach as the Rescue who could be trusted with his care and safety and fast forwards TimmyTim is mixed with his friends, in Broxbourne shares a kennel and lounges around on beds and interests himself with the day to day of Adam's activities.
I love you Margaret
Gentle sensitive soul whose love of life has emerged within the caring environment he has witnessed through Rescue friends who are there for him. TimmyTim seems to have left his past behind and is fun loving social and positive. The only way he carries him past is if a stranger reaches out over his head or touches towards his collar without his conscious awareness approval. He messages well and air snaps if that person doesn't listen. This does mean he can not be homed with children and visiting children would need to build a relationship of trust and be older enough to understand and remember TimmyTim's concerns: Non evident with those he knows cares for him and has a loving relationship bond but this is what delays his homing, we have to be responsible to home him with understanding family: Past is past but in awareness he would need to really settle and not be tested with intrusive overtures which could resurface his concerns.
I laugh a lot

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Meanwhile TimmyTim is everyone's friend and enjoys the company of all

Today we have moved his thread over to Staffierescue to try and increase his exposure...TimmyTim is soooo ready for his family and we so want him to be homed before Christmas day which will be the 5 year mark. We homed Cassie our other longest stay months before her 5 year Rescue lets get to it! We need a grounded family with or without another dog but one that can ride TimmyTim finding his way in a home setting. His housetraining is there he just needs reassurance and caring to successfully become an exquisite family addition.
TimmyTim's Thread

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Re: Rescue Remedies Diary September 2016 - November 2016

Post by xxlynne » Sun Oct 30, 2016 7:48 pm

Weekly Summary Week ending 30.10.16

Special Pictures
Relax & read the Sunday papers (Poppet)
Consider yourself ambushed by Buttons
Maisie Laptop Superior!
Plea from the heart Vinnie
Tongue in cheek Cheekie boy Heathcliff
Dougie came into our care
Homings 4: Gus TR 27 Sonny SR 28 Gypsy Amb 30 Stardust RR 30

Homing picture of the week!
Gus & Stanley (Love Gus's twinkling eye)
Into Permanent this week:
Temporary Foster: Rolo RR Scarlett RR Nancy SR
Short Week: Shadow RR Arthur TR Buddy SR Maisie SR Maisie SR
Overnight: Gus TR Lara RR Heidi SR Jordon RR Trixie RR
Return from Foster: Barley TR

Intake 5 New 4: Dougie SR 25 Eros RR 26 Poppet RR 26 Belle SR (Virgil RR 26 for Vigil)
Returns 1: Keita SR 26

Comment: Stand back and admire the wheels of the Rescue... the glorious splendor of our volunteers to bring to our dogs, the very best of caring and know how. It can feel like a hive of golden Bees making precious honey.

We: Promise, prepare, present, promote and provide permanence. Perfect we do.

Whilst homings have been hard graft with lots of disappointment this week yet as always glorious outcomes for some of our specials ..other aspects of our Rescue seems to be spinning gold. Despite the damp cold clime our dogs have received such special input....humbling to witness within the Rescue and how marvelous it must seem to the public looking in.

Our Stats 2016: 100 dogs

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Re: Rescue Remedies Diary September 2016 - November 2016

Post by xxlynne » Mon Oct 31, 2016 9:07 am

Magnificent 7 continues No. 4 with a theme of shadows on Halloween... Ghosts and Ghouls

a tall man locked away in a concrete dungeon...dressed in black waiting and thinking of YOU
Creepy and crawley coming for you and when he has you consider yourself trapped,
He has a thirst for bones
Those jaws....
He is coming to get you....
You're not safe in your bed
Artful in devil disguises
Shadow Cheese.jpg
Trick or Treat?
No terrain deters him
Master of the underworld
or perhaps could YOU be the one who comes to save him
Shadow always has the last laugh
In the Shadows, he lies closeby searching waiting no stone unturned

Shadow is dangerous
He steals hearts and minds forever.....
We search for his saviours to surrender him from the shadows into the light...
In need of a forever sofa near you
Shadow's cobweb

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Re: Rescue Remedies Diary September 2016 - November 2016

Post by xxlynne » Mon Oct 31, 2016 9:36 pm

Rescue Remedies Diary of the Month for October 2016

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Our Dogs of the Month for November 16 Each one really deserves a chance

Rescue Remedies
Missie (3).jpg
Missie RR's thread

TimmyTim's Thread

Cosmo's Thread

Max's Thread

Freddie's Thread

October 16
Intake/ Dogs saved : 25 + 2 Returns
Terrierrescue 5: Tilly TR 4 Gus TR 15 Elton TR 15 Candy TR 22 LuLu TR 22

Rescueremedies 8: +2 (+1) Gwilym RR 1 Coco RR 6 Scarlett RR 6 Rupert RR 16 Gypsy AmB 18 Charlie AmB 22 Eros RR 26 Poppet RR 26 + 1 GSD Virgil RR passed on to GSD rescue Vigil for full assessment & homing
Returns: Eliah RR 8 Keita RR 26

Staffierescue 12 : Nala SR 3 Lexi SR 8 Barney Arnie SR 13 Codi SR 13 Buster SR 14 Misty SR 15 Buster & Patch SR 20 Beany SR 22 Dave SR 22 Dougie SR 2 Belle SR 29

Dogs homed: 23
Terrierrescue 4: Patch TR 1 Jenny TR 8 Coco TR 8 Gus TR 27

Rescueremedies 5: Miko RR 2 Boycie RR 7 Coco RR 15 Gypsy Amb 30 Dusty Stardust RR 30

Staffierescue 14: Lottie Maggie SR 7 Dr Pepper SR 8 Peggy SR 8 Gerry SR 9 Barney SR 14 Dustin SR 15 HollyMay SR 16 Lacey Shirley SR 16 Ruby (Pru) SR 19 Maxx SR 20 Nala SR 22 Teddy SR 23 Sonny SR 28 Camilla SR 31

Celebrating our HOMED Longstay Dogs in October:

Longer than 6 months
Hollymay & Family
Longer than a year
Dustin delighted to be home
Dusty (Stardust)
Maxx & Family
Miko & Family
Ruby pru Tom taken by Karen
Teddy in his houseboat
Comment: October was a wonderful month were we saw so many of our close friends settle at last into their families. We met many wonderful families this month and it makes the heart sing and always the feeling they are joining our family in helping and serving our dogs.

We as a team of willing peeps, learn so much from each one of our dogs, they are our teachers and we their stable anchors. Our heart swells with love as we think of 7 of our long stay dogs settled.
Longstay statistics
Dogs Monthly

99 on our books Dogs Weekly our Rescue's Stats updated everyday

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Re: Rescue Remedies Diary September 2016 - November 2016

Post by xxlynne » Tue Nov 01, 2016 10:41 am

Our Maginificent 7 ...and we present to you No 5 and how do you choose...but choose we must and the dog of our choice has to be Little Basil
June 2013..we welcomed Basil into our care from another Rescue after he had proven a little too 'sharp' for their unterrier aware foster. Basil needs very terrier aware caring people. Terrier people are not 'hard nosed' they are sensitive, forgiving and will always except the blame on their shoulders, they are more managers than trainers and they learn to manage their terrier friends with an intrinsic respect. We are terrierrescue and we head up the UK on understanding the terriers to be able to give ex kennelled; ex working and terriers with strong instincts a chance to being accommodated in family life.
A soft toy who survived!
So to discuss Basil is to discuss our terrierrescue approach to terriers.

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'Working type' terriers which particularly embraces Fell Terriers and Parson JRTs have the genetic instincts to:
Sight: using their peripheral vision and focus on the undergrowth to horizon: Watching for any movement. Genetically they have sighthound & bullbreed genes
Hearing: Listening for the higher notes, attendance to 'russelling in the bushes'
Scent: Smelling the air to catch animal scents from body odour or eliminations.

To Work: Working type terriers are bred to be ardently independent, non dis-tractable from their 'prey'. They have been bred not to kill the large mammals but to nip into submission and bark to alert their handler. This is why our slogan in terrierrescue is "you can't train the terrier out of a terrier". You can reinforce their 'tracking instincts' or you can play them down. 2nd and 3rd generation terriers instincts are softer less wired. On the whole Border terriers, unless from working stock, are easier to live within a domestic setting. People talk of Fell Terriers having selective deafness. If you need to catch their attention you use fast movements e.g. waving your arms to trigger their peripheral vision; high pitched voice or squeaky toys' as this mimics an injured animal swiftly redirect their attention. This is exactly why terriers who are wired are unpredictable around children and in particular can show intense interest in babies which is unhealthy: Their squeals and cries trigger the terriers instincts to nip 'wild animals'

Securing prey: Bred to hunt independently and to trail their way through the tiny crags in the Fells (Lake District). Basil, as a Black Fell terrier (Patterdale), ref ancestry would go to ground into the animals den to mark the 'wild mammal' for the terrier people to hear them and dig them out. So targeting (barking) and nipping are intrinsic and feature with many of our 'working type' terrier friends. People try to train it out and get upset when in excitement they terrier barks. If you see terrier puppies play you see them noisily 'killing' each other and coming up for breath without a mark or drop of blood evident on cessation. With socialisation, socialisation and socialisation terriers mature through and they are less likely to nip on intros but they may retain through instinct, so can pop at other dogs on intro.
Loves to roll
So now understand our Patterdale friends: Basil's instincts can surface with either stranger approach or with exaggerated movements which he judges as enticement or threat. He therefore can nip at trousers of unexpectant joggers, or close passers by...hence he wears a muzzle outside (as does Cracker) which he tolerates very well and associates with walks and fun. He lost his foster place as he was a little reticent of the man in the house and had nipped, but actually lifting a log to place on the fire was a step too far for Basil and he rushed forward and bit. Basil needs ideally a single female owner who is comfortable in a settled routine with walks on the muzzle and a terrier proof garden to enjoy. Basil can be left for short periods. He is very loving and devotional particularly to females. Not for children and ideally no visiting children. On muzzle he can enjoy life to the full and he does with slow exposure of parallel walking, make friends with non threatening dogs.
Beach of joy
Yes Basil is a sweetie pie and actually does very well in kennels with people going in and cuddles and great fun to walk. But we have to home Basil with very responsible terrier people. As with all our terriers, their lives literally depend on responsible ownership. A terrier family understand the emphasis on responsible THEY ARE RESPONSIBLE. We are not cavalier with a our terriers but very tolerant and understanding of their mindset. A clue in his tale is his docked tail...working stock. Those who are terrier aware are forgiving, never take their terriers antics personally, and they get the measure of them. Amy has been Basil's rock for many years during his spell in Rescue and frequently taken him out for holidays and weekend breaks, and would do a thorough handover. Basil is exceptionally lovely but has his terrier genes and whilst adoring cosy home life and pottering around enjoying soft comforts, he is sensitive to his 'work ethic' and with time he will mellow further. Meanwhile Basil is loved by all as a spectacular example of the Patterdale
Chin rest
Basil's thread

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Re: Rescue Remedies Diary September 2016 - November 2016

Post by xxlynne » Wed Nov 02, 2016 8:51 am

Our Magnificent 7 .... no 6 Merial who sits in the background of our Rescue waiting...
Merial is a blue brindle Staffie x ?whippet so she has a slender build and has chase drive. She is intelligent, gentle, elegant girl& sits with our Rescue for nearly 2 years...
Merial needs a "terrier family" i.e. geared to safety first, just a terrier owners. Her early families loved her dearly but she kept getting out of the front door & her family couldn't manage this. Her next family took her on with the will to continue training, but were as novice as the first she was found stray AGAIN.
Merial was fraught in kennels, soon skin and bone and losing weight dangerously. Her fosterer took her for weekends just to allow her to sleep and eat. Despite the fact her fosterer works long hours we recognised it would be preferable to Merial settle in a home environment and arranged a visit by a willing neighbour for a walk around the flat block at lunchtime.
Bless her: Merial was so settled travelling in the front of the car, rather than crated in the back. However one day it was raining heavily and I switched the window wipers on. This is a good test for chase drive. Merial was so focused and chasing them with force she was hitting her head on the window attempting to get to the blades. I had to distract her, swipe and switch off as soon I lost her attention. Merial never redirected and as soon as the wipers stopped she settled back down

Merial meets dogs well outside as long as she is kept moving, and distracted if they are running around. She won’t start trouble but doesn’t like bouncy intrusive dogs, she can misjudge this. In her mind she tries to stop them: Merial could be muzzle trained but must always be retained on a lead.

This beautiful lady needs a committed home where there is a secondary exits to ensure she doesn't escape at anytime as she is likely to get run over. Merial can be left, she settles and is quiet. Merial and her fosterer have enjoyed holidays away and she is well managed now. Merial's foster is not a forum or facebook person so despite my pleas & begging we never get an update so Merial doesn't get the attention and interest she deserves.
Merial so deserves a lovely family who can offer Merial the safety and security she needs whilst loving her many friendly qualities. She needs to be an only pet and experience with terrier management would help!

Merial's Thread


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