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Re: Rescue Remedies Diary September 2016 - November 2016

Post by xxlynne » Wed Nov 02, 2016 10:27 pm

Our Magnificent 7 ...and we chose no 7 which one deserves this special feature...they all do. An impossible task but I come down on Jethro's side
Jethro is a wonderful dog who never puts a foot wrong and everyone adores this boy. His only issue is when leaving the kennels he is a steam train and different people will have different preferred way to control his energy. If you ask my honest opinion I could see Jethro as an off lead dog so all that energy is dissipated early into his walk. Perhaps the best way to recommend his future family management is to have Jethro jump into the car then release him where he can run on a trailing line and dog encounters are managed with the scope of him having expended some of his effervescence
Jethro has good people skills and good dog skills he just needs the chance from a large dog family who want to work with him to offer him the stability he needs. July 2014 so Jethro has already spent 2 winters in kennels and is just gearing up to the next: Pray not. Jethro joined us when we had 3 very similar dogs Buster and Azure and Georgi. They have been homed wonderfully...and now a derth of homes willing to take on a large boy with a huge heart...well we are so hoping.

"On Saturday's a little girl with disabilities comes out with her Dad and watches the comings and goings along the river. This Saturday her Dad told me that she mainly comes to meet our dogs. She's met Suede, Stanley, Percy, well most of the dogs at Guildford, but yesterday she met Jethro :biggrin.gif:
Jethro loves to jump up and have full body cuddles but he didn't lift a paw off the floor with the little girl and her Dad, he's such a gentle boy."

Jethro's thread

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Re: Rescue Remedies Diary September 2016 - November 2016

Post by xxlynne » Sun Nov 06, 2016 9:26 pm

Weekly Summary Week ending 6.11.16

Special Pictures
Poppet's care
Roxy's care
Jordon's Care
Missie's care
Frankie's Care
Angel's Care
Chloe's Care
& Mally's HAT!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Homings 9: Camilla SR 31 Anna Candy TR 1 Eros RR 4 Dave SR 5 Buzz TR 5 Scarlett RR 5 Lulu TR 6 Harriet SR 6 Codi SR 6
Bailey TR was rehomed by his owners

Homing picture of the week!
Camilla with Rachel
Into Permanent this week:
Holiday: Arthur TR
Temporary Foster: Rolo RR Scarlett RR Poppet RR
Short Week: Shadow RR Buddy SR Maisie SR Maisie SR Barley TR Lara RR Basil TR
Overnight: Lara RR Jordon RR
Return from Foster:

Intake 3 New: Chloe TR 3 Harriet SR 4 Harold SR 4
Returns 0:

Comment: Fabulous week on homings with such wonderful families stepping up to the plate for our beloved dogs.
Shocking week ref the health of 2 of our dogs Roxy & Poppet. Our thanks to our wonderful vets. Both have pulled through and slowly but surely they are both on the up with Special thanks to SarahK and her family.
Our gratitude to Kerry, Kashers for organising a fund raising initiative towards their vets bills Amazing £1.470 so far I'm bowled over in gratitude thank you everyone. I haven't asked how much the bills are yet: I just know our vets are so kind to us, both dogs are in safe hands and we're not out of the woods yet. ... erryAshley

We need to look for a recovery foster place for Roxy there is no way she can go back into kennels anytime soon
Roxy's Thread she is still in our vets
Poppet in temp foster with 24 hour supervision

Our Stats 2016: 93 dogs

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Re: Rescue Remedies Diary September 2016 - November 2016

Post by xxlynne » Sun Nov 13, 2016 8:34 pm

Weekly Summary Week ending 13.11.16

Special Pictures
Zach Paws 'X'd
Comfort Kyla
Marian with Kim
Ruby table manners
Steve sincere
Beanie Beauty
Homings 7: Buster SR 7 Patch SR 7 Merlin RR 11 Bruce SR 12 Poppy SR 12 Sammy SR 12 Tilly TR 12

Homing picture of the week!
Poppy & Bruce wey hey
Into Permanent this week: Buttons SR Nancy SR ('til New year) Rolo RR
Holiday: Arthur TR
Temporary Foster: Poppet RR Buddy SR Leo SR
Short Week: Shadow RR Maisie SR Barley TR Lexi SR
Overnight: Trixie RR Lara RR Betzy SR Jordon RR
Return from Foster:

Intake 5 New: 4 Sidney SR 7 Tedds SR 7 Zach TR 7 Twix TR 11
Returns 1: Scarlett RR 12

Comment: Happiness is Pair-shaped! Our week started on Monday with Buster & Patch capturing their owners hearts..and on Saturday Poppy & Bruce met their family too. We are all chuffed with Merlin finding his family after 15 months in kennels. Really lovely families, as always, came to take away our dogs and our cares. Our kennel use is 59 tonight but with some temp foster dogs due back in. We have 4 Welsh dogs coming in tomorrow ...why I mention this is we now need to begin to think about getting our numbers down for Christmas as boarding kennel owners like kennels back for boarders. So onwards and upwards and may we have a very positive week ahead. Every week we are delighted as changes occur Nancy offered foster until the New Year by Tufty and Rolo Sasha & Martyn offered to support his knee operation ( cruciates ) which we are just organising.

Thanks to all our volunteers for offering everything you give to our dogs and in many case really putting yourselves out for their needs.

Our Stats 2016: 93 dogs

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Re: Rescue Remedies Diary September 2016 - November 2016

Post by xxlynne » Sun Nov 20, 2016 11:10 pm

Weekly Summary Week ending 20.11.16

Special Pictures some of our new dogs
Bertha very poorly getting better
Elsa recovering from spay
Tanya in and out: Her new partner Loki
Hooch enjoying a sleepover
Leo Fell Terrier calling from Scotland
Maggie Paws crossed for her new home
Homings 7: Basil Twix SR 18 Lexi SR 18 Poppet RR 18 Elton TR 19 Wilbur SR 14 Tanya TR 20 Merial SR 20
Retained by owner: Alfee SR

Homing picture of the week!
Poppet with Mark, Whiskey & Tina
Into Permanent this week: Queenie RR Shona TR
Holiday: Vinnie RR
Temporary Foster: Buddy SR Tanya TR Hank RR Arthur TR Poppet RR Scarlett RR Barley TR Harold SR Lexi SR
Short Week: Bertha RR Elsa RR Jordon RR
Overnight: Trixie RR Lara RR 2x Hooch RR Heidi SR
Return from Foster:

Intake 13 New: 10 Shona TR 14 Tanya TR 14 Wilbur SR 14 Hooch RR 14 Tala & Toko RR 14 Elsa RR 17 Bertha RR 17 Tommy TR 18 Leo TR 20 Maggie TR 20
Returns 2: Bruce & Poppy SR 16

Comment: Dog rescuing is tough and involves anguish; impossible odds and pushing to get stretch out of a stone. Dog ownership in my view is a privilege; pleasure and incredible honour. Because dogs need Commitment; Responsible care regime and a family centred around their welfare needs, we see how vulnerable they are and 'haunted' as they get swept up on to our beach. Love wins through and the joy must be there within the fantastic bond shared with our pets.

Dog Rescuers are forever needy, and need people willing to offer and share the load. Please always remember we carry a huge load and we need help; dont ever assume we dont. Stepping forwards to reach out to a homeless dog is a special gift to give. You may not be able to help a refugee but perhaps you can help a best friend in need of love or a Rescue who needs money to care for dogs, needing vet care and shelter whilst we prepare them for new stable and capable homes. We so want our dogs out of winter kennels: Please spread the word and hopefully someone will decide they do want to share their lives with a dog after all or maybe just their week's holiday!

Thank you to each and every volunteer who stepped up to the plate and offered to our dogs this week. We all appreciate each others contribution and our dogs are the benefactors.

Incredible pressure with so many dogs knocking on our door at the moment...lets all heave hoe, and take wonderful pictures to promote and share our dogs...and get them settled into homes for Christmas

Our Stats 2016: 96 dogs

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Re: Rescue Remedies Diary September 2016 - November 2016

Post by xxlynne » Sun Nov 27, 2016 8:25 pm

Weekly Summary Week ending 27.11.16

Pictures of our walkers with our dogs this week
Milo (4).jpg
Kerry with Milo
Cora and Fifi
Mandy and Dolly
CatB with Leo
James with Heathcliff
Emma with Megan
Harrison& Frankie.jpg
Sophie & Duncan with Harrison & Frankie
Theresa and Beanie
Homings 3: Wilson TR 22 Elsa SR 26 Zach TR 27
Reserved Harold SR Asha SR Bertha RR

Homing picture of the week!
Elsa and her family
Into Permanent this week:
Temporary Foster: Buddy SR Hank RR Bertha RR 2x
Short Week: Elsa RR Arthur TR Cracker TR
Overnight: Jordon RR Trixie RR Lara RR 2x
Return from Foster: Vinnie RR Barley TR

Intake 10 New: 10 Rafferty SR 21 Troy TR 21 Snoop SR 21 Wilson TR 22 Dolly & Fifi SR 24 Benny TR 25 Elsa SR 26 Megan RR 26 Milo SR 2

Comment: When volunteer walkers have completed their induction training course within kennels, they get to place their name down on a walkers planning sheets for days they will come to the kennels. They either chose dogs they intend to walk or are allocated dogs by a kennel co-ordinator. Once they have completed their walks they text in and their walks are recorded against the dog. This way we can ensure as many dogs get beyond their kennel walls and no walker ever attends the kennels to find no dogs to walk; or re-walk dogs, or the dogs they can walk have already been walked and it becomes a wasted journey. This weeks walking record below shows the sterling efforts involved.
f for foster sw for short walk; d for day out.
Broxbourne we have fewer walkers and try as we do, very often the walkers do not record their walks. Each walk is down to volunteers travelling to our kennels whatever the weather and supporting our dogs to enjoy company and explore the countryside and continue to build social skills despite their impoverished backgrounds. Well done each and everyone this is a 'thank you' and a reminder to everyone of what a wonderful Rescue Team we are! 234 recorded walks plus long walks during days out, and foster breaks for our kennelled dogs: Isn't it fantastic
Weekending Sun 27/11
1 Arthur 21/11 22/11 23/11 24/11 f
2 Barley f ret 25/11 26/11 27/11
3 Beanie 21/11 22/11 23/11 24/11 25/11 26/11
4 Bentley 21/11 22/11 23/11 24/11 25/11 26/11 27/11
5 Betzy 21/11 22/11 23/11 24/11 25/11 26/11
6 Dolly & Fifi 24/11in 25/11sw 26/11 27/11
7 Dougie 21/11 22/11 23/11 25/11 26/11 27/11
8 Jordon 21/11 22/11 23/11 25/11 w/ef
9 Marian 21/11 22/11 23/11 25/11 26/11
10 Missie 21/11 23/11 25/11
11 Misty 21/11 23/11 24/11 25/11 26/11
12 Pablo 21/11 23/11 25/11 27/11
13 Shadow 21/11 22/11 23/11 24/11 25/11 26/11
14 Steve 21/11 23/11 25/11 26/11
15 Tedds 21/11 22/11 23/11 25/11 26/11
16 Ziggy 21/11 23/11 24/11 25/11 26/11
1 Autumn 21/11 25/11 26/11
2 Belle 21/11 22/11 24/11  26/11
3 Charlie 22/11 25/11  26/11
4 Cosmo 21/11  26/11
5 Dylan 21/11 25/11 26/11
6 Edie 21/11 24/11 26/11
7 Malcolm 21/11 22/11 24/11d 25/11 26/11 27/11
8 Milo 26/11 in
9 Rafferty 21/11in 26/11
10 Rosemerry 21/11 26/11
11 Sidney 22/11 25/11 26/11
12 Smiley 21/11 22/11 26/11
13 Tansy 21/11 26/11
14 Tommy 21/11 26/11 27/11
15 Troy 21/11 25/11 26/11 27/11
16 Zach 21/11 22/11 26/11 27/11
1 Angel 22/11 25/11 26/11 27/11
2 Asha 21/11 23/11 25/11 26/11 27/11
3 Basil 21/11 25/11 26/11 27/11
4 Big Bruce 25/11 26/11 27/11
5 Bonzo 22/11 25/11 26/11 27/11
6 Buster 22/11 25/11 26/11 27/11
7 Charlie 21/11 23/11 26/11 27/11
8 Clover 21/11 23/11 25/11 26/11 27/11
9 Cracker 22/11 24/11 26/11 27/11
10 Elsa 21/11 25/11 26/11 27/11
11 Frankie 24/11 26/11 27/11
12 Gwilym 23/11 26/11 27/11
13 Harrison 24/11 26/11 27/11
14 Heidi 23/11 26/11 27/11
15 Jethro 22/11 25/11 26/11 27/11
16 Lara 21/11 23/11 24/11(f) 25/11 26/11 27/11(f)
17 Leo 22/11 24/11 25/11 26/11 27/11
18 Maisie 22/11 24/11 26/11 27/11
19 Mandy 24/11 26/11 27/11
20 Marley 22/11 24/11 26/11 27/11
21 Max 22/11 25/11 26/11 27/11
22 Otis 22/11 25/11 26/11 27/11
23 Pippin 22/11 24/11 26/11 27/11
24 Rusty 21/11 24/11 26/11 27/11
25 Trixie 22/11 23/11 24/11(f) 26/11 27/11
26 Vinnie Holiday in26/11 27/11
1 Annie Unrecorded walks
2 Bruno Unrecorded walks
3 Graham Unrecorded walks
4 Heathcliff Unrecorded walks
5 Hooch Unrecorded walks
6 Hugo Unrecorded walks
7 Keita Unrecorded walks
8 Megan 26/11 in
9 Snoop Unrecorded walks
10 Tala Unrecorded walks
11 TimmyTim Unrecorded walks
12 Toko Unrecorded walks

I just wanted people to see how our dogs move/ our cogs move! With such sacrifice and effort from our volunteers for the betterment for our dogs welfare and well being. People who arrive to home our dogs don't always understand our model of Rescue. We are NOT a Rescue centre model with paid staff. They assume we live and are employed at the kennels. They assume our dogs are walked maybe 2x a day and life is all signing all dancing. The stark reality of kennel life doesn't register. Volunteers encounter such enthusiasm as they enter their kennels with their lead and harness in hand. They feel our dogs plight in their gut: Kennels are prison to our dogs and you see them beeline for grass to roll on their back in sheer joy. It isn't just exercise our dogs need: It's affirmation; touch; social encounter, sniffs, to rest their ears from barking environment, and ability to mark their territory ++. Our dogs are ever on our minds and if we get a chance to visit the kennels for an extra afternoon we do, our walkers are always fitting in an extra walk at the end of their visit. Some volunteers commit 2 afternoons a week religiously, come what may, others come and take a dog out for the day; others fit a dog walk in on their way home from work or their lunch hour. There is a lovely social feel amongst our walkers who have doggie chatter as they walk together or meet whilst returning dogs to their kennels. The kennel staff and often kennel owners are part of the team and love to see our dogs go for walks and there is an exchange of info.

This week we have had 5 near misses with homings which take their toll on us but hopefully not on the dogs. Never a dull moment in the homings team. Next week offers promise and hopefully our special girls and boys will find love within their new families.

Our Stats 2016: 103 dogs

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Re: Rescue Remedies Diary September 2016 - November 2016

Post by xxlynne » Sun Dec 04, 2016 11:06 pm

Weekly Summary Week ending 4.12.16

December jingling into our lives

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Our Characters
Sincere Sebby
Jester Bonzo
Scrummie Elsa
Cherished Max
FiFi zzZzzzzZzzz
Festive Nancy

Homings 14: Bertha RR 28 Asha SR 29 Harold SR 2 Marian SR 2 Tommy TR 3 Freddie TR 3 Charlie TR 3 Poppy SR 3 Autumn RR 4 Feynman Troy TR 4 Jess SR 4 Mason SR 4 Teddy TR 4 Shona TR 4

2 Homing pictures of the week!
Autumn gives way to Christmas!

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Into Permanent this week: Bentley TR
Holiday: Malcolm TR
Temporary Foster: Dolly SR 2x Fifi SR 2x Belle SR 2x Elsa RR
Short Week: Lara RR Jethro RR Gwilym RR
Overnight: Trixie RR Basil SR Jordon RR Rosemerry SR
Return from Foster: Poppy SR Bruce SR

Intake 10 New: 10 Sebby RR 28 Joey SR 28 Teddy TR 28 Wanda SR 29 Maya SR 30 Max RR 1 Jess & Mason SR 1 Sasha SR 3 Scruff TR 3

Comment: Blistering week very long hours on the M25 ...amazing achievements for those who were saved and those who were homed and those who have been supported in illness and great need. Thank you everyone.

All our thanks goes to Dianna who does the hardest role in the rescue An amazing job to instil realism, to peel back the romantic illusions, and secure stable, responsible and honest homes for our very needy dogs.

I will do the November diary just haven't had a moment

Our Stats 2016: 103 dogs

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Re: Rescue Remedies Diary September 2016 - November 2016

Post by xxlynne » Fri Dec 09, 2016 8:54 pm

Rescue Remedies Diary of the Month for November 2016

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Our Dogs of the Month for December 16 Each one really deserves a chance

Rescue Remedies
Shadow RR's thread

Roxy's Thread

Edie (26).jpg
Edie's Thread

Leo's Thread

Maggie's Thread

November 16
Intake/ Dogs saved : 33 + 3 Returns
Terrierrescue 11: Chloe TR 3 Zach TR 7 Tanya TR 14 Shona TR 14 Tommy TR 18 Leo TR 20 Maggie TR 20 Troy TR 21 Wilson TR 22 Benny TR 25 Teddy TR 28

Rescueremedies 8: 7 Toko RR 14 Tala RR 14 Hooch RR 14 Elsa RR 17 Bertha RR 17 Megan RR 26 Sebby RR 28
Returns : 1 Scarlett RR 12

Staffierescue 17 : 15 Kushi SR 4 Harold SR 4 Sidney SR 7 Tedds SR 7 Basil Twix SR 11 Wilbur SR 14 Snoop SR 21 Dolly SR 24 Fifi SR 24 Rafferty SR 21 Elsa SR 26 Milo SR 26 Joey SR 28 Wanda SR 29 Maya SR 30
Returns : 2 Bruce SR 16 Poppy SR 16

Dogs homed: 27 + 1
Terrierrescue 8: Anna Candy TR 1 Buzz TR 5 Lulu TR 6 Tilly TR 12 Dexter Elton TR 19 Tanya TR 20 Wilson TR 25 Zach TR 27 Rehomed by owner: Bailey TR 3

Rescueremedies 5: Eros RR 4 Scarlett RR 5 Merlin RR 11 Poppet RR 18 Bertha RR 28

Staffierescue 13: Dave SR 5 Kushi SR 6 Codi SR 6 Buster SR 7 Patch SR 7 Bruce SR 12 Poppy SR 12 Sammy SR 12 Twix SR 18 Lexi SR 18 Wilbur SR 14 Merial SR 20 Elsa SR 26 Asha SR 29

Celebrating our HOMED Longstay Dogs in November:

Longer than 6 months
Merlin's Thread
Asha's Thread

Longer than a year
Merial's Thread
BuzzJun (49).jpg
Longer than a year though just over 6 months with us
Buzz's Thread

Comment: November was a whirl wind of a month with a record intake of 36 dogs...and 27 dogs homed by us and one by their owner. We are grateful for the overwhelming volunteer dedication and activity which not only facilitated that all happening but supported all our homeless dogs who were waiting in the meantime. Lovely to meet families coming back for another one of our dogs and so many new families feeling their way to trust us in matching them as best we can. Dogs are not fully predicable and sometimes our dogs just don't settle. We always are there to receive our dogs back and our backup is what so many families value as they walk into the sunset knowing we are behind them with whatever life throws their way.

Longstay statistics
Dogs Monthly

103 on our books Dogs Weekly our Rescue's Stats updated everyday


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