Re: Rescue Remedies Diary June 2016 - August 2016

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Re: Rescue Remedies Diary June 2016 - August 2016

Post by xxlynne » Mon Jul 25, 2016 11:31 am

Weekly Summary Week ending 24.07.16

Our Cats needing foster and homes: My heart bleeds for them

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Homings 0:
Gone Reserved this week 1: FrankW SR

Into Permanent this week: Peppermint SR
Short Week: Nessa RR Meera SR Barley TR Heathcliff RR Shadow RR Buddy SR Trixie SR Kirstin SR
Overnight: Churchill RR
Return from Foster:

Intake 0 New :
Returns 0:

Comment: A still week with no homings which means our kennelling and vet bills are out goings and incomings nil from adoption donations ...HOWEVER the Lord provideth! Our Charity Walk this week raised a mammoth £861 PLUS Elliesmums' incredible fundraising drive for the walk on Justgiving put another £1046 into the total with all the supporters who came forwards. Thank you everyone who came to the event and made it such an inspiring day to feel part of and to all those who contributed despite the fact they couldn't attend.

Post praise for Our Charity walk

Our Stats 2016: 105 dogs

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Re: Rescue Remedies Diary June 2016 - August 2016

Post by xxlynne » Sun Jul 31, 2016 9:19 pm

Weekly Summary Week ending 31.07.16

Special moments

Click here to learn how to add YouTube Videos to your phpBB forum Pablo with SarahW
Arthur with Rachel
Patzy with her mates
Basil with his mate
Churchy heaven sent
Homings 5: Zebedee SR 30 Taki TR 30 Charlotte SR 30 Rosie TR 31 Zena SR 31
Gone Reserved this week 3: Toffee TR Freddie TR Ladyhaye SR

Into Permanent this week:
Holidays: Nancy SR Buttons SR Nessa RR
Short Week: Jordon RR Meera SR Shadow RR Basil TR Buddy SR Kirstin SR Heidi SR Lara RR Angel SR
Overnight: Churchill RR Trixie SR Angel SR Nessa RR
Return from Foster: Smiley RR

Intake 5 New 4: Jerry SR 28 Otis RR 28 Taki TR 30 Sushung RR 31
Returns 1: Rosie TR 31

Comment: Things are looking up...lovely responsible and keen families coming and Dianna is chitchatting all day, and together, our dogs are going reserved then homed! Dianna does the families and I do the dog matching on her details deal breakers/ key requirements...we both now feel the Homing Team is alive again!

I am so pleased July is over and this week inparticular. The stress has really affected my health and so hoping next week begins to unravel the knot; as has been the case for many weeks I haven't been able to say yes to any of the desperate emails I don't open them up as once I have seen the dogs face on deathrow I'm breaking my back for them but alas my back is broken. Our dogs are coming in from 2 routes Richmond and Wandsworth now have a contract with us so we automatically take their Staffies and Terriers. Otis & Jerry were the intake this week. These two boroughs have been exceedingly busy and find a way we MUST as the dog is sitting there offering their paws. Then secondly we take 99% of the dogs from Harrow; Broxbourne and East Herts boroughs. Adam in Broxbourne tries to place no pressure on us but is so loaded up I am now breaking my back in 2 places to help out next week. The dog mobile knows the route, happy tails forever...

Our Stats 2016: 105 dogs

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Re: Rescue Remedies Diary June 2016 - August 2016

Post by xxlynne » Sun Jul 31, 2016 11:26 pm

Rescue Remedies Diary of the Month for July 2016

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Our Dogs of the Month for August 16 Each one really deserves a chance

Rescue Remedies
Jethro RR's thread

Bonnie& Jodi's Thread

Jordon's Thread

Barley's Thread

Basil's Thread

July 16
Intake/ Dogs saved 10: 8 + 2 Returns
Terrierrescue 2+1: Max TR 15 Taki TR 30 Rosie TR 31

Rescueremedies 2: Otis RR 28 Sushung RR 31

Staffierescue 4 + 1: Jodi SR 5 Bonnie SR 5 Angel SR 15 Jerry SR 28 + Clover SR 30

Dogs homed: 19
Terrierrescue 4: Alfie TR 1 Roma TR 15 Taki TR 30 Rosie TR 31

Rescueremedies 4: Struan RR 3 Daisy RR 10 Beth RR 16 Charity RR 16

Staffierescue 11: Alfie SR 2 Diesel SR 3 Ice SR 3 Sydney SR 3 Rio SR 7 Lulu SR 9 Luna SR 9 Chyna SR 9 Zebedee SR 30 Charlotte SR 30 Zena SR 31

Celebrating our HOMED Longstay Dogs in July:

Longer than 6 months
Struan (6).jpg
Dieselhomed (8).jpg
Longer than a year

Comment: 19 homed in July which is the same number as June..all thanks to this weekend when suddenly we broke the spell of the drought of homes for our dogs. Forwards into August with certainty and 4 dogs reserved.

I want to thank Matt our accountant and SarahK and Sarah Slade Mrs Moneypennies...who have worked so hard throughout the year to optimise our finances and make them intelligible and certain. Matt filed the accounts for 2014/2015 today

Special thanks to every one that take our dogs beyond the kennel walls into foster; temporary foster or with them on holiday, weekend and days out. It means everything to our dogs and everything to all of us. You help us to save more dogs lives because we use every space ...never a dull day in Rescue

Dogs Monthly

105 on our books Dogs Weekly our Rescue's Stats updated everyday

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Re: Rescue Remedies Diary June 2016 - August 2016

Post by xxlynne » Fri Aug 05, 2016 6:49 pm

Personal Diary page

Many people who meet me regularly have commented how tired I'm looking and yes the rare glimpse in the mirror doesn't lie. I thought it would be good to just explain a few tensions which have affected me over the past 8 weeks which have taken it's toll, not all in a negative way.

Kennel reductions in Summer over late June/ to 3rd week in July: Last year was about winding down an animal sanctuary with so many animals that we could not pass on by. At the front of the year were working so hard to plan for Godstone kennel closure on the 15th of March. We started to prep. for this in the summer of 2015 reference our longstay dogs so they were well placed and provided for. March however was very intense: Along came Easter we had to focus down on supporting our friends in Broxbourne as indeed they had helped us greatly to absorb some of our longstay dogs and work with them to achieve our ultimate goal of finding forever homes. At the same time as bringing Broxbourne dogs on to our books and prepping them, we had many dog wardens with dogs held and giving deadlines on dog's lives. We also set up a contract with another 2 boroughs so we saved dogs going through into a high kill pound and we were able to give them our golden Rescue Remedies seal of assurance. May/Early June came and it was time to focus on reduction of numbers again with tight controls as with the Jan-Mar period. We have had many returns also and we are always there for our dogs for their entire life. This month it has been particularly severe with the request to hand back kennels to allow the kennel owners to honour boarders booked in for the summer. It is intense when you are left speechless with people blatant failure to understand. I have found myself internalising the stress particularly over this year. We closed down New Godstone as requested, we cut down Gatwick and the last 3 weeks has been INTENSE to try and reach our target of 15 kennels in Chessington. Our contract was bringing in '2 a week' to these very kennels, numbers those councils had not known before. It turned into a perfect storm and we missed our deadline. Our weekend fosterers and holiday fosterers made all the difference and today we arent quite to our target but it is agreed & tolerable. Our gratitude to Guildford kennels staff as they never say no, as with Broxbourne and they trust I wouldn't ask if it wasn't extreme at this time of year.

Homings activity. June and July this year have been really quiet for us. No it wasn't that time of year- this was Brexit!

2013 June 33 July 22
2014 June 24 July 31
2015 June 26 July 33
2016 June 19 July 19

Selling our Home: Lorenzo and I have been the hell and back this month as we decide on a major move to protect my health, and finally how we achieve that remaining as a married couple. The outcome is we are prepping our home for sale and buying new premises closer to the Rescue's dogs. We have to get me out the dog mobile as it is a punishing regime 7/31/12. As people know I probably have a day away from the Rescue a year...If you carry our numbers and you need to make it work for our dogs it has to be a selfless commitment; a mission. So new era ahead especially as we have sadly lost 4 of our personal dogs in less than 8 months and it has been harrowing and my heart bleeds as I miss each of them so much. Cleaning the dog mobile out this pm has prompted this diary as our front garden is famed in the area and we are always finding people looking at the garden of the dog ladys' house
Our Golden staffie on the doorstep
Bee heaven
(I have always taken up concrete in our front gardens and offered it over to nature, who knows this time next year it will be covered in concrete...
Illness of our volunteers: We often accept our dogs back due to owner illness...this year John Fowle finds he needs to reduce his numbers as their care falls principally to Sylvie and his army of dog walkers and so being the height of our summer we have been planning to take some of our dogs into kennels which is emotionally very hard for John. We only wished their homes had come up but with a week's delay in focusing on Broxbourne's overload, we are finally able to offer the relief and support: Had our homings been as normal we could have done 4 weeks ago. Our dear Alison who is our IT genius / webguru has had a total knee replacement which hasn't been successful with complications. Emotionally this has been so hard for her and we send all our wishes to Alison and John that their need to step back is necessary though tough on them. My mother is now 85 and my brother being in the USA and my sister in France I have to carve out time to visit when Rescue work takes me to the south coast.
Alison Putting on a brave face
Brexit yes Brexit. Being a personal diary page I can declare I am an ardent Corbyn supporter so adding this into my days has been an extra excitement and time demand. Last night I got home very late and had missed the first debate. I found myself watching it 1-2am this morning then lying in bed counting 'dogs' as I do trying to workout dogs out of kennels; dogs into kennels and dogs due in and preparing myself for a very early start.

Anger: Like never before due to the perfect storm above I have had such anger directed personally at me over the past 8 weeks. The people who have truly supported me personally have been Lorenzo; Dianna; Fran; Alison; Markandsal SarahK & Charlie Stuart Chris & Linda at Guildford and Adam at Broxbourne and the Chessington Staff and others without knowing. Thank you I have been discreet but these people have offered caring. I have been suffering from violent neck pain which flares with any stress. As I write this my neck is on fire. This is why we have to move into a new era and why I need to be closer to our dogs and out of the dog mobile. I try not to accept anger personally we get this with disillusioned or denied families. This however has been closer to home people I have always helped and they have targeted me personally. Our, the Rescue's situation was not predictable and the Rescue and myself are one being. This week I had to take 5 dogs out of Broxbourne asked for the first time to save their lives as "no kennels available means no kennels": I know that language you say it until you're blue in the face and people will not believe you. We don't deal with boxes of cornflakes..and when we are asked to help by those who continuously help us we need to act. Any delay needs to be understood. You juggle many balls in the air; these last 3 weeks the balls have been hitting me repeatedly on the head,
When the going gets tough...the tough get going. Blood out of a stone is a motto that has been ringing in my head recently and my heart isn't stone it is full of blood but heartache is real. When the dice is so loaded against our dogs and you struggle to protect, and buy hours, another day, please give me one more week. THIS IS DOG RESCUE

August is here..Zola going into trial adoption has meant everything to me personally and us all. Don't worry about me sometimes behind the persona we feel very raw, transformation and new directions and also relief. I thank the dogs I live with as we have such special moments together and the hearts meld. The energy is changing now so let the Olympics begin and bring relief; new energy and joy for all.

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Re: Rescue Remedies Diary June 2016 - August 2016

Post by xxlynne » Mon Aug 08, 2016 11:24 am

Weekly Summary Week ending 07.08.16

Buckets and Spade
Buttons by Pegmilly
Dropping Buttons back is very hard to do. The only way to make it any easier is to have a plan to take him away again......I've never had so many holidays!! I have no idea why buttons has waited so long. I can only presume it's because he's not dog fluent. Buttons needs an hours walk a day - of that hour we might encounter one off lead dog for one minute, which is easily managed. So for seven minutes a week i might have to shorten the extender lead and ask the other dog owner to call their dog back. There are 10080 minutes in a week - for 10073 of them buttons is perfect. Who wouldn't want that?!? My own dogs are dog fluent but are not nearly as well behaved as buttons indoors. There is no such thing as the perfect dog - whatever 'faults' our dogs have, each one of them can be overcome or managed. Honestly, I wouldn't change a single thing about buttons. He would go in to Milly's room and just be 'one of the girls' when they were getting ready in the mornings. He loves to be in the thick of things, not demanding of attention but just to be part of things.xx.
Nancy by Jonah
As it was early the beach was empty and is a contained cove so Nancy had a great time off lead, playing with the seaweed and practicing for Rio and the rhythmic gymnastics.

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She loved playing in the rock pools and dipping in and out but would only go in the sea in the very shallow part.
We had a good time playing fetch with a tennis ball. Until it went a bit far into the sea and as the tide was going out bobbed slowly out of view...
Nancy had a good look for it but it was getting away too fast. Poor thing. But more on this later....
We got back to the farm and she was very happy to just have a lie down in the sun and relax and hang out with us.

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Next few days was more long coastal walks and playing in the garden and hanging out and relaxing, food, treats, so many many many cuddles.
Nancy is a real joy to be with. Can't stress this enough.
She is great meeting people and shopkeepers and builders and holiday makers and so many others all said how good she is and so beautiful and calm.
She was good with any other dogs too. She doesn't want to meet them all but then again why should she? But if this is the case she just walks on and gets on with what she's doing.
Didn't chase rabbits but was interested in what they were and would stand as if she was a pointer on a country estate with her front left paw cocked!

Homings 4: Toffee TR 1 Lady (Ladyhaye) SR 2 Milo TR 3 Blanche RR 3
Gone Reserved this week 2: Liberty RR Zola RR

Into Permanent this week: Suchung RR Kyla SR
Temporary Foster: Arthur TR
Holidays: Nessa RR
Short Week: Meera SR Molly RR Gillespie RR Marsha SR
Overnight: Churchill RR Trixie SR Jordon RR Scooby SR
Return from Foster: Nancy SR Buttons SR Rosemerry SR Rowan SR Brandy SR Marsha SR Marian SR

Intake 4 New 4: Camilla SR; Candy RR Molly RR Latti RR
Returns 0:

Comment: Im sure you don't need to hear the stuck record about pressure. We do need a few more 'hod carrying' volunteers to come forwards who are used to holding pressure and have experience in the service or pressured caring professions, who naturally hold firm and provide a foundation for our dogs and support for our Rescue's position: Not to echo and up the drama, but to with a clear head, calmness, explain the dog and or Rescue's position and reassure, maintaining mutual respect and responsibility in endeavours. We are always asking people to go the extra mile to dig deep for our dogs to find the resources to see situations through. For example 'collapsing homes' will often feedback 6 months later in recognition that they had panicked, got things out of proportional and would never part with their dog and love them as they are. Counselling to keep things in perspective and to highlight the many positives. Dramatics we don't do. Some people want their life to be a soap drama; we dont. We are never impressed with exaggerated terms applied to our dogs. 'Your dog has 'destroyed 2 settees' ?really email us pictures. The language is usually 'Your dog, that dog' or 'it'. Come and collect them.." Actually could you ever see the RSPCA or Dog Trusts coming to you to collect their dog; No lets see when the first opportunity is that we could receive them back and how we can support you and our dog in the process'. We play the long game in dog stewardship & ownership. Yes the temperature is hot, hot, hot in the kitchen/ come engine room; Anyone opening the door gets a bit of a shock having come through the rest-urant! You only hear about it 'cause you do need to understand the real side of Dog Rescue and sometimes we feel like screaming for help! The public expect a sweetness and light ... circling angels image of Dog Rescue. They expect a sycophantic response of 'everso grateful' Oh how wonderful ofcourse bring them back' In truth we are dealing with life and death situations daily, they don't need to know that, but have to be given a sense of the realism of trying to find a space which either isn't there or is earmarked for a dog we are saving from a 'black bag'. Hod carriers need nouse to support people to hold firm, and ride through rough times; not to feed into and up the negative. Understanding and standing firm is the key. I was told recently I'm in my own bubble...I laughed. Ha ha this is the bubble I live in, it is a very hot kitchen come engine room and don't enter unless you have skills to understand the science of emotional somersaults. Actually providing ongoing support and hand holding takes nerve even to make the call; faith in our dogs and a repertoire of skills. Every dog and every situation equips you further. We just don't have enough volunteers to offer the key support and to come from the right place to manage and sustain; with the focus on needs of the dog and with the emotional maturity and lateral thinking to engineer their gifts of 'kind' to meet our dogs and Rescue needs whilst supporting the people involved. Yes my head is filled with dogs: those I am bursting a gut to save; those who need a date and place to come into; those needing vet care; those who need special attention or alternative kennels or foster places and those in foster and their own homes...and then those waiting to return: All from the circumference of the M25 and beyond.105 dogs on our books and at anyone time 20 dogs circling waiting to land...yes Im in my bubble of dogs, and people understand that of me ..and sometimes that bubble feels like it is about to burst. I envy the people looking on and outside of my bubble, they don't need to know my headaches and heartache.

This week I want thank the kennel co-ordinators who organise, cajole and applaud our volunteers for coming in to walk our dogs. They try and ensure our dogs see beyond the kennel walls at least 3 x a week, respecting the kennel owners and kennel staff's perspective and safety needs. They organise inductions and ensure health and safety features are embedded in operational activities. It can feel like a military affair chasing people to confirm or re juggling because someone who committed suddenly can't make it. Its all about communication; communication and communication.

So in appreciation and just knowing the endeavours and true sacrifice people make to ensure it happens for our dogs... The Show must go on and is spectacular as a revolving door production!

Kennel use Sky high over allocation and absolute maximum :dog-75.gif: Thank you for all you do and offer to our dogs
Our Stats 2016: 105 dogs

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Re: Rescue Remedies Diary June 2016 - August 2016

Post by xxlynne » Tue Aug 16, 2016 7:39 pm

Weekly Summary Week ending 14.08.16

Special pictures Special occasions
No Malice! Mr Hooch by Moonflete
Frankly my dear boy by Anne
2 Ruby Eyes a beauty by Fred
Love and the Olympics Bruce & Tilly by SarahK
True love
Churchy in the heather in hot weather by SarahW
Churchy cool dude
Fred eagle! by Lindz
?Alton Towers joy ride for Lizzie Purplepoppy
Hi Jacquie love Lizzie by Caroline
Homings 8: Mimi(Suchung) RR 12 Snowy TR 12 Peppermint SR 13 Leo SR 14 Gillespie SR 14 Jodi SR 14 Bonnie SR 14 Flora SR 14
Gone Reserved this week :

Into Permanent this week: Freddie TR
Temporary Foster: Nancy SR
Holidays: Shadow RR Nessa RR
Short Week: Arthur TR Meera SR Bruce SR Tilly SR Tammy SR Buddy SR Asha SR
Overnight: Churchill RR Pippin SR Lizzie RR
Return from Foster:

Intake 3 New : Tammy SR 12 Bruce SR 12 Tilly SR 12
Returns 1: Toffee TR

Comment: We all sigh with relief we think we have broken the spell; the homing drought is over...its with particular thanks to Tracy for adopting Mimi & Snowy into her gaggle of terriers as well as receiving Toffee back into foster on his return! And Mr & Mrs P we know what the P stands for: Peppermint! And Pauline & Ed came back for their 3rd Staffie from us and it just had to be Flora!

So our mood is up especially in Guildford we had a Super Sunday in every sense of the word k2715.gif k2715.gif k2715.gif k2715.gif

With intense pressure we have accommodated the needs of our dogs over kennel space and the quest to reduce our numbers...we have the lowest numbers of dogs since March 16 and we are onward bound.
Our Stats 2016: 101 dogs

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Re: Rescue Remedies Diary June 2016 - August 2016

Post by xxlynne » Sun Aug 21, 2016 10:01 pm

Weekly Summary Week ending 21.08.16

Special dogs Special moments For our dogs to feature you have to take pictures and post them on the Forum Keep your camera's clicking!
Vinnie by LindaS
Buddy by Dani
Camilla by RJackson
Dustin by SarahK
Orson by Shaz
Basil by Dani
Mika by xxlynne
Dexter by Bizlate
Trixie by LindaS
Homings 8: Zola RR 18 Jerry SR 19 Franklyn RR 20 Jessa AB 20 Frank SR 21 Candy RR 21 Dink (Freddy) SR 21 Patzy TR 21
Gone Reserved this week :

Into Permanent this week:
Temporary Foster:
Holidays: Shadow RR
Short Week: Churchill RR Arthur TR Heidi SR Meera SR Buddy SR Nessa RR Jordon RR Basil TR Candy RR
Overnight: Lara RR Trixie RR Marsha SR
Return from Foster: Maddox RR Pablo SR

Intake 2 New : Spencer RR Steve RR
Returns 1: Leo SR

Comment: Another 8 of our doggies found their families and such wonderful families. It is a pleasure as always to be meeting our volunteers that are there supporting our new dogs; dogs who are settling in with us and our dear friends who have spent months waiting and preparing for their families. If there are any volunteers that have stepped back as life has got in the way, always know you are welcome back and we need you! Our dogs need us ALL to continue to step forwards for them; as they enter our air space, as we guide them into safe landing slots with their new families. They need your help more than ever. As with any voluntary organisation everyone supports those who carry the most in whatever ways they can, so their load is lightened. Voluntary Organisations stand with appreciation and respect for each ones endeavours whatever; whenever they can. The principles of our Rescue Work are deeply held, and distilled and matured like fine wine over many many years and refined as we learn from each dog we serve. The more involvement you have, the more you will understand the moral; ethical and life and death dilemmas which are a daily feature of a Dog Rescue.

The thoughts this week go to Churchill. SarahW found a lump on his neck and our vets have now taken away a large section of his thyroid gland. SarahW has juggled her work week and has arranged it so Churchill has a week's recovery out of kennels. Such a shock for us but hopefully Churchill will just experience this as a very special time. We are all so grateful to SarahW.

Our thoughts also go to John Fowle who needed to reduce the no.of dogs he and Sylvie care for. This week Pablo & Maddox came back into kennels. John continues to provide vital care for Podge & Blossom who would not cope in well as his own 4 personal dogs. Our hats as always are off for John, who has for so many years served our dogs and our Rescue stepping forwards when noone else could/ or would

Lowest numbers since August 2013!
Our Stats 2016: 96 dogs

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Re: Rescue Remedies Diary June 2016 - August 2016

Post by xxlynne » Mon Aug 29, 2016 12:01 am

Weekly Summary Week ending 28.08.16

Special dogs Special moments:
RoseMerry by Elliesmum
Maisie & Amanda by LindaS
FrankW & Billie by Nada
Marian and SarahW by Anne
Latte & Kerry by Guildford vol
Barley & Hannah by Cora
Arthur & Rosie by Tim.jpg
Arthur with Rosie ...or Cider with Rosie by Tim
Homings 6: Buddy (Pedro) RR 23 Tammy SR 25 Freddy TR 26 Finch (Maddox) RR 27 Asha SR 27 Toby SR 28
Trial Adoption Sally SR
Gone Reserved this week : Nellie SR Masha SR Liberty RR Brandy SR

Homing picture of the week!
Frank with Elliot on holiday

Into Permanent this week:
Temporary Foster: Molly RR Nancy SR
Holidays: Shadow RR
Short Week: Churchill RR Arthur TR Pippin SR Meera SR Buddy SR Nellie SR Basil TR Marsha SR Camilla SR
Overnight: Lara RR Trixie RR Jordon RR
Return from Foster:

Intake 11 New : Charlie TR 22 Pablo TR 24 Sonny RR 25 Ebby SR 25 Billy SR 25 Nellie SR 25 Graham RR 25 Jasper RR 26 Ziggy SR 28 Hugo RR 28 Sally SR 28
Returns :

Comment: Our special love for Churchy (Churchill) Our vet confirmed he has Cancer He had a large tumour removed from his thyroid and associaled lymph node removed but it will spread. SarahW is rearranging her life as she has the last 2 weeks for Churchy and is trying to keep him out of kennels as much as she can. She is compiling a bucket list of Churchy must have..this is the first achieve Churchy made a new friend with Buster
Churchy meets Buster by SarahW
Churchy's thread

May we never reach a point when we are just seeing our dogs as numbers, let alone applying the business model to the economics by hesitating taking on a more 'needy' special needs dogs. We enjoy the ability to support the needy dogs because of the strength of our support for our ethics. And our standing order donors and other who consistently financially support our work. So often people on the periphery of the Rescue start saying...'too many dogs' A phase often spoken but leaves my heart cold. I blink back and recognise something just isn't computing with their appreciation of the realities of the Rescue world. We don't create dogs ... we are called upon to help. In truth I could understand the statement if intake wasn't matched to homings. (This week happens to be an exception 'blush') Looking at our actual statistics you will notice (and hopefully admire) how carefully homing rates match intake. Explore our statistics with the link at the bottom of this diary page. It actually feels like keeping my finger on the end of a hose, turned on full power. We are actually very conscious of the economics...we have to be able to pay our bills, but our Charitable work, especially within the field of Adoption of dependents, is never comparable to the business model

Our dogs will never be numbers to us, each as unique individual, though we collect together your achievement for each individual, collectively into the Rescue's achievement.. When we look to the individual 'as a number', that is when we had lost our compassion. We have worked hard to slowly to bring the number of dogs we carry lower, so we do have more 'mental capacity' to support each individual as our dependents; to serve them better. Working in the Acute Hospital sector of the NHS as an Occupational Therapy manager, the Team is focused on freeing beds for the hospital but the ultimate aims are towards each individual patient in need: Enabling each patient to achieve functional independence and placing them back into the community at their optimum time, with the necessary support primed and engineered to achieve this. Assessing and supporting our dogs is similar and as we all know the joy when a long stay dog makes it 'Home' is amazing to all us volunteers. Here are our Longstay Statistics recorded from 04.2015

72 Longstay homed in 17 month period (Waited longer than 1 year)

Our Stats 2016: 101 dogs

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Re: Rescue Remedies Diary June 2016 - August 2016

Post by xxlynne » Wed Aug 31, 2016 9:57 pm

Rescue Remedies Diary of the Month for August 2016

Our Dogs of the Month for September 16 Each one really deserves a chance

Rescue Remedies
Autumn's RR's thread

Meera's Thread

Heathcliffe's Thread

BuzzJun (21).jpg
Buzz's Thread

Cracker's Thread

August 16
Intake/ Dogs saved 21: 19 + 2 Returns
Terrierrescue 2 + 1: Charlie TR 23 Pablo TR 24 + Toffee TR 19

Rescueremedies 8: Latte RR 1 Candy RR 1 Molly RR 1 Spencer RR 17 Steve RR 21 Sonny RR 25 Graham RR 25 Hugo RR 28

Staffierescue 9 +1: Camilla SR 1 Tammy SR 12 Bruce SR 12 Poppy SR 12 Billy SR 25 Ebby SR 25 Nellie SR 25 Sally SR 28 Ziggy SR 28 + Leo SR 21

Dogs homed: 31
Terrierrescue 6: Toffee TR 1 Dennis (Milo) TR 3 Snowy TR 12 Mimi(Suchung) TR 12 Patzy TR 21 Freddie TR 26

Rescueremedies 8: Blanche AmB 3 Zola RR 18 Franklyn RR 20 Jessa AB 20 Candy RR 21 Buddy (Pedro) RR 23 Finch (Maddox) RR 27 Liberty RR 31

Staffierescue 17: Lady (Ladyhaye) SR 2 Peppermint SR 13 Leo SR 14 Gillespie SR 14 Jodi SR 14 Bonnie SR 14 Flora SR 14 Jerry SR 19 Frank SR 21 Dink (Freddy) SR 21 Tammy SR 25 Asha SR 27 Toby SR 28 Nellie SR 29 Marsha SR 31 Constance Brandy SR 31 Sally SR 31

Celebrating our HOMED Longstay Dogs in August:

Longer than 6 months
Peppermint (nearly a year)
Peppermint (2).JPG
Toby (Nearly a year)
Gillespie (4).JPG
Constance Brandy

Longer than a year

Freddy (2009 first came to us returned after 7 years)
Freddie(Buddy) (4).jpg
Flora (came Dec 2014..)
Flora (13).JPG
Zola (Came Oct 2013 after a year in Rescue)
Zola (17).JPG
Snowy (Sept 2014 arrived a very frightened boy)
Franklyn9 (1).JPG
Comment: Serial homers! we know a few... here are some who came back to us this month

Tracy has homed from us personally (Not mentioning all her foster terriers) Bertie; Ronnie: Lewy; Sweetie; and now Mimi(Suchung) & Snowy... Polly adopted Gus, has just adopted Patzy: Pauline & Ed adopted Teddy and Eddie and now Flora: Diane who adopted Bilty (Bella) and now Constance (Brandy): Jacqui who adopted Baloo bought her mum to adopt Sally this month: Laura and Simon who adopted Tizer from us came back offering Peppermint her forever sofa. Mike who adopted Dave JRT and ex partner adopted Will JRT came back and adopted Dennis (Milo) meetings of family, and close friends, and we all sleep better knowing our dogs in are safe homes.

Our aim for one homing a day came true this month, as we zipped in 4 homings in the last day of the month 31:31 SATISFACTION! (Staffifaction)

Dogs Monthly

96 on our books Dogs Weekly our Rescue's Stats updated everyday


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