Rescue Remedies Diary January 2016 - May 2016

A behind the scenes look at our work
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Re: Rescue Remedies Diary January 2016 - March 2016

Post by xxlynne » Mon Apr 18, 2016 11:32 am

Weekly Summary Week ending 17.04.16

Post of the Week: Sidney PurplePoppy Tracy
Fun & frolics at Farnham Sculpture Park:-
"I am so excited about my day out"
"He might be bigger, but I am cuter"
"Get out of the shot woman!"
"To be or not to be . . . I am a cultured pooch!"
"Erm . . . This is a bit embarrassing!"
"I am not amused"
"I will just wait here until she is ready to walk"
"I can't decide whether I want a cuddle or look at more sculptures right now"
"Stop admiring how handsome I am and keep your eye on the road!"
"What is he howling about?"
"I am following the Pack"
"Looking goooooood!"
"Yay a bone!"
"This cat does not scare me"
"He looks a bit scary though . . . Help me! . . . "
"What is he looking at?"
"Can we go on another day trip next week please?"
Sidney's Thread

Best Video of this week: Bobby by SarahK

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Bobby's thread

Our Cats of the Week...least you forget! Wilfred

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Wilfred's thread

Homings 5: Steffi (Babs) RR 13 Molly Bo (Susie) TR 15 Reggie SR 16 Billy RR 17 Coco (Lois) TR
Gone Reserved This week 0:

Intake 8 New : Molly Bo (Susie) TR 12 Blaze SR 12 Pippin SR 13 Luna RR 14 Nobby(Scrabble) TR 14 Tansy RR 16 Ollie & Jack TR 16
Returns 3:
Martha RR Rocky RR 15 Nancy SR 16

Into Permanent Foster : Milo TR Mika TR Lily RR
Return from Foster : Honey SR
Into Temp Foster ( more than 1 night) : Shadow RR Lois TR Chyna SR Rowan SR Meera SR Luna RR Heidi SR
Weekend Overnight Foster : Toby SR
Post-spay Post op care : Luna RR Susie TR

Comment: We hopefully are witnessing the last few days where there is a nip in the air then we sail into spring and summer where hopefully our voluntary dog walkers will have an easier time of it and delight in our dogs company.We are stepping up on fund raising activities and Adam (Tizzy's dad) is now co-ordinating each individual's gallant efforts to raise our profile, and serve our dogs. Alison has set up a new website especially to feature, promote and applaud activity to raise funds. Have a look and see if you can be inspired to do or be included in a fun-raiser or as importantly support "those who do!"

Thanks to you ofcourse, those that are committed and have made our Rescue Work integral to their lives. Our dogs are eternally grateful, as are we all.
Pieces of 8 ..leads to a pot of gold
PLEASE look and participate in raises funds and spirits :nicethread.gif:

Building Block Appeal: stay tuned

Our Stats 2016: 108 dogs ouch jumped 7 dogs up this week

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Re: Rescue Remedies Diary January 2016 - March 2016

Post by xxlynne » Sun Apr 24, 2016 7:52 pm

Weekly Summary Week ending 24.04.16

Post of the Week: Bella by Polpat
I felt like I was walking with a celebrity today..... Bella had so many fans wanting to stop and talk about her! One lady was so taken with her, we talked for ages and two others came over to say what a fantastically well behaved dog I had....I am not sure whose head grew largest...mine or Bellas! She is indeed a bit of a superstar - very responsive (the rattle of a treat bag gets her immediate attention!) and a delight to spend time with. She was muzzle to muzzle with lots of dogs and it was waggy tails and happy encounters each time and she was totally unphased by 6 polo ponies who were being turned out in the field next to us. She did jump out of her skin when someone sneezed - bless her lol.gif
She romped around happily on a long line, never straying far and for her the best bit of the walk was the stream......what a water baby! She danced in the water and plunged her head in and out of the stream and splashed it with her paws - she was so excited and happy. She is totally joyful, loving little dog who will bring so much happiness to whoever is lucky enough to adopt her.
Bella's Thread

Best Photo of this week: Miko by Deborah
Miko's thread

Our Cats of the Week...least you forget! Queenie

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Queenie's thread

Homings 3: Tilly SR 21 Rosie SR 22 Blake SR 23
Gone Reserved This week 2: Scrabble TR Milo TR

Intake 0 New :
Returns 0:

Into Permanent Foster :
Return from Foster :
Into Temp Foster ( more than 1 night) : Shadow RR Tasha SR Baloo SR Chyna SR Meera SR Heidi SR Alfie SR
Weekend Overnight Foster : Jordon SR Vinnie SR Trixie RR Churchill RR
Post-spay Post op care :

Comment: All is well and all will be well. We managed to hold our breath and despite not many homings to get our kennel use down this week. Today we suddenly are getting some good Homing Questionnaires in so bodes well for next week paws crossed. Never a dull moment and its been a pleasure for me to spend time at home with my dogs whilst hubby is visiting family. My little Minxie is terminally ill so precious moments. Sadly Laura & Simon; MrsP lost her beloved Charlotte who we all owe so much to, such are our key volunteers own dogs who open their owners to the love of dogs and the quest to help save dogs who are in peril once they get caught in the 'system' ie council pounds. This week we thank 'our own dogs' for the incredible service they offer us and their homeless brothers and sisters [/size]
PLEASE look and participate in raises funds and spirits :nicethread.gif:

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Our Stats 2016: 105 dogs

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Re: Rescue Remedies Diary January 2016 - March 2016

Post by xxlynne » Sat Apr 30, 2016 10:16 pm

Rescue Remedies Diary of the Month for April 2016

Our Dogs of the Month for May 16

Rescue Remedies
Rupert RR's thread

Toby's Thread

Edie's Thread

Adelle's Thread

Bobby's Thread

April 16
Intake/ Dogs saved 34: 29 + 5 Returns
Terrierrescue 10:Lois TR 1 Buzz TR 5 Teddy TR 7 Susie TR 12 Harris TR 13 Nobby(Scrabble) TR 14 Jack TR 16 Ollie TR 16 Benji TR 28 Polo TR 28

Rescueremedies 11: Leylah (Delilah) RR 4 Bella RR 5 Lassie RR 5 Babs RR 5 Lenny RR 7 Luna RR 14 Tansy RR 16 Annissy RR 25 Blanche RR 28 Loki RR 28 Jessa RR 28

Staffierescue 8: Dylan SR 9 Blaze SR 12 Pippin SR 13 Asha SR 28 Jack SR 28 Maizie SR 28 Bonno SR 28 Frank SR 28

Returns 5: Harrison SR 9 Martha RR 13 Nancy SR 16 Rocky RR 16 Billy RR 25

Dogs homed: 29
Terrierrescue 8: Bertie TR 1 Jake(Jacob) TR 4 Teddy TR 10 Susie TR 14 Coco (Lois) TR 17 Nobby(Scrabble) TR 25 Milo TR 27 JoJo TR 27

Rescueremedies 10: Maria RR 2 Rocky (Frazer) RR 8 Rocky RR 8 Martha RR 9 Laylah (Delilah) RR 10 Lenny RR 10 Steffi (Babs) RR 13 Billy RR 17 Lassie RR 29 Luna RR 30

Staffierescue 11: Reuben(Wilf) SR 3 Harrison SR 3 Oliver SR 4 Bruno SR 10 Daisy SR 10 Reggie SR 16 Tilly SR 21 Rosie SR 22 Blake SR 23 Pinky SR 27 Baloo SR 28

Celebrating our HOMED Longstay Dogs in April:

Longer than 6 months
Longer than a year

Blake SR
Maria RR
Baloo SR
Comment: You know how hard we are working saving dogs and finding them their forever homes. We make no apology for the number of dogs lives we save, as we exist for that mission. Financially we somehow make it through with a lot of help from our friends...we thank everyone who has set up a standing order or send us donations with the confidence it allows us to support the dogs we have saved and save the next! We saved 34 dogs this month 10 of them came in at the end of the month on the 28th: Of those 34 we only have 24 on our books so 10 of our April intake were homed within the month.

We have been recording our long stay dogs for over a year now as you know I put a lot of time into statistics...from the 1st April15 'til 31st March16 we homed 59 dogs who had waited more than a year. We homed a further 3 in April16. Our current numbers of Longstay dogs are 33 but there are only 11 who have not been homed by us. 22 were homed and returned some after many years. When people criticise us for having so many longstay dogs they show their ignorance about Rescue Work: They should be praising us for standing by our dogs and always welcoming our dogs back when their homes fail.

We can stand proud of the fabulous service we are offering our dogs and their future families. We are all beholden to Dianna who with my constant support is doing all the homings and is hard at it 6 full days a week, she now takes Mondays off to retain her sanity. Others have had a go and soon step back as it is extremely emotionally and time demanding. What a terrific service Dianna gives to our dogs.

Thank you everyone for being there for our dogs...we do such an amazing task offering Rescue places to the dogs other Rescues pass over..and you know what, it is a pleasure it really is and we so love every one of our dogs. We especially love to see them being taken into the loving care of fabulous families.

Dogs Monthly

110 on our books Dogs Weekly our Rescue's Stats updated everyday

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Re: Rescue Remedies Diary January 2016 - March 2016

Post by xxlynne » Sun May 01, 2016 7:27 pm

Weekly Summary Week ending 01.05.16

Post of the Week: Ice by AnnaLewicka
The most wanted pictures Kiss of love.gif of the most happy dog Kiss of love.gif
She is a real sweetheart. Very intelligent, very loving, very cuddling, very happy.
We left her at home on few occasions and she just slept.

She is a "working" dog and loves it. Every day she goes to work with my husband where she helps a lot e.g. To allocate all the sticks in the garden (making sure they stripped of bark) or to watch the airplanes; a very important assistant and supervisor. When she's done enough, she rests in the car for the remainder of the day. She is definitely in love with my husband, but when we're all back home after work she is more than happy to share her cuddles with us too :)
She does not do anything naughty indoors and when she needs to go out, she will tell.
Loves fish and doesn't eat a lot.
Very easy going dog and definitely very intelligent.
Ice's Thread

Best Photo of this week: Buttons by Pegmilly and Blanche Aleopeter
Button's thread
Blanche's thread

Our Cats of the Week...least you forget!

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Houdini's thread

Homings 8: Nobby(Scrabble) TR 25 Milo TR 27 JoJo TR 27 Pinky SR 27 Baloo SR 28 Lassie RR 29 Luna RR 30 Annie (Annissy) SR 1
Gone Reserved This week 2: Loki RR Bella RR

Intake 12 New 11: Annie (Annissy) SR 25 Asha SR 28 Jack SR 28 Polo TR 28 Benji TR 28 Maisie SR 28 Bonno SR 28 Frank SR 28 Loki RR 28 Blanche RR 28 Jessa RR 28
Returns 1: Billy RR 25

Into Permanent Foster : Honey SR Chyna SR Jonson SR Susie RR
Return from Foster :
Into Temp Foster ( more than 1 night) : Alfie SR Basil TR Shadow RR Nessa RR Tasha SR Meera SR Churchill RR Gillespie RR
Weekend Overnight Foster : Heidi SR
Post-spay Post op care :

Comment: The dogs we held back last week arrived this week, so big intake but everything fitted in wonderfully as we homed 8, and 4 have gone into foster 3 of the foster families maneuvering and jiggling best they can to keep their dog out of kennels. The beauty of life is making the most of each day and achieving and appreciating everything as it unfolds. We never know what families will knock on our door and also what dog wardens will put a plea into us with an urgent or 2. This week we took in from our friends in Lancaster; safe&sound; West Wales poundies; Greenacre Rescue and Swindon. Next week it is Wandsworth & Richmond pound; Brighton and Aylesbury. There will always be emergencies and because we are sincere in what we do, we take calls very seriously and try not to play God with a dog's life. We have always tried to hear a dog knocking on our door and help whenever we can. You can not predict which dogs will be homed. Leesa and Sonny were homed within a week they arrived with us last time, but this time they sit there month on in...likewise with Sasha & Pepi our little is amazing and not something we have a lot of control over. We scrutinise our homes to ensure we get it right for the families and right for our dogs. That means talking with realism and ensuring the preparation is done and the expectations are low so our dog can succeed...most homings fail when the families' expectations are high and they put it all on the incoming Rescue dog shoulders.

Our gratitude to all our fosterers who put themselves out this weekend to take a dog home and give them enjoyment over the holiday weekend. May your sun continue to shine

PLEASE look and participate in raises funds and spirits :nicethread.gif:
Building Block Appeal: stay tuned

Our Stats 2016: 109 dogs[/size]

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Re: Rescue Remedies Diary January 2016 - May 2016

Post by xxlynne » Sun May 08, 2016 5:49 pm

Weekly Summary Week ending 08.05.16

Post of the Week: Henry by Anne
I have only walked Henry from the kennels, so I thought he would like an outing today. He hopped straight in the car when asked and gave me a little kiss. (Henry is not an overly in your face, licky Staffie, so his kisses are special) He curled up on the front seat for the journey and then waited to be asked to get out when we arrived at my house. We went for a long walk first. I put Henry on the extender lead to give him some freedom as he was so calm and relaxed. He was as good as gold on the lead, never reaching the end of it, waiting if I was lagging behind and returning to my side if I called him. As soon as we entered the first field of lush grass, Henry took the opportunity to have a roll, then another, then another. He picked up a few sticks along the way, swapping the one he had for a better one occasionally but soon losing interest in them. He passed other dogs, people, cows and chickens with polite interest if he noticed them at all. He did get interested in a rabbit, following it into the brambles to see where it had gone, but as soon as I said his name he was back to walking. Although we were walking at quite a pace, Henry looks as if he is pottering, stopping now and again to sniff and wee.
Back at my house he had a quick drink, a snack of cooked chicken ( he waits politely to be offered food, and takes treats very gently) we headed for the garden. Jazzy cat was out there (see photo) but Henry just looked until she went away protesting at him being there. In the garden he had a sniff around and then lay down for a snooze, only looking up when Rolly cat was taking an interest in him, but he watched until Rolly cat strolled off and then went back to his snoozing. Then we went in and he had a longer snooze on the sofa, only jumping up there when invited. He seems calm and relaxed in the house.
Hard to take such a wonderful dog back to kennels. smiley-sad010.gif
Henry's Thread

Best Photo of this week: Jonson by ChrissyM
Jonson's thread

Our Cats of the Week...least you forget!

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MeeMee's thread

Homings 6: Bella RR 2 Loki RR 2 Lexie SR 2 Rupert RR 5 Honey SR 6 Mario TR 7
Gone Reserved This week 2: Churchill RR Benji TR
Cat Homing Houdini

Intake 8 New 8: Autumn RR 5 Leo SR 5 Mitsi RR 5 Zebedee SR 5 Maddox RR 6 Pippa TR 8 Jacko TR 8 Bailey TR 8
Returns 0:

Into Permanent Foster : Benji TR Blanche RR
Return from Foster :
Into Temp Foster ( more than 1 night) : Shadow RR Toby SR Meera SR Gillespie RR Rowan SR
Weekend Overnight Foster : Heidi SR
Post-spay Post op care : Autumn RR Mitsi RR recovery in kennels

Comment: Rupert mentioned last week as Rescue Remedies May Dog of the month Vinnie is Rescue Remedies dog of the month for May. Houdini mentioned as cat of the week last week HOMED. Yipee!

Keep us in your pocket camera and minds: Can we thank all the walkers who take us with them when walking our dogs and put a lot of thought into their write up and into capturing the beauty and character of our dogs in their photos. One picture is worth a thousand words. You have to be conscious in portraying our dogs and stepping behind our dogs so they shine through Fantastic

Health & Safety is the signature to our Rescue work. So please here are some of the critical issues which show our integral caring in summer. Within our walkers training notes are notes about Sun / Heat Stroke.
Sun Stroke is a very real factor with our furry friends as they carry their fur coats whatever the weather and don't sweat so their cooling system is through their contact to the earth through their paws or belly and through panting.
Carry emergency numbers of kennels staff (and the Rescue) In an emergency call stating clearly where you are and with what dog. Carry water with you.
 If you are concerned about a dog over heating place them in shade, removing the dog from the hot environment if possible, even begging a favour of a near by house.
 At the spot: Carry water with you on hot days and use this to cool the dog and allow them to drink too. Reduce body temperature by dousing the dog in cool water, particularly the head and neck - or fan them to circulate air. Carry or transport the dog back to the kennels to safety keeping air circulating eg car windows down
 Back at kennels or place of safety : Continue to douse the dog in cold water until his breathing starts to settle Immerse the dog in tepid water, cooling gradually, using either a shower spray or similar. Use a fan to increase air flow over the dog to aid cooling. If using a fan to cool your dog be careful of electric wires ref water contact.
 Allow the dog to drink as much water as they want in small quantities at a time (if possible add a pinch of salt to the water)
 Seek veterinary attention if kennel staff deem necessary as soon as is safe to do so
 Avoid using ice-cold water; or cover your dog with wet sheets. Do not throw cold water over your dog it could send them into shock.

Harness use & types: We use harnesses to take any stress off of our dog's neck. We use the 'H' harnesses so if necessary you can get a handle on the dog without involving the collar to reassure the dog or to position the dog. It is very hard for a dog to back out of a properly fitted 'H' harness. Where the kennel staff have kindly put on a harness a walker will always check the harness is properly fitted before commencing on the walk. Any damaged collar, leads and harnesses are taken out of use and we will try to repair them where possible. Avoid using the same harness for different dogs as this can spread skin/ mites issues.

All our dogs are walked with a Rescue Remedies disc on their collar. We attached the disc to the collar in a place other than the 'D' ring so there is never the temptation to put the lead in the disc's ring rather than the 'D' ring. If the harness fails and the dog does come free any finder will call the Rescue. We get about 2 calls a week from the public finding our dogs. This is why we don't ask for our discs back and we home our dogs on our discs. Really astute homers will order a pressed disc through with their postcode and mobiles on then they will return our disc. Those that don't, will leave our disc on the dog and it will serve our dog well. We always ask our homers not to buy engraved discs as they swiftly wear and puts their dog in danger. Everyone must have their dog chipped now and the owners details on the chip & disc and they are held responsible for the dogs management and behaviour. If a dog gets lost it is far better the finder calls the no. on the disc than to have to take to a dog warden or vets to read the chip. It will also save a lot of time & money! With terriers in particular we ask families to leave the collar and disc on always so escape from the garden then dog can be quickly captured and returned.

Losing a dog: A finders first port of call is a uptodate pressed disc on the collar. Second is the uptodate chip details. If lost for over 30 mins get a helper to print a picture of your dog. Keep a good picture of your dog on your phone. Send a picture of your dog to a person who lives local eg person helping to look and print out posters with mobile no for contact, when and where lost and how best to approach them. Put up on lampposts; garden gates car & shop windows. Notify everyone you meet in the vicinity and be out their calling that is when people come out of their houses and tell you no 45 took a dog in that was stray. Dogs will tend to move around in a triangle. Terrier may have gone to ground so calling them may help but be aware of badger sets or fox holes. If a dog isnt found within three hours then its best to involve for full advice.

Never scald your dog for running away or doing something like snapping at a stranger...reassure them and take control by re-introduction in neutral area, asking the new person to adopt submissive body language eg seated and high value treats. Put their hand in front to be smelt but never raised over the dogs head until the dog indicates they are comfortable. Telling a dog off will confuse the dog. Why would they look to come back to you if they know they will be greeted with a telling off. Why would they receive a stranger better if they communicated they were nervous, and got shouted at for it.

A few more points to mind. Grapes; currants; chocolate and big quantities of butter/ fat can be lethal for dogs. Slug killers; rodent killers are highly poisonous. Cooked chicken bones are too sharp for the dog to safely digest..raw are fine.

SUMMER Be very careful of exit management. Back gates are used more with bicycles in use and garden use by families. Lower windows open are very inviting for terriers to exit via the back of the sofa due to a passerby or visitor up the garden path. Post boxes by the gate or beside the front door will take the commotion away from the postmans (intruders) visit. Terrier people tend never to open the front door without checking where their terrier is and placing them behind an inner door or gate. A spring on the front gate can offer a little reassurance should the terrier escape into the front garden. Wrought iron gates are often easy for a terrier to walk through as they need a much narrower space than supposed.

And finally BBQs great care should be taken with loose dogs around spitting fat; very hot meat, delicious smells too tempting for most. Position and supervision of actual BBQ which if they leaped up to investigate, can easily be knocked over. Swimming pools need to be watched very carefully and a means for a swimming dog to get a purchase out like steps introduced in case the dog accidently falls in without supervision. We have known many dogs drown in visiting properties with swimming pools or caught up hidden under a covered pool. Deep pond likewise steps created to use stones to provide exit purchase.

Have a great summer!!

PLEASE look and participate in raises funds and spirits :nicethread.gif:
Building Block Appeal: stay tuned

Our Stats 2016: 112 dogs[/size]

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Re: Rescue Remedies Diary January 2016 - May 2016

Post by xxlynne » Mon May 16, 2016 10:08 am

Weekly Summary Week ending 15.05.16

Post of the Week: Meera by Katz (Maria and Andy)
Sorry it's been a while. We have had little Meera as a much beloved guest the last few weekends. She seems to have gotten used to going back to kennels and then slotting back into our lives. She knows the routine well now, jumps straight in the car, she now travels well in the back with the dog guard up, always watching what is going on, keen to get "home". Once there it is straight through the back gate and where she waits by the door for her harness to be taken off then in for joyful roll on the carpet.

Meera keeps me company whilst I'm working from home and loves to follow the sun when it comes into the study, often eschewing her dog bed:
Who's that under the desk
She likes to supervise when we are working in the garden:
Looking good
Meera loves her walks. We leave her harness by the back door and if we are in the garden she will often go up to it and stare at it hopefully. She can get a bit excited when you go to put her harness on and try to bite it but a firm no/stop/sit usually makes her keep still and let you slip it over her head with no further fuss. Same with her lead. Once these are on there is no stopping her, she quivers with excitement and cries until you go and then she is on a mission, striding ahead, stopping for sniffs from time to time and noticing simply everything. She is getting at better at containing her excitement at seeing other dogs, generally now she will look and pull but move past without stopping or trying to go back. We have been on lots of long walks, she would walk all day given the chance I think. With the hotter weather she doesn't even mind getting her dainty paws wet!
Meera crossing our local river
She also loves to run. Neither of us are runners but she has had us running around fields with her on the extender. She is very responsive as we play zigzags, turning on a pin as we call for her to change direction. The grin on her face is a joy to behold! If you are a runner she would be your perfect companion:
Andy's keep fit regime
She is a real sunworshipper, we have put sunblock on her pink nose as we are worried about it getting burnt, not sure how much of it stays on though!
A little bit of sunbathing
Much as she is interested in squirrels and birds she is really not interested in cattle, though they seem to be interested in her!
Meera's fans
We took her to a garden center where it took us the best part of to find all the plants we wanted. She was so good, she got a wonderful fuss from a family who also foster rescue staffies. There was lots going on, other dogs, children, trolleys, wheelchairs, she was calm and patient. I let her chose a reward from the pet section which she took home and enjoyed. It was all rather exhausting though:
Tired girl
Meera is a very loving little girl who is full of beans. She so loves a cuddle and to give your a thorough wash but is always ready for a bit of rough and tumble too. Not a shrinking violet. She will light up someone's life. :smiley-love014.gif:
Meera's Thread

Best Photo of this week: Blaze with observant Jack by Polpat
Blaze with Jack watching on
Blaze's thread

Our Cats of the Week...least you forget!

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Semi feral with a flea allergy so needs to be kept inside now chipped and thoroughly checked by our vet under gen An.
Daphne's thread

Homings 8: Benji TR 12 Beau SR 14 Poppy SR 14 Polo TR 14 Rex TR 14 Susie RR 15 Bonno RR 15 Tasha SR 15
Gone Reserved This week 0:

Intake 3 New 3: Amy TR 12 Heathcliff AB 12 Leigh SR 12
Returns 0:

Into Permanent Foster : Maddox RR
Return from Foster : Barley TR Churchill RR
Into Temp Foster ( more than 1 night) : Shadow RR Basil TR Rowan SR Amy TR
Weekend Overnight Foster : Bonno SR Meera SR Gillespie RR Jordon RR Leo SR
Post-spay Post op care : Amy TR

Comment: Thank you everyone who helped our dogs this week by tweeting; sharing; cheering; posting; donating; walking; fostering; admin. tasks; transporting; caring; marketing; planning future interventions or fundraising; photographing and mastering resizing on the Forum; homing!; bathing and grooming; preparing or ordering equipment (official we prefer to select our own equipment for safety reasons and making every penny count); updating websites and facebooks; discussing with potential families; managing homings; socialising; inducting and inspiring new volunteers; communicating; following procedures to ensure professional outcomes; enthusing and educating; training and supporting. AND as ever our wonderful Vets and their Team. We salute you

Our Rescue survives due to positivity within the hearts of our volunteers. 99% of volunteers are shielded from the true stresses which operate within the heart of the Rescue: It is part of our service to make our volunteer's lives stress free! The difference between enjoying a prepared meal in nice surroundings or peeling potatoes all day long! Talking to others on deck or loading the coal into the engine on shift! Yes I often feel a jaded cynic after an onslaught 14 years, but somehow I survive when so many committed volunteers knowing and carrying the load have walked away... we lose some hearts but so many come back...they will always be welcome. I'm a rat on a wheel often exhausted but there is no way off it keeps the lightbulb of hope shining. Our dogs are beached up arriving and they become flowers in the desert. You have to be astute, you develop a lie detector but rarely admit your perceptions to others. Riding the centrifugal force of the corners, your balance instincts automatically attuned to stay on and ride it successfully at speed. What our understanding is can be reasoned out. When others question your perception you share the genuine scenario... and "made up scenario"; valid reasons and devised excuses. In the heart of the Rescue we smile and continue on...the rule is NEVER JUDGE others and NEVER BLAME others but it is VERY hard when they want to lay the blame on a dog or even worse our rescue dog's shoulders. Best left unsaid but who can blame us for standing up and defending our dogs on occasion: Forgive us if we come to their rescue when our lip was bitten to the point of hurting. On the whole we endeavour to allow people to save face and retain their false dignity, when a prepped homing breaks down in a heart beat. We leave volunteers to believe in the genuineness and sincerity of human nature. The easiest homings are often simply the best. The more complex, time consuming and challenging; they often fizzle to nothing. You KNOW it in their voice; the openness their commitment to looks and belief projecting on to the dog's photo their dreams. The red flags flying from the outset..but the truth is we have to be ever optimists.

Enquiry before commitment: 1,000 and 1,000 of times we simply ask in respect of our mental space and physical time, we can not answer "detail" questions about our dogs, but the passing public wish us to make it all very simple and place a label with all certainty. Black and white can't be done when you know your onions. People can explore the info we have on their threads and we can only get into discussion on "detail" with those who are ready to actually home a dog within the next 7 days via a homing questionnaire. People do need to be fair to us. Dianna and I have had the telephone ringing at 2 or 4 in the morning so no Dianna doesn't give her numbers out now as people get disgruntled when we can't agree with their match criteria. We continually are distracted to reply to this or that detail as though we're sitting there reading a book and we think ahhh wonderful an enquiry for one of our dogs... that is the niavity we talk about. The homing process is extremely complex matching the family ref that dog can be a perfect match but the likelihood is there are other key factors which immediately rule out of that potential homing. An experienced Staffie family who needs their Staffie to be off lead and cope with being challenged and intruded upon by other dogs and not rise to it, or taught not to intrude upon another dog who is purposefully kept on lead and inadvertently causes a fight: It is a VERY REAL issue with us. We probably have about 1 or 2 Staffies out of 60 who we think with the right settlement and support MAYBE able to manage off lead without event in time. Our dogs come from impoverished backgrounds. We won't set them up to fail or if there is an incident we have to be prepared to take them back on in a heart beat.

Breed Type assessment: Firstly educating the public what they can expect from a breed is key to the role our homing team (Dianna and I). What are the traits you can expect with a Jack Russell; Staffordshire Bull Terrier; American Bulldog; Rottweiler; Patterdale Terrier; Toy breed; Mastiff or Shar pei. It is amazing how little research people do, it is really based on looks. Having handled many of that breed and Dianna families giving up on those breed, 100s of that breed and in some cases 1000s of that breed we you feel it in your bones so 'read' a dog instinctively a wine taster or professional tennis player. We educate and inform why we think it is or isn't the right breed for the family. I always remember Dee who ran the Rescue with me for a while repeatedly saying they want a terrier on looks but are really wanting a Staffie on temperament. Then there is the most favourite pastime of the Brits of breed guessing. We have so much experience of the physical traits of the breeds. Just yesterday someone said they thought one of our dogs had whippet in them crossed with a staffie. You sum up the main physical attributes and if you crossed a Whippet with a Staffie... the height same or smaller than a Staffie not taller; the feet would be much daintier than a Staffie and the musculature on the hind legs would be pronounced and the alertness in mindset would be astute. If a dog is brindle people immediately assume Staffie x but other bull breeds & sighthounds have brindle as their common colour type. Researching breeds I looked up the genetic pool of the Jack Russell to discover the terrier is a cross between sighthound ..hence chase drive and speed and pointed nose; and the bullbreed hence the tenacious, stubborn/independent and loving nature. Black & Tan: people think mini Rottie or Dobie rather than Black and Tan being common for terriers and though rare is a possible colour for a Staffie.

The ethics of a Rescue is their signature tune. People think they can help by bringing the ethos of commercial or retail into the Rescue. However the mission of a Rescue is pure and kept simple. We run our Rescue focused on our dogs and dogs needs and yes it is very hard to distract us from our focus on this. Rescue is a social work and rehabilitation model with a hint of business to make the finances work but very much NOT a commercial or retail model.

Our core mission as a Rescue and modus operatum is intense, immediate and insistent in its urgency. We are running an organisation to save dogs lives; bring them into safety; achieve good health outcomes within as best as we can manage welfare conditions; We prevent breeding; We spent every penny ethically as a precious item; carefully prepare for adoption; provide back up for our dogs for all their lives. One homer commented this week the process was more difficult than adopting a child. My retort was 'Actually no...if you attempted to go through child adoption you will find a very necessary and incredibly involved process over 9 months to 2 years with no surety during the process you will adopt. On reflection later that day I thought yes we are thorough but without that scrutiny it doesn't cut ice when the call comes the dog needs to come back the next day because something that was so obvious wasn't explored or the family were neither ready and willing to rise to the dog's needs.

Fantastic week...praying for a fabulous homing week

PLEASE look and participate in raises funds and spirits :nicethread.gif:

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Re: Rescue Remedies Diary January 2016 - May 2016

Post by xxlynne » Sun May 22, 2016 10:30 pm

Weekly Summary Week ending 22.05.16

Post of the Week: Brandy by Bettypinches
Here's a few pics I took today of this little cuddle-monster. She is just the cutest, sweetest, likkle gal - even her bark is small and cute! love4.gif
Brandy4RR (1).jpg
Brandy's Thread

Best Photo of this week: Nutkins by Joanned
Nutkins's thread

Our Cats of the Week...least you forget! TIBBS

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Tibbs' thread

Homings 9: Belle TR 19 Amy TR 19 Sonny SR 22 Leesa SR 22 Ollie TR 22 Jack TR 23 Sasha RR 21 Pepi RR 21 Freddie(Leigh) SR 22
Gone Reserved This week 1: Rio SR

Intake 8 New 7: Bonzo SR 18 Mandy AmB 18 Orson SR 20 Zena SR 20 Beth RR 20 Olly TR 20 Ruby SR 21
Returns 1: Skip TR 17

Into Permanent Foster :
Return from Foster : Rowan SR
Into Temp Foster ( more than 1 night) : Belle TR Amy TR Basil TR Heidi SR Leo SR
Weekend Overnight Foster : Nessa RR Gillespie RR Franklyn RR
Post-spay Post op care in kennels : Zena SR Beth RR Mandy RR

Comment: The focus is simple but few people get it. As a RESCUE we have to see it from the homeless dog's point of view. Our dogs have lost their family at least once and we have to ensure we get it right for them this time. In conversation we take people back to this point of view continuously; even committed volunteers need to be directed again again and again as our dog's perspective. Our dogs need us to do this for them. We are not serving families, foremostly we are serving our dogs in terms of looking for security, safety, commitment and insuring the situation is right for our dog(s). The perspective is very different, you can still appreciate potential families and what they are offering but only when that serves our dog do we have a match. Realism is always there we are not swayed to please...we explain and often have to step back and bring realism into the exchange it takes courage it takes inner strength not to say that which will please, but to exchange aspects that educate, inform and moves the potential family into a clearer understanding of what their expectations are and an understanding why this isnt right for a particular dog or breed of dog. Emotional maturity has to be there to stand firm, clear and sure for our dogs. For example I often say people have understood the needs of a collie being a working breed...Patterdales and Parson's Jack Russells are working breeds also. Staffies are 'people' dogs and don't naturally live a 'closed off life' they need an inclusive life.

Another week whizzes by with 3 pairs homed this week so often by co-incidence we note the RR, SR & TR collective in the sense Sasha & Pepi RR; Sonny & Leesa SR and Ollie & Jack TR Intake days we are often taking a terrier; a staffie and another breed/ RR. Also our aim for 1 a day here we are 22nd of May and 22 dogs homed...amazing thank you everyone

PLEASE look and participate in raises funds and spirits :nicethread.gif:

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Re: Rescue Remedies Diary January 2016 - May 2016

Post by xxlynne » Mon May 30, 2016 12:01 am

Weekly Summary Week ending 29.05.16

Twentyone pictures of our dogs ...keep the pictures coming they mean everything
Twist (7).JPG
Alfie & Twist
HeidiPaw (1).jpg
Homings 7: Willow TR 24 Henry SR 25 Flora SR 25 Olly TR 27 Bobby TR 28 Rocky RR 29 Blaze SR 29
Gone Reserved This week 0: Rio SR

Intake 9 New 4: Patzy TR 23 Austin SR 23 Willow TR 24 Scooby SR 29
Returns 5: Rubypru SR 25 Milo TR 25 Buddy SR 26 Annie RR 28 Dustin SR 29

Comment: A summer week with so many dedicated dog walkers (volunteers) out in numbers with passion and compassion, making us a really valued Rescue where people are confident their financial investment is supporting dogs who are loved, cared for, and ardent endeavours are made to find their homes.

We have welcomed back 5 of our dogs this week and said goodbyes forever to Bunny; Bentley (Trixie's partner); Kizzy feeling for our friends who are hurting their loss

PLEASE look and participate in raises funds and spirits :nicethread.gif:

Building Block Appeal: stay tuned

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