Rescue Remedies Diary November 2015 - December 2015

A behind the scenes look at our work
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Re: Rescue Remedies Diary November 2015 - January 2015

Post by xxlynne » Wed Dec 23, 2015 11:26 pm

Took a few pictures today out and about Oh how I love driving through London maybe its because I'm a Londoner!
December 150.jpg
December 151.jpg
December 152.jpg
December 153.jpg

...picking up the street dogs that no one claimed; no one cared; saving them from discards in a black bag in a fridge over Christmas

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Re: Rescue Remedies Diary November 2015 - January 2015

Post by xxlynne » Fri Dec 25, 2015 12:28 pm

Christmas message from the sharp end the task never done the celebrations are borne out with 360 dogs this year spending Christmas with their new families, with families who stepped up to the mark and believed in us and believed in their new dogs to guide them to settle. I want to thank you our volunteers personally on behalf of all those new families and for all you have done and supporting me personally in the blur of our mission. Thank you for all YOU will continue to do for our dogs past, present and future. We need you and we all urge you to step forwards to help our plight, it doesn't fade, our plight becomes an uphill fight to win more hearts and save more dogs lives.

Just wanted to thank everyone for your love and caring over the past year. Yes I am talking to you personally. Amazing as is, predictably we have homed over 360 dogs this year so far most of them Staffies who found themselves discarded in council pounds unaware how much danger they were actually in with the austerity driven councils who no longer can argue the dogs cases. Many ofcourse we didn't hear about or circumstances were such we were from the depths of our hearts unable to save here is a pause to those unsaved...

We helped many but as is the hallmark of our Rescue work not only did we pick them up, we lifted them up, neutered them as a lifetime's protection from exploitation and a clear statement to society lets value the dogs we have and lets stop adding to the explosive problems of dog numbers in Britain. We neutered 5 bitches which we found to be pregnant in spay; we neutered 2 bitches who we found to have pyometra a fatal condition if it had been left. We took many a cancerous growth off; limbs off; radial bowel operations; cruciate ops; 5 entropion eye ops...the list goes on and on. We took in terminal dogs and offered them their last weeks and months in loving care.
Jaffa hold your head up! Walk tall
Our dogs have had to compete with all the dogs bought in from far off lands who don't carry the public prejudice that Bull Breeds carry in our society. We know the dice is always loaded against our dogs, but somehow through the supreme ongoing efforts of all our volunteers, we have won over hearts and many families have come to Rescue for the first time and many have Rescued a Staffie Staffiex for the first time and discovered the breed. Our terrier families have stepped up as responsible families where they don't play dice with the working type terrier lives. We praise you.
Breeding bitch in the trhows of a miscarriage discarded
We have many silly comments from people who don't get it, 'we ask too many questions of applicants'; we show too much compassion and drive. We don't apologise for fast tracking our dogs into warm and caring homes from the stark realities of kennels. Some people blame our dogs for waiting so long. Perhaps if they appreciated many many dogs in Rescue aren't given that commitment: Our dogs are given a unlimited window of time only when they are homed do we step forwards for the next. People offer advice about saving more by culling the longstay; not stepping forwards for the American Bulls; cherry pick more. Really? Destroy a dog so you can help the next we dont play economics with our dogs lives and never will. We hold to the motto that we stand by the dogs we step forwards whatever it takes. We offer to help, our pledge is with that dog to support and help them to flourish.
Carol ended up in the wrong hands and now in safe hands
Many people have come in contact with our Rescue over the course of the year, inducted as walkers; purchased items through our facebook auction; stopped at our stalls and walked on our charity walks. Many have been touched and donated through our websites paypal selecting friends and family and completing their giftaid form. Many have valued our work set up a standing order to congratulate and commend our selfless work.
Hollymay somehow got herself free from her chains arriving in a terrible physical state Welcome sweetheart
Let us reassure you no one takes a wage or expenses; we all do it for love even our accountant; our giftaid volunteer; our bill payer; our buyer; our marketeers; our advertisers; our printers; our event organisers; our photographers; our fosterers our transporters. Our vets support our work and make it possible. It is a humbling experience to see the commitment to our dogs who we know weren't given a chance by other Rescues. Somehow our Rescue Remedies dogs compete with the other hundreds of dogs in Rescue, proudly due to the exaltation of our volunteers, who prove their worth and reveal their 'must have qualities'.
Jackthelad trembing and handshy now finding trust
If ever I begin to declare names of our volunteers I am lost in wonder. Some step away as life gets in the way; others reappear and rejoin our quest. Our love is for our dogs, that is the glue that binds us thankfully we don't have a culture that gets hooked into personalities and everyone is there in the background with our dogs as the celebrities.
Tied up to a wall under a bramble bush out of sight out of mind! Welcome Floss
We have fundamental problems carrying so many dogs without our own base and with a shrinking kennel base in the near future and a bank balance which support us only a little way into the future. We have been called upon to help dogs, these featured in last 2 weeks before Christmas as kennels have to clear to make way for boarders to occupy those vital spaces and as council workers have to clear the decks ready to the Christmas drop fall in cover and space. I should not have saved them and 2 more come in next week which I should not have saved...but its Christmas and our national characteristic of empathy runs like a deep vein through our work.
Frightened in kennels only released to us terrierrescue on the strength of our reputation to home responsibily
I leave you with the Christmas pictures of 7 of the dogs we have taken in because my knees went weak; I only had vacant kennels which our Christmas foster dogs had vacated. I have the headache to plan the Christmas New Year returns ...the headaches and heartaches are especially mine, the sleepless nights are mine, the fun we hope is yours. It comes from taking risks to save a dogs life, time and time again. Our Rescue work isnt 'sexy', it doesn't call the public in as many Charities do...the public's opinion is hardened especially to the Staffies as "should never have been born" attitude..we may agree...our dogs didn't ask to be born but they deserve to live life as each one of us does with dignity, and to be able to have their many gifts appreciated and treasured.

Donate your time; donate some money but above all donate your heart to our cause.

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Re: Rescue Remedies Diary November 2015 - January 2015

Post by xxlynne » Sun Dec 27, 2015 10:16 pm

Weekly Summary Week ending 27.12.15

Post of the Week: Heidi by Yves
Day 3 on Christmas hols.
Out and about Westcott today.
Heidi is full of energy and fully recovered from yesterday and scanning the horizon for new adventures..
Still very interested by sheep. These were against the fence, move away as they saw us..but suddenly turned around and walked slowly toward us..
Stand off? I quietly told Heidi..
"listen mate, there is only 2 of us and plenty of those..could be better for us to move away?" we did..
In the afternoon we went to Ranmore common, on the way Heidi met a couple of horses..
heidi17 (1).JPG
After a couple of days Heidi is really settling well (she is now happily sleeping on the sofa), she is perfect in the home and outside during our walks. She never runs out of energy and always ready to take up any new challenges.

Heidi's Thread

Video of the week: Sausages and Emily SarahK

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Emily's Thread

Video: Mally's Christmas message

Mally's Thread

Homings 2: Jackthelad TR 23 Paddy TR 27
Trial Adoption This week 0:
Gone Reserved : Diesel SR (Blue) Dolly TR

Intake New 6: Billy RR 21 Floss TR 22 Phoebe SR 23 Jaffa SR 23 Hollymay SR 24 JoJo TR 24
Returns :

Lots of dogs into temporary foster and Phoebe after a horrific week for her but safe now into permanent foster (I just know John will never let her come into kennels!)

Comment: A terrific week to see so many new people come forwards to offer Christmas foster places...such a wonderful gesture to some lucky dogs. This enabled us to save some lives with week and they all seemed in desperate need, sad and very needy, washed up on our shore disoriented but safe. Our Christmas appeal was phenomenal this year and has bought us much needed funds which is very humbling to witness £4718 and so lovely for the children to grasp how they have helped to save abandoned Staffies, neuter them and prep them to find their homes. Brilliant project especial thanks to Nikki B & Alison and all for organising this

Thank you everyone hope you had a great Christmas now into the new year!

Lovely Video by Nikki Inns sound up!

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Our Stats: 124 dogs

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Re: Rescue Remedies Diary November 2015 - January 2015

Post by xxlynne » Fri Jan 01, 2016 11:28 am

Rescue Remedies Diary of the Month for December 2015

Our Dogs of the Month for January 16

Rescue Remedies
Lara RR's thread

Maisie's Thread

Moby's Thread

Gilbert's Thread

Basil's Thread

December 15
Intake/ Dogs saved: 17 + 6 Returns
Terrierrescue 4: Jackthelad TR 8 Dolby TR 20 Floss TR 22 Jojo TR 24

Rescueremedies 3: Moby RR 9 Billy RR 21 Vinnie RR 30

Staffierescue 10: Tiffin SR 1 Barclay SR 3 Champ SR 4 Holly SR 5 Emily SR 11 Gillespie SR 11 Carol SR 15 Phoebe SR 23 Jaffa SR 23 Hollymay SR 24

Returns 6 : Roxy RR 12 Meera SR 13 Mally TR 15 Sasha RR 16 Pepi RR 16 Liquorice SR 17

Dogs homed: 27
Terrierrescue 11: Quincey TR 5 Alfie TR 6 Twist TR 6 Kingsley TR 8 Ginny TR 9 Cody TR 20 Dolby TR 20 Jackthelad TR 23 Paddy TR 27 Dolly TR 30 Daisy TR 31

Rescueremedies 1: Luna RR 2

Staffierescue 15: Madge SR 2 Marilyn SR 2 China SR 4 Poppy SR 4 Storm SR 4 Angel SR 5 Alfee SR 6 Liquorice SR 8 Bella SR 12 Ralph SR 13 Rani SR 18 Issy SR 19 Tula SR 20 Diesel SR 29 Trevor SR 30

Celebrating our HOMED Longstay Dogs in December:

Longer than 6 months

Madge & Marilyn SR
MadgeMarilyn (6).jpg
Angel SR
Angel (7).jpg
Bella SR
Bella (17).JPG
Issy SR
Diesel SR
DieselB 48.JPG
Longer than a year

Cody TR
Dolby (25).jpg

Comment: December has been a vital month for the funds and with it fun had. As always we are grateful for those who have given generously but especially the FundRaisers who have gone out there on the internet or on our streets and shopping centres to organise events and gather funds and with it raise the profile of dogs in need within the awareness and consciousness of the public. You could have a role raising funds for us in 2016 if you found visiting the kennels too emotionally or time demanding. Most of our core members are busy with our dogs and we so need another layer of committed volunteers who wish to support the Rescue from organising work based, friends and family or placing a Rescue Remedies stall local events. See if you can pledge this for the New Year as we always say our dogs are the ones who will benefit usually our future dogs retaining their lives! Oh yes and have a thought about your will one of our homers are making a pledge in their will and we laughed if you don't determine where your wealth is ultimately employed you'll probably be treating your extended family to a cruise! We had a £5000 legacy come to us in the latter part of the year from Roo Staffie's owner who died and John paid a whole kennel bill for so many dogs for a month tremendous help. Thank you

December is always the month for reflection and with heart felt gratitude. December can feel overwhelming looking back and through the year and next will be the 2015 diary entry to make sense of the year past. This diary entry is to reflect on December itself and the humbling aspect of December was yes the Christmas appeal that has nearly hit £5000 and the Charity walk which is always a tremendous event for our kennelled dogs; our homed dogs and our volunteers meeting our homers with gratitude. Oh yes and the celebration of knowing our dogs moved out of winter kennels into warm, cherished homes.

121 on our books Dogs Weekly our Rescue's Stats updated everyday

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Re: Rescue Remedies Diary November 2015 - January 2015

Post by xxlynne » Fri Jan 01, 2016 8:02 pm

Euey (8).jpg
Euey Our Homing of the Year 2015
Rescued 353
48 returns of which were returns 38 from within 2015
10 taken in from other Rescues
30 surrendered from families
10 offered safe passage from Police/ Social Work kennels
253 saved directly from council pounds or via pound pullers
We have taken mainly from London but probably about 65 from Wales and 40 from the north pounds and 20 from Sussex/ Wiltshire pounds. We do not take from abroad nor from free ads.
Pedro (22).jpg
Mr Before Pedro
Pedro (20).jpg
Mr After Pedro
Homings 382 a record
38 returned to us within the same year and most of these within a 2 week period, Despite carefully vetting our homers for whatever reason our dogs were deemed incompatible. Sadly on 3 occasions our dogs came back to us traumatised and have taken sometime to try and rehabilitate them.
Deceased 5 dogs 4 due to physical illness and 1 from extreme unresolveable stress/ behavioural issues
Retained in own home 6 dogs on our books were then retained by their owners.
Bow (10).jpg
Holly (Beau) Our Oldest Homed dog 2015 (17yrs)
Breed types Homed:
Staffies 185
Terriers 91
Crossbreeds 19
Mastiff x 15
Small pedigrees (most elderly) 11
AmBulls 11
Rotties 8
Labx 6
Lurchers 6
Shar Peis 4
Shepx 4
Collies 3
Spaniels 3
Willow (9).jpg
Our saddest intake Willow on day of giving birth
Our foster places have reduced from 57 to 24. The trend this year as been to offer 'time limited' commitments to helping a homeless dog to fit in with work commitments or not wanting to take full time commitment. We have accepted where it suits our dogs and where admin have the time to set up arrangements,optimising an offer to help one of our dogs: Ideally we will look for permanent fosters but times are hard and temporaryfoster serves our dogs well and unpins their ultimate homing.
Edie our illest intake prior to magor bowel op
Length of time in Rescue:
We have homed 48 dogs who were with us over a year since April 15 ie 9 month period. We are currently holding 34 dogs with us who have been waiting at least 1 We never put a dog to sleep because they have proven 'unappealing' to applicants which happens with many Rescues and hidden under coded labelling ref 'cause for PTS. The hunch is our dogs are often waiting 4-5 months prior to homing. but also the slow movement of dogs, relates to us competing with Rescue Centres who have their on hand staff with opportunity to impromptu visiting. Competing with Free ad dogs; dogs brought in from abroad of an appealing 'not bullbreed' option.
Barley who has made the most progress in 2015
Arthur 2nd one most progress
Trixie & Cathy Joint 3rd most progress
Kennelling: Over Feb and March 15 we upped our use of kennels due to extreme pressure bought to bear on us. We have really struggled to cut our numbers back and obviously our costs to support average 83 dogs in paid kennels places intense pressure on every pound we raise and every pound we spend. There is no slack. We are losing our Godstone kennel base in early March 16 which will reduce us by 27 kennels. This years were temporarily had an addition 10 kennels at Potters bar which have now gone. Our focus from the New year will to to commit to the many strays in Broxbourne that have been waiting for our help.
Dolby (31).jpg
Cody made it home after 9 long years
2015 Projects:
Potters Bar: We rehomed 11 dogs from the site and homed 5 Rescue Remedies dogs from the site We have 2 elderly dogs in foster and 3 dogs in boarding kennels awaiting their homes. We also rescued 23 cats off the site 5 are homed and 1 sadly died having become very poorly. We have 16 cats still waiting for homes. We homed 2 Turkeys as well. Our vets brought them all to health and yes we had extensive vet bills to pay but so rewarding to serve these animals.
Broxbourne: We continue to work closely with Adam in Brox and have homed 83 dogs from Broxbourne in 2015 and are currently kennelling 1 Broxbourne originating dog in our boarding kennels, and have 5 Broxbourne dogs in foster.

So here is a Magical Homing from Each month of the Year a VERY difficult decision as each one of our homings are spectacular.
Uncle Albert Mr January
Barley(Kaiser) (2).jpg
Barley (Kaiser) Mr February
Charlie (21).jpg
Charlie Mr March
Dion (19).JPG
Dion Mr April
Rex (12).jpg
Rex Mr May
Judy Miss June
HarpoZep (17).jpg
Harpo & Zeppo The July Boyz
Tiffiny Miss August
MissMarley (19).jpg
Miss Marley Miss September
Sam (9).jpg
Sam Mr October
BrunoEBTx (10).jpg
2Balls Bruno Mr November
Kingsley (16).JPG
Smiley Kingsley Mr December
2015 Dogs Monthly


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