Rescue Remedies Diary November 2015 - December 2015

A behind the scenes look at our work
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Rescue Remedies Diary November 2015 - December 2015

Post by xxlynne » Wed Nov 04, 2015 11:28 pm

Rescue Remedies Diary of the Month for October 2015

Our Dogs of the Month for November

Angel's Thread

Rescue Remedies
Eliah RR's thread

Georgi (7).jpg
Jordon's Thread

Minnie, Twist and Alfie's Thread

Cracker's Thread

October 15
Intake/ Dogs saved: 25 + 4 returns
Terrierrescue 10: Jack TR 4 Nellie TR 5 Dolly TR 10 Henry TR 20 Cracker TR 22 Quincie TR 25 Minnie TR 25 Alfie TR 25 Twist TR 25 Pints TR 31

Rescueremedies 3: LuckyLou RR 25 Rory RR 27 Harry RR 31

Staffierescue 12: Tula SR 4 Paddy SR 5 Taurus SR 5 Marie SR 11 Poppy SR 16 Buster SR 16 Kevin SR 16 Roger SR 20 Rani SR 20 Maddie SR 22 Roxie RR 22 Jonson SR 27

Returns 4 : Stanley RR 3 Bruno RR 4 Miko RR 14 Peppermint SR 23

Dogs homed: 28
Terrierrescue 5: Sam TR 9 Jack TR 10 Nellie TR 21 Gilbert TR 25 Sooty TR 29

Rescueremedies 8: Baxter RR 1 Mia RR 3 Casper RR 7 Georgi RR 10 Rupert RR 11 Zeus RR 19 Skye RR 24 Toby RR 25

Staffierescue 15: Lexi SR 1 Jaxx Max SR 4 Cherry SR 4 Barney SR 14 Polly SR 15 Marie SR 15 Bleu SR 16 Jessie SR 17 Patch SR 18 Alfie SR 18 Ollie SR 24 Buster SR 24 Jerry SR 27 Tess SR 30 Roger SR 31

Celebrating our HOMED Longstay Dogs in October :

Longer than 6 months

Polly Staffie
Zeus AmB
Skye Mastiff x

Longer than a year

Georgi Mastiff x
Sam Fell Terrier
Alfie SR
Ollie Staffie
Jessie Staffie
and Tess Staffie
have all been known by us for over a year, as returns now in new homes

Comment: Lots of change and lots of review...We had to withdraw the animals from Potters Bar sadly as Bridget's health broke down, and winter was approaching and we didn't have the volunteer cover to provide for the basic welfare issues of the animals. Also many of the animals were homeable despite years if not all their lives practically in kennels so realism and decisions had to be made by the vet; and key people who have invested into the site. They will be rehomed and find new lives with new families. We have taken 22 cats on as they would have been at risk with Bridget having been in hospital twice in 2 months, all responsible adults felt there wasn't cover to do feeding regimes everyday.
We have also been given notice on Godstone where we currently have 27 kennels. We have to leave by end of Feb. so have 4 months to home all these dogs or certainly to reduce our overall kennels by 27. So we have closed our books other than to accept returns and for the 5 we have waiting for a kennel place, and also Adam's dogs in Broxbourne. Financially we have to reduce our load as money is tight. Apart from providing for the dogs (and cats) we have saved, we so need to fundraise to buy our own premises as it is really tough trying to run a Rescue out of boarding kennels. How do you raise funds for 'buildings' without distracting donations from the bedrock of our Rescue work. This is our new challenge...or a legacy? that would set us up...please write your will, none of us know our futures and a Centre for our work would be very beneficial and a very worthy cause!

Dogs Weekly our Rescue's Stats updated everyday

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Rescue Remedies Diary November 2015 - January 2015

Post by xxlynne » Sun Nov 08, 2015 2:02 pm

Weekly Summary Week ending 8.11.15

Post of the Week: Bobby by Jacnmrb
Bobby slept very well after his energetic day; he is a great feet warmer. He loves his food, doesn't waste a morsel and thoroughly enjoyed a yogurt for breakfast. He loves human company and, when on a walk, frequently looks back to check that we're there.
Between walks, Bobby is happy to plod about, watching what's going on.
Here's some photos of this handsome boy ....
Handsome Bobby
Loving the Autumn walks
Time to relax
Time for some Zzzzzzzzzzzzzzz
Bobby's Thread

Best Picture this week: Luna by Milliemoo
Luna's thread

Homings 7: Bobby TR 2 Minnie (Maddie) SR 5 Buddy RR 6 Crystal RR 6 Archie RR 6 Roxie RR 6 Meera SR 7 and 2 Turkeys!
Gone Reserved This week 1: Daizy RR

Sadly we lost Little Elderly Bailey this week
Intake New 0:
Returns 2: Mia RR 3 Alfie SR 8

Into Permanent Foster : Luna TR
Return from Foster : Barley TR Shadow RR Lucy SR Mika TR
Into Temp Foster ( more than 1 night) : Shadow RR Mika TR Buddy SR Darcie RR
Weekend Overnight Foster : Mally TR Jordon RR
Post-spay Post op care :
Days out : Willow SR Baloo SR

Comment: Running a dog rescue is hard going and tough. The stress is continuous and waring. We have said no to many dogs this week and may they rest in Peace as we werent able to help them. We have taken in only 2 planned returns. We have ended up with using more kennels, with people putting intense pressure on us to take dogs back which takes a lot of time and energy away from serving our dogs. We have entered a black time in the Rescue and forwards we go. Please can I ask people to not to add to our demands currently, we are riding into unchartered waters as we knuckle down. We have lowest numbers on our books since March 2014. Having done so many dog walker inductions, our walkers are very low on the ground currently. I thank all our volunteers who serve our dogs in real terms by meeting them and making their lives tolerable...winter is upon us all. Our Fireworks this week to lighten our hearts were the wonderful homings.

John Fowle has moved house and also had a total hip replacement and has just arrived home to recover. Our thoughts are with him and his sad loss of Bailey

Our Stats: 125 dogs

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Re: Rescue Remedies Diary November 2015 - January 2015

Post by xxlynne » Sun Nov 15, 2015 7:24 pm

Weekly Summary Week ending 15.11.15

Post of the Week: Kyla by John (P)
Took Kyla for a long walk by the Thames today between Kingston and Ham.She wasn't too interested in the ducks,geese,swans but seemed fascinated by the funny people with fishing rods sitting still at the waters edge. I don't get fishing either. She was also baffled about these boat things moving up and down the river. Kyla is very food orientated. This could be used to further her training. Such a good girl. A few pics .....(is it just me but every time a perfect photo is about to be taken she moves!).......
Forget it, it's too wet
Mmmmmm let me think
I smell food
Kyla (4).jpg
What's in here
Happiness is a pigs ear
Me in the garden
Kyla's Thread

Homings 6: LuckyLou RR 9 Daizy RR 9 Reilly SR 10 Marvin RR 13 Jolie SR 14 Redd SR 15
Gone Reserved This week 1: Cosmo RR

Best Picture this week: Dougie & Charlie by Anne
Dougie its raining, do you need an umbrella?

Dougie's thread Charlie's thread

Intake New 2: Ralph TR 11 Tina TR 11
Returns : Gilbert TR

Sadly we tragically lost Diesel Patterdale this week. This little man was loved by all and had the loving character of the Patterdale He is sooo missed.
Diesel's Thread

Into Permanent Foster :
Return from Foster :
Into Temp Foster ( more than 1 night) : Shadow RR Lucy SR Basil TR Alfee SR Ralph SR Buddy SR Bryn SR
Weekend Overnight Foster : Nessa RR Pablo RR
Post-spay Post op care :
Days out : Bella SR Willow SR

Comment: Our weeks are filled with tragic news and the delight of successful foster or permanent homings. This week has been that but more you know we lost our dear friend Diesel. We heard of the passing of Toto Patterdale; Hobo Jack Russell and Poppy Jack Russell all taken into their families as elderly dogs and had wonderful twilight years in the cocoon of that love given. We are helping many elderly dogs in need of homes currently from 7 years up to 20 years..
Blake SR 7
Bruno SR 7
Buttons SR 7
Fudge SR 7
Storm SR 7
Lily RR 7
Bella SR 8
Peppermint SR 8
Blossom SR 8
Taurus SR 8
Cosmo RR 8
Nessa RR 8
Shadow RR 8
Chyna SR 9
Riley & Misty SR 9
Stardust RR 9
Alfee SR 10
Angel SR 10
Heidi SR 10
Cody TR 10
Twist TR 9
Bessie 11
Harry 11
Alfie TR 10
Ralph TR 12
Rolo RR 12
Ginny TR 12
Henry TR 14?
Bow TR 20

Alison is setting up a special section on our websites and Nikki is setting up a special FB to attract attention to the plight of our older friends finding themselves homeless.

We also found wonderful families for 4 of our long waiting friends Daizy; Reilly, Marvin & Jolie...but then also Redd who seemed to have had a tragic life before Rescue and LuckyLou who waited many years in kennel life. We are a close group of people who become friends with a mission to save dogs unnecessarily losing their lives having been let down by the people they love or torn from their families for circumstances. People that don't know our Rescue are immediately impressed how close we all work together and the 'glue' is Respect and Appreciation. We can't spend our whole day thanking thanking as in truth we cant know of every volunteers endears with every thought, conversation, gesture, action and contribution. All our focuses is with our dogs serving their needs and they become precious close friends. It feels like family and with each homing we embrace new family members.

We are compassion driven...but statistics always give us clarity of purpose and show us trends; pressures & an understanding of our quest and outcomes. Clicking the link below you see the kennelled dogs above in their locations, then the fostered dog in mauve below: The temp. foster dogs you see in deep mauve and that tells you I am planning their kennels for their return. On the side: our waiting list. Next week we have an avalanche of returns from foster as well as honouring our commitment to Muffin; Poppet and Noodles terriers who have waited nearly a month for us to take them..and then we are slipping Blossom, Peppermint's litter sister in to join Peppermint. Despite only taking in 5 so far this month in 15 days..and homing 14 and losing 2 friends..the pressure on kennels remains just as intense unbelievable. The grey hairs are coming fast..somehow we manage, mainly through the goodwill we build with our friends who own the boarding kennels we hire. Somehow we get there...and we do have a lot of fun in the process. Salute to the many volunteers who turned up despite the rain this week and it really did rain..our dogs delighted in your smiles, cuddles and conversations.

Our Stats: 122 dogs

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Re: Rescue Remedies Diary November 2015 - January 2015

Post by xxlynne » Sun Nov 22, 2015 9:17 pm

Weekly Summary Week ending 22.11.15

Post of the Week: Megan by Polpat (Polly)
Tim's picture of Megan

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Click here to learn how to add YouTube Videos to your phpBB forum

Some things in life are a puzzle and why Megan isnt in a home is one of them - she is perfectly described by her fosterer and it seems to me she ticks all the boxes - fabulous fun girly, lovely to walk, full of eagerness (bouncy but not too pully), keen to play and interact, affectionate and all round heart snagging cuddle monster. She is smaller than I had anticipated and utterly gorgeous - something totally endearing about her and she LOVES sausages! I cant help thinking there MUST be a warm sofa out there for her??

Megan's Thread

Pictures of the week: by Adam
Broxbourne pack hits winter
Pictures of the week: by LvZ (Lorna)
Bessie and Rolo in Foster!
Rolo & Bessie's Thread

Homings 9: Ralph TR 18 Tina TR 18 Taurus SR 20 Cosmo Am 21 Paddy SR 21 Munchkin SR 21 Tootsie SR 22 Rory RR 22 Fudge SR 22
Cat Homings 1: Clover CR 20
Gone Reserved This week 1: Bow TR

Intake New 6: Blossom SR Muffin TR Noodles TR Rio SR Rosie SR Cassie SR
Returns :

Special pictures:
Cosmo's Thread

Into Permanent Foster : Rolo RR Bessie RR Rosie SR
Return from Foster : Curly RR
Into Temp Foster ( more than 1 night) : Shadow RR Lucy SR Buddy SR Cassie SR Darcie SR
Weekend Overnight Foster : Toby SR Rani SR Hughie SR
Post-spay Post op care : Cassie SR Rosie SR
Days out : Bella SR Bennie SR Muffin TR

Comment: Ha ha running the Rescue is like running a race Bloody hard work I cant apologise for that, its not sweetness and light: blood, sweat and tears but every week as we hit the tape of the finishing line we witness the outcomes of our Team efforts. We all are eternally grateful to Dianna who is hard at it on the telephone every day chasing homes and delivering spectacular results. Dianna isnt a Forum contributor but gives us all the material to lighten up our lives. The glory of most homes goes to her. This week she has primed, organised to the enth degree 4 extra homings, all who pulled out the morning they were due to meet. Totally emotionally depleting when you know just how much time was taken by Dianna: Often without any acknowledgement from the families concerned, though one was very genuine and offered a donation towards our Rescue work. Always the assumption we have the time to offer as though paid employers, there on the phone 8.30 am and 8.30 pm. We feel for our dogs.

Our paid kennel use is at a peak, 89 as it was on only 2 occasions this year. This is with our books closed though a few have slipped through..what can you do. Please can you set up a standing order to help us pay our kennel bills and know you are truly supporting the work we do...and complete a online giftaid form also. Sorry to ask!
Donation please

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Re: Rescue Remedies Diary November 2015 - January 2015

Post by xxlynne » Sun Nov 29, 2015 6:39 pm

Weekly Summary Week ending 29.11.15

Post of the Week: Cody By David (No longer SW18, but the Garden of Eden/Kent!)
Cody came with us on a trip to Whitstable yesterday to pick out a wood burner and for an amble down the High Street. We popped into a shop which had a lot of breakables at Terrier height so I picked him up. In a minute his eyes were closing and in another minute he had a line of three women waiting to fuss him. The lovely boy that he is he lapped up all of the attention. We took a quick walk on the beach and he helped me pick out a Whitstable Oyster.

He slept like a log last night!
Cody's Thread

Pictures of the week: Joey by Tim

We are so blessed to have Tim photographing our dogs just look how he captures their attention and beauty!
Joey 14.jpg
Joey's Thread

Homings 5: Beau TR 23 Bernie SR 24 Mally TR 28 Bruno RR 29 Finn SR 29
Trial Adoption This week 1: Storm SR
Gone Reserved 5: Madge & Marilyn SR Alfie & Twist TR Muffin TR

Intake New 7: Adelle TR 24 Bruce SR 24 Lexie SR 24 Paddy TR 24 Tasha SR 24 Tizzy TR 24 Joey TR 29
Returns 1: Cosmo RR 28

We lost little Benny one of our cats ...he was suddenly so poorly and we rushed him to the vets but our vets needed to offer him Peace
Benny's thread RIP

Into Permanent Foster : Darcie RR
Return from Foster :
Into Temp Foster ( more than 1 night) : Barley TR Angel SR Shadow RR Mally TR Lucy SR Buddy SR Lexie SR Basil TR
Weekend Overnight Foster : Lexus RR Nessa RR Bennie SR Muffin TR
Post-spay Post op care : Lexie SR Shelley RR
Days out : Bella SR

Comment: Such a positive week we are all smiling to see our good friends find such excellent families. Thank you everyone Thank YOU!

Please can people think about their Christmas plans and whether there is any room in your Inn The better planning we do the better as we are usually bless with everyone making a homeless dog warm and spoilt at Christmas New year

Our Stats: 122 dogs

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Re: Rescue Remedies Diary November 2015 - January 2015

Post by xxlynne » Tue Dec 01, 2015 12:07 am

Rescue Remedies Diary of the Month for November 2015

Our Dogs of the Month for December

StaffieRescue BLAKE
Blake's Thread

Rescue Remedies LIZZIE
Lizzie 49.jpg
Lizzie RR's thread

AmBulldogRescue TIMMYTIM
TimmyTim's Thread

Terrierrescue DAISY
Daisy's Thread

PatterdaleTerrierrescue JEREMY
Jeremy's Thread

November 15

Intake/ Dogs saved: 15 + 4 returns Cats saved 22
Terrierrescue 8: Ralph 11 Tina 11 Noodles 20 Muffin 20 Paddy 24 Adelle 24 Tizzy 24 Joey 29

Rescueremedies 0:

Staffierescue 7: Cassie 17 Rosie 17 Blossom 20 Rio 20 Tasha 24 Lexie 24 Bruce 24

Returns 4: Mia RR 3 Alfie SR 8 Gilbert TR 9 Cosmo RR 27

Cats Rescue 22: Arthur 3 Purdey 3 Sally 5 Benny 5 Boo 5 Brenda 5 Chester 5 Clover 5 Daphne 5 Hudini 5 Jackie 5 Leanne 5 Magic 5 Mango 5 MeMee 5 Missy 5 Olive 5 Omar 5 Prince 5 Queenie 5 Tibbs 5 Wilfred 5

Dogs homed: 28 Cats homed 1
Terrierrescue 5: Bobby 2 Ralph 18 Tina 18 Beau 23 Mally 27

Rescueremedies 10: Buddy 6 Crystal 6 Archie 6 Roxie 6 LuckyLou 9 Daizy 9 Marvin 13 Cosmo 21 Rory 22 Bruno 29

Staffierescue 13: Arthur 1 Minnie (Maddie) 5 Meera 7 Reilly 10 Jolie 14 Redd 15 Taurus 20 Paddy 21 Munchkin 21 Tootsie 22 Fudge 22 Bernie 24 Finn SR

Cat Homed: 1 Clover

Celebrating our HOMED Longstay Dogs in November :

4 Longer than 6 months

5 Longer than a year

2Balls Bruno
BrunoEBTx (10).jpg
Comment: Wonderful month hope you agree! but for those dogs who found their forever home...SUPERB!!! We sadly lost 4 of our friends this month and it was sad despite this its business as usual, with people asking questions when we are emotionally rocked off our feet... its hard indeed we are in grief. But you have to pick yourself up and be strong and remember we work to save lives and save lives we do and make lives and make we do. Emotional maturity is everything in Dog Rescue

Watch this space for the launch of our Christmas Appeal...give generously you know the dogs who we are all supporting

Dogs Weekly our Rescue's Stats updated everyday

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Re: Rescue Remedies Diary November 2015 - January 2015

Post by xxlynne » Sun Dec 06, 2015 11:29 pm

Weekly Summary Week ending 06.12.15

Post of the Week: Martha by MrsP featuring Jaxs i23070.gif

Martha didn't make the Xmas video cos of my stupid phone being rubbish quality (learnt for next year ;) )
Thought it was worth sharing her having pats and cuddles with Jaxs though, beautiful dollop that she is (Martha not Jaxs, though Jaxs is gorge too)

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Martha's Thread

Pictures of the week: Darcie by Bizlate

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Pictures of the week: Omnibus by many many volunteers

Click here to learn how to add YouTube Videos to your phpBB forum

Darcie's Thread
STAND TO ATTENTION!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Homings 11: Luna RR 2 Madge SR 2 Marilyn SR 2 China SR 4 Poppy SR 4 Storm SR 4 Angel SR 5 Quincey TR 5 Alfee SR 6 Alfie TR 6 Twist TR 6
Trial Adoption This week 1: Megan SR
Gone Reserved 1: Liquorice SR Bennie SR
Cat Homings Missy CR & Mango CR Trial Adoptions Brenda CR & Omar CR

Intake New 4: Tiffin SR 1 Barclay SR 3 Champ SR 4 Holly SR 5
Returns :

Into Permanent Foster : Kyla SR Lexie SR Susie RR
Return from Foster :
Into Temp Foster ( more than 1 night) : Angel SR Shadow RR Ginny TR
Weekend Overnight Foster : Toby SR Bennie SR Muffin TR Buddy SR
Post-spay Post op care :
Days out : Bella SR Suede RR Stardust RR

Comment: 4 pairs were homed this week Madge & Marilyn Staffie twin sisters; China & Poppy Staffie sisters; Twist & Alfie JRT elderly couple and Missy & Mango a cat duo. AMAZING Angel was homed with Dan & Jessica taking her into their care despite her medication costs and recent op on a cancerous lump removal...but then I hear you say Angel is an exceptional dog...we all love her and how lucky are they all in mutually becoming a family united. Alfee was homed who has suffered so much in kennels and could hardly bear it any longer...Luna & Quincey stunning dogs but despite that attracted brilliant devoted homes. And Storm came good with Bonnie!

Beginning to get Christmas offers We launched our Christmas message this week and it has amazingly raise over a £1000 so it truly wonderful so please explore it and support our dogs over Christmas

Our numbers are down 3, to 119...but still unbelievably we are carrying 85 in paid kennels, this is despite our books being closed...(Yes I know we took Holly in this week who has been on waiting list for about 6 months; and 3 were all losing their lives Champ; Tiffin & Barclay). Next week I dread, 4 new without having even picked the phone up on Monday morning 1 foster return 1 homing return and we're on the brink of having our kennels reduced around Christmas. Pray we have a very good week like this week pray for our dogs.Kiss of love.gif

Our Stats: 119 dogs

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Re: Rescue Remedies Diary November 2015 - January 2015

Post by xxlynne » Mon Dec 14, 2015 1:05 pm

Weekly Summary Week ending 13.12.15

Post of the Week: Stardust by Moonwalker Picture by Pegmilly
Stardust came out with me again for the day yesterday. He was so pleased to be coming out for a ride in the car. We stopped on route for a quick stretch of his lovely long legs, he walks beautifully on an extendable lead. Doesn't pull at all, loves to stop and have sniffs, then walks on again. Got home, he had a quick drink and a few treats, then we walked into town. We met two off lead dogs en route, he greeted them nicely, waggy tail(in fact his tail wags nearly all the time he is on a walk!) and he coped perfectly well with all the Christmas shoppers as we walked through crowds of people. Bought the few things I needed, headed back through a park, lots more sniffs for Stardust, more off lead dogs greeted perfectly. He did get vocal with two on lead dogs walking together, but that was to be expected, as they barked first at him! Wish I knew what it all meant! Came back, he had a stretch on the settee, and I wondered if he would let me groom him. He stood there good as gold whilst I brushed him. This dog is SOOOO trusting and he is beautiful. Another nice long walk in the afternoon, there were guns going off in the distance, and it was windy by then, but it didn't phase Stardust. (My old dog didn't like loud noises, or the wind.) Took Stardust back to kennels in time for his tea. I hope he gets a foster place soon, he so needs a break from kennels...........
Stardust's Thread

Pictures of the week: Muffin by Nutley
Muffin's Thread

Homings 5: Liquorice SR 8 Kingsley TR 8 Ginny TR 9 Bella SR 12 Ralph SR 13
Trial Adoption This week 0:
Gone Reserved :
Cat Homings 1 Juniper (Omar) CR 13

Intake New 4: Moby RR 9 Jackthelad TR 8 Emily SR 11 Gillespie SR 11
Returns : Roxy RR 12 Meera SR 13

Into Permanent Foster :Jackthelad TR Roxy RR
Return from Foster : Oliver SR Gilbert TR
Into Temp Foster ( more than 1 night) : Shadow RR Maria RR Buddy SR Tula SR
Weekend Overnight Foster : Muffin TR Buddy SR
Post-spay Post op care : Emily SR into kennels
Days out : All the dogs attending our Charity Walk: Trevor SR

Comment: This week has been about our first Charity walk in Guildford which had a great turn out and lots and lots of pre-Christmas Cheer. This was certainly bolstered with news of Bella finding her forever family and Nicky & Tracey joined us to feed in lots of smiles and happiness. Amazing outcome on raising spirits and funds £1664.60 This is soooo helpful and such Fun in the making especially for our dogs.
A glimpse of the Charity walk
April & Georgia were close friends-a-visiting
Martin & Leslie with their 4 sweethearts including 3 RR dogs Ollie; Cassie & Stanley
How tight can the kennels get we are hoping for more Christmas fosterers to come forwards especially where no pets are present as it allows our longstay dogs to have a festive break from kennels. This week we have our kennel base reduced. We are open all over the Christmas and New Year hoping our dog's homes come in.

Our Christmas appeal seems to have gone viral and the funds raised have been astounding news and taken some of our financial pressures off . The last update was £2842

As you know we have needed to reduce our paid kennels but having had 4 months to do it, 2 months have nearly gone and we are still at our highest levels despite rarely taking in. The numbers are due to us clearing our waiting list (mostly) and homing & foster breakdowns. I apologise for this you all know how hard we try to get our homings right but our dogs are subject to the same pressures of instability that often face families. The closing date of Godstone kennels at the end of Feb, and this looms with foreboding. We are preparing as best we can, but pray we can sing our dogs into their forever homes in the New Year and our known families raise to support their incumbent family members.

Please print out our Posters and Download lists for your vets work noticeboards etc.

We don't carry appealing 'Flurry easy dogs'. Our dogs are true Gems who are proving their worth despite all the dice set against them via their past. How well we do and as a Team we make they into 'Must have dogs' Have a great Christmas Thank you for your generosity and replenish yourselves...lots to do in the coming year!

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Re: Rescue Remedies Diary November 2015 - January 2015

Post by xxlynne » Sun Dec 20, 2015 9:25 pm

Weekly Summary Week ending 20.12.15

Post of the Week: Arthur by Tim

Judging by a couple of the dogs licking their lips I must have treats in my hand :)
Arthur had his biggest challenge over the weekend a 'play date' with our four terriers and he passed with flying colours. As you know from Tim's earlier post he had already met them individually and he was an absolute star.

Firstly on Saturday they all went for a nice walk, for well over an hour and then back to our house. In they all trotted and Arthur had a good nose about, he got the measure of our dominate male, Billy early on. But Billy was very good if Arthur good too close Billy did a great Elvis impression which Arthur understood the message to back off. Rosie our smallest tried to instigate play and this seemed to confuse Arthur but soon he was chasing her round the garden. All was good and we had to get Arthur back to kennels for his tea.

Today we pick Arthur up with our 4 in the back of the car and of we went to Godstone for them to have a run around in the paddock - not much running but plenty of sniffing. All five of the lead just pottering around it was wonderful to see Arthur and his new friends. Then back home again, in through the front door and our 4 waited for their usual treat, not sure if Arthur was over excited or a bit bemused but he didn't want his treat. He lost the first one to Ralphie and then despite hanging on to the next one (he was wandering around like an old man with a cigarette out the corner of his mouth) up popped Rosie and took the treat straight out of his mouth - no aggression from Arthur what a star.

Ralphie was very good and Arthur and him did plenty of sniffing, it got a bit much for Ralphie with Arthur's nose permanently attached to his bottom. Ralphie did a little grumble and Arthur again got the message and no more bottom sniffing. Towards the end Billy also tried to instigate play but Arthur was a little confused and not sure how to react but still no aggression. Our older female, Poppy has a vast array of strange noises which I also think Arthur found confusing!!

All in all two very good days, we've learnt more about Arthur in these hours than we have over the past couple of years. He's definitely not a fighter quite the opposite really, just a little confused terrier who desperately needs a home of his own, anybody would be lucky to have him and reap so many rewards.

Short video of Arthur playing in the back garden and also at Godstone

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Another short video of Arthur in the kitchen with our four waiting for treats;

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he soon found a ball to play with
Arthur's Thread

Video of the week: by Markandsal

Click here to learn how to add YouTube Videos to your phpBB forum

Cathy's Thread

Homings 5: Rani SR 18 Issy SR 19 Tula SR 20 Cody TR 20 Dolby TR 20
Trial Adoption This week 0:
Gone Reserved : Liquorice SR Diesel SR
Cat Homings 1 Brenda CR 15

Intake New 2: Carol SR 15 Dolby TR 19
Returns : 4 Mally TR 15 Sasha & Pepi RR 16 Liquorice SR 17

Into Permanent Foster :
Return from Foster :Nancy SR Shelley RR Bryn SR
Into Temp Foster ( more than 1 night) : Barley TR Mally TR Jessie SR Tula SR Suede RR Buddy SR
Into Christmas Foster : Shadow RR Stardust RR Liquorice SR
Weekend Overnight Foster : Nessa RR Jethro RR
Post-spay Post op care : Carol SR in kennels
Days out : Mika TR Daisy SR

Comment: Thank you all for your hard work this week when most people are at the shops we are as ever busy-i-ness as usual because we never walk away from our dogs needs. It is a delight to walk and work beside such a dedicated team in all weathers.

We continue to be rained on by returns always a delight to re-meet our dogs and to stand by them in their hour of need WHENEVER THEY NEED US

Christmas foster offers are now beginning to come in. We can't always match, as obviously the dogs in kennels cant always go in with other dogs, cats etc and we have a responsibility to ensure everything runs smoothly over people's Christmas breaks

Our Christmas appeal seems to have gone viral and the funds raised have been astounding news and taken some of our financial pressures off. The last update was £3458

Check out Cody's thread and witness a magnificent homing! Cody's Thread

Please print out our Posters and Download lists for your vets work noticeboards etc.

Our Stats: 120 dogs

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Re: Rescue Remedies Diary November 2015 - January 2015

Post by xxlynne » Tue Dec 22, 2015 3:27 pm

End of year massive email deletion going on 2000 so far. Selected emails over year to give a feel of our culture and identification with our dogs plight. My emails are blunt I make no apologises for that

Our Stance on Kennel Cough
There are many strains of KC so if you have one it may not shield you from another strain. Think common cold and it is better for a dog’s own immunity to work it out and build antibodies. Most vets will not treat unless it turns to green mucus discharge. KC often develops when a dog enters a warm environment again ie homing. So we advocate a little honey everyday (and paediatric cough mixture sometimes) is used. KC clears within 7 days. Our only advice is keep him from close contact with other dogs for this time.

If your vet is making a drama of it they are rare most don’t. It is viral; antibiotics are for bacterial infections.

Some kennels ask for KC just because some customers make a drama of it like it’s the plague.

Stance to wanting young dog but not boisterous
Issue is feeling ‘too boisterous’ could be her pup in one year time! If she doesn’t want boisterous she needs to go for older not younger

Stance to dog enquiry purporting to be Foster but actually wanting to 'Trial our dog'
Our websites are updated daily so any dog on our websites are available. If you have submitted a fostering form we will be in touch to select a dog who best matches your experience, circumstance and the dog most in need. We rarely move a dog who is already in foster to another foster. A volunteer will be in touch prompted by your questionnaire.

Typical Response to good feedback
XXX, you can now see why we all love Staffies so much and make no apologises for helping them as we so love to do. Have forwarded your photos on to the Dog Warden she will be delighted!

"XXX" I really respect your decision. You all have the skills and commitment to stand by her. She could not have asked for a better home and she will reward you for your staying power, As we say with our terriers and more lively Staffies, you need a sense of humour and a deep sense of responsibility as they teach you with every waking day. I wish I could tune her energy down for your sake and hers!

Change of policy
"Hope you don't mind me asking but I've noticed at the top of the dogs' adverts on the forum that you are mentioning about not permitting our dogs to go off lead; I know that doesn't apply to us but just wondered had there been some sort of an incident!"
Change of law and dogs are paying the price with their lives any incident

Early advice: Time to settle
That sounds great In the kennels you will see the dogs on the go ‘worrying’ about every noise, movement there is tension.

NB It worries us when people call in behaviourists with the first two weeks. Their dog hasn’t even begun to comprehend where they are and respond to the new regime and expectations. Behaviourists of worth should not intervene for at least 3 months as the dog is a changing picture and it adds expectation, and confusion. Its also rare to find one who owns a ‘true terrier’ and unless you do a lot of the premises you work on are false. We often laugh …yer great for a Spaniel or Labrador but as if a Terrier is going to be controlled and defined in that way. Terrier need a loose approach where they are respected for their tenacity, strident intent and intensity of purpose

Thank you We’re sure he will gradually unfold. He is in such a loving home now.

Honouring a name:
please we don’t allow fosterers to change names it confuses everyone and the dog as they are already getting used to their name It throws out all our websites, kennel staff and volunteers Except if we find it on their chip Bug bear of fosterer shortening names etc eg Obama now called bam which to a dog are too completely different words. He came from Dagenham we take the Dagenham dogs as they don’t get a chance.

We get it all the time sorry, walkers think a dog looks like or this or responds to this, raw nerve please don’t add to our confusion it bloody hard homing 11 -12 dogs a week we are on all our knees. Especially if pronounced on the Forum it will be mayhem as many are watching who we have said no that is their rescue name ..Even the homers we ask them to keep to their name for a short period until they are certain of name changes as they can sometime play around with names and the microchip goes haywire.
Yes it is his name on vet record is, vax card, website, we already have had questionnaires with his name and kennel staff know him by this name.

Got it!
Yes you’ve got it There are a percentage is dogs who once excited/ hyper they lose connection and their engagement gets hyper too.
They learn to control their energy but in order to do so they need us to impose the limit or set the tone of ‘calm’ Never tug of war

Terriers easily ‘loss it' but they don’t have the same strength’ their issue is more diversion and ragging dealt with by distraction and substitution

Review of situation
XXX I was going to let this pass but do feel I need to comment. Owning a dog you do have to be aware of how a dog perceives a situation in order to anticipate and explain their behaviours. I appreciate you spending the time to answer the questions I put forwards .

To see your son flying through the air (on a swing) and children laughing a screaming will in X's mind become a ‘high alert’ situation. Your son is being thrown into the air and if X is dispassionate fine sit and watch. X will never be dispassionate and will try to protect and stop the situation happening as his interpretation is - ?is he in danger ?is he in pain. If he jumped once that should have immediately been a sign for the activity to be stopped, toned down or X been prevented for jumping again. I don’t mean this as a criticism but I do feel the adult around should have immediately seen X was uncomfortable with this situation. X showed his ‘love’ and concern by trying to stop this happening to your son. X had no mal-intent. Many dogs would have got involved also. Playing on a swing is a fun activity but about 50% of dogs would not read this as fun and be ‘disengaged’ it is a high risk activity. Hence dogs are not allowed usually within the playground areas. I am presuming X was off lead to be able to jump 2x up at your son.

It especially your last comment inferring X would intently bite your children in the future. I really think that is highly unlikely unless your children are again engaging in high risk activities where a dog should be carefully supervised..and that would be with any dog.

As I say I know you have made your mind to return X I just needed to say how most Dog owners would have read this situation, X gave a warning he was extremely concerned / over excited by the ‘mayhem’ he witnessed with his ‘loved one’

Thank you for offering X the opportunity of living in your family. I do actually think he has proved he can live with children but as with any dog he would need to be supervised in situation where the energy is high and the adult present would be very aware of how X was interpreting the activity and make sure either he was taken away from the medium to high laughing screaming children until the energy settled and everyone was aware and acutely conscious of the dog presence and its state of alert, concern or indeed acceptance and participation


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